One Catholic League Coach Tried to Smear Rival Players to their Future Colleges By Saying They’re Illegals

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A couple of days ago, Joseph Santoliquito at Philly Voice filed a lengthy report on the Catholic League’s Neumann-Goretti girls basketball team. The Neumann-Goretti team is currently the best in the country, led by senior forward Christina Aborowa, who had committed to the University of Texas next year on a basketball scholarship.

But after Aborowa faxed over her official national letter of intent, the AD and women’s coach at the University of Texas received a strange email. Santoliquito continues:

In the email were unsubstantiated allegations of the African girls on the Neumann-Goretti girls’ basketball team … questioning their NCAA eligibility, including Aborowa and her 6-foot-9 Nigerian teammate, junior Felicia “Fee” Aiyeotan, who could be one of the nation’s most recruited high school basketball players—boys or girls—next year.

The email, under the pseudonym “Kyle dUNN” with the email address “ktginpa@XXX,” was circulated to other “undisclosed” coaches that could be recruiting the Neumann-Goretti players.

It attempted to discredit the NG program, alleging that the African players on the Saints, here legally, are older than their actual age and are in the United States illegally. Contents of the email were posted on comment forums of media websites (since removed) alleging institutional misconduct, and stating that the “FBI” is looking into the matter.

But Philly Voice looked in to who could have sent that email. And, as it turns out, it wasn’t just some worried fan or super-patriot. It’s likely they were sent by Archbishop Wood girls basketball coach John Gallagher. The message was sent from an email address that is registered to Gallagher and his home address, and Gallagher “through an attorney neither confirms nor denies sending the email to Aston ‘and others.'”

Cool. We got to the bottom of this, and now we can fix it, right? Well, not really, because Archbishop Wood has reportedly known their coach was sending these rivalry (and/or xenophobia) driven emails since December. In a sentence we’ve heard in varying forms for years now, “the Archdiocese has known about the situation since Dec. 1, 2014, and declined to do anything about it.”

The story has now gone national on Deadspin, so maybe something will come of it. Probably not, though. “Forget it Jim,” I hear in my head. “It’s the Catholic League.” Santoliquito whole piece is a must-read on this nice weekend afternoon when nothing else is happening in this city’s sports-draught.

screengrab via 6ABC

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    1. She came up to her “waste”? Was she playing in Mayanmar or Nicetown?

    2. @Cashy the village idiot

      Ahh poor baby you should be the winner of Mike Missanelli’s “Whiner of the week” segment.

  1. If the allegations are in fact true, then that pathetic coach should resign immediately. It all starts at the top. Can’t sweep this latest incident under the rug. Stay classy, Wood..

  2. …then she’s about three feet taller that Joe Santoloquito.

    Have you ever seen that midget? He needs a high chair to reach the keyboard.

    Muggsy Bogues looks down on Little Joe…..

    1. You’re brilliant douchebag!!! The guy writes a brilliant piece and you’re talking about the height of the writer!!! You’re’ brilliant and only on the Crossing Broad comment section.

      1. Calm down douchebag the guy is right about Joseph Santoloquito,that runt makes me look like Wilt Chamberlain.

        1. Calm down “Verne.” You’re as bright as the other guy. If That One Girl is 6’9″. ..-Dumb meet Verne- Dumber.

  3. Didn’t all of the goons who beat up the two gay guys go to Archbishop Wood? That’s school is going to get a scholarship from Roger Ailes pretty soon.

  4. And btw how dare 97.5’s program director Matt Nahigian replace me and Brian Startarre with out of full-time work Joe Staszak and known Eagles butt kisser Matt Lombardo.

    I’ll be in touch with Al Sharpton and Reverend Jesse Jackson very shortly about this blatant act of radio racism on Matt Nahigian’s part.

    1. The super bowl is fixed and my league the nfl is also fixed.the last play was called by me roger Goddell and I blew tom Brady after the smoke cleared

    1. Test them for PEDs because they’re tall? When did they get the Internet in the special Ed class?

  5. So if Philly Voices published this story on February 4th, why did you wait until today to put it on CB?

    I wonder if it has to do with Deadspin publishing it today.

    1. Good Doctor, it’s the “rule of threes”. Shit musty be posted on 3 other sites OR be 3 days old in order to qualify for CB.

  6. The Archdiocese told Joe to sweep this story under the rug, but Joe was already standing under it. On his tippy-toes.

  7. Hopefully he didn’t say anything about your girl who pitches for Taney Little League. Don’t want to see another post about your little obsession.

  8. RADIO WARS!!! … Discuss

    RADIO WARS CARTOONS!!! … Discuss

    ILLEGALLS (Spelling)!!! … discuss


    1. I agree. Very weak.

      I saw josh Innes in the ER last night, he had an entire turkey stuck in his throat. Amazing… He thought he could eat it in one bite… I guess he’s done it before…

      1. Not true. I was in the ER last night getting my chase utley bobble head removed from my ass, and i did not see Joshua Innes there.

  9. We were unable to remove the whole turkey from josh Innes throat. So he chugged a 2 liter bottle of Pepsi and the whole turkey went down to his stomach.

  10. And who “Took the Ball” and ran with this story,,,,,,,,,, Our Local Race PHT Talk Radio, Baiting Dom Giordano,,,who for some reason still calls himself a “Friend of the Diocese”. As this pathetic wanna-be is outraged at Brian Williams (even though he can’t even get that name straight) again Dom segued from Jeb Bush, illegal immigration, Al Sharpton and feeding to a base he knows well, “who would want an illegal from Nigeria” at his old Alma Mater.

    Now we go from that non-story to the fact that Wood’s Coach (just like the assistant coach that was part of the Beating of some guys in Olde City) was told to resign.

    Dom makes up a story,,,,,,is the first to report it because legitimate Journalists don’t carry LIES,,,,,,and then is a victim when he’s caught at his one millionth attempt at relevance.

    Nice going Dom,,,,,, CBS will protect you, just like they did for Chris May and Larry Mendte.

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