One Team (Maybe Two) Way Ahead of the Eagles in the Draft Really Want Marcus Mariota

Mariota doing his best Hulk Hogan running leg drop. Photo Credit: Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports
Mariota doing his best Hulk Hogan running leg drop.
Photo Credit: Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Despite what Sal Pal would like you to believe, the Eagles getting Marcus Mariota in the NFL Draft is a long shot. Not only is he a top talent, but (as usual) a bunch of teams at the top of the draft need a quarterback. The team with the number one pick, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, needs a quarterback. Luckily for the Eagles — and Sal Pal’s space shuttle re-entry level hot takes — the Bucs reportedly favor Jameis Winston over Mariota. So CBS’ latest mock has him going number two to Tennessee, but Cleveland’s got some shady plans, too.

According to Deadspin, the Browns (who are a complete mess from top to bottom) are eyeing Mariota and using a little edge to get in his head. As Tom Ley points out:

The Browns have not yet officially hired Kevin O’Connell to be the team’s new quarterbacks coach, but it’s been reported far and wide that O’Connell will be joining the coaching staff this upcoming season. Before he does that, though, he’s going to finish personally training top prospect Marcus Mariota, a quarterback whom the Browns are reportedly interested in drafting.

The issue? No other team can talk to any prospects at all until the combine starts. But the Browns, and their unofficially new quarterbacks coach, are already getting in Mariota’s head, perhaps teaching him the offense, and doing their damnedest to convince him that Cleveland doesn’t suck. They’re finally getting that Ikea!

But then again, Mel Kiper has Mariota going to the Jets at number six, and going from pick 20 to pick 6 doesn’t seem like that much of a jump and … oh my god … I’ve been consumed by the fire from Sal Pal’s hot takes. Help me.


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  1. the only people reporting chip is selling the farm to get mariota are sal pal and cataldi. case closed!

    1. The sad part is we’re surrounded by hundreds of thousands of ass kissing green kool-aid drinking Chip Kelly lapdogs,who take everything the radio talking heads say as gospel,and then run with it and call the 2 sports stations(94wip 97.5)all day everyday with the usual Marcus Mariota nonsense.

      Face the reality green kool-aid drinkers,Nick Foles is your quarterback,and you’ll just have to live with it or become a Dallas Cowboys fan.

      1. last year at this time, nick foles was going to lead the eagles to the super bowl. how quickly the fanbase forgets!

          1. When you’re taking the kind of heat that Nick Foles took this year when d-linemen were constantly in his face,throw that mobility shit out the window.

            How that mobility work out this year for 49ers qb Colin Kaepernick.

          2. @Skippy,

            Not disagreeing with you, but part of the reason Kaepernick sucked was(is) because he can’t read a defense. The guy is just not that smart. His “mobility” was great when nobody knew how to plan for him. Now they do, and he is too dumb to adjust to it. Yes, the 49ers line is brutal, but he didn’t help himself out either. He’s just another Vick. You want to win, you need a QB that understands the game.

  2. You’re a horrible writer, Jim. You aren’t funny in the least, and your try to copy how Kyle writes and jokes and you just fucking suck.

    1. “Oh, [Jim’s] definitely gonna end up doing gay p0rn with this tiny little body of [his].”

  3. It is clear to anyone that knows the NFL game, that foles is not a guy that can win a Super Bowl. He has zero pocket awareness, a very slow release, and zero mobility. The Eagles defense is really one maybe two players away from being elite (corner/saftey). So, if they really want to win it all, there is ONLY ONE WAY TO DO IT…. Figure out a way, any way, weather it’s 3 #1s or 10 #1s…. Get mariotta!!!! There has never been a better coach/QB combo in the HISTORY on the NFL. Get it done chip.

      1. This is a very different situation. Chip and MM are perfect for each other. This is going to happen. Lurey wants to see what chip can do. He knows he inherited foles, he doesn’t like foles, that’s why he picked Vick over foles. Chip needs his guy. I guarantee all of you that mariotta will be an eagle next season.

    1. Anyone that knows the NFL game also knows that Mariota is nowhere near pro-ready and there’s a decent chance he may never be pro-ready.

    2. You’re right. There has never been a better coach/qb combo in the history of the league. Definitely not us. Also, Mary-otta isn’t even in the league yet skippy and chip kelly took a team from 9-3 to missing the playoffs. Keep sucking down that kool aid though.

  4. Ok, better yet – kill, marry, fu@k

    Miss Robin, Rhea, Sue Serio

    Kill – Miss Robin
    Marry – Serio
    Fuck – Rhea

  5. Impossible scenerios are the only thing these fucktarded blowhards have to talk about right now.

  6. I hope for Mariota’s sake he doesn’t end up in the factory of sadness…Cleveland that is…the mistake on the lake…

    That said…stop it. He’s not coming here. Foles is the starter. Can we stop talking about Mariota and start talking about whether or not Marcus Peters is worth the risk? Thanks.


  7. it’s not going to happen, but i wish Mariota fell to the eagles pick and got everyone excited only for Chip to select an offensive tackle or cornerback/linebacker. Hopefully it would cause missaneli and angelo to have aneurysm’s and die! The same retards on blogs praying the eagles trade up to get MM are the same ones that declared Foles the savior in 2013 when he was great, now he’s awful! When foles is playing well=it’s chips system, when he struggles=this guy sucks!!!! best plan for the eagles would be to trade back and maybe pick up another 2nd-3rd round pick, build up the defense, especially the secondary, i’ve already heard the eagles are thinking about cutting Cary which is awesome.

    i’m not saying Foles is brady or manning or that he will ever be an elite quarterback, both neither brady or manning won shit until their own teams defenses were respectable. Does Russel Wilson even make the playoffs this year without Lynch and that defense and the media is expecting him to get a max contract,good luck with that Seattle!In Peyton Mannings third year he threw like 23 picks, i guess our media and sports talk jerkoffs would have been clamoring for a new quarterback had that took place here

  8. Chip sees Mariota doing for Philly what Russell Wilson does for Seattle. Smart, athletic perfect QB for his sytem who will keep the chains moving helping the defense stay off the field.

    Not sure the Eagles can get Mariota but its (100%) the right path to overpay to try and nab him.

    That jawn is gone.

  9. There is no way the Eagles move from 20 far enough to get this guy. There are at least 4 teams in front that need a qb. Sal is so full of shit.

  10. “Oh, [Jim’s] definitely gonna end up doing gay p0rn with this tiny little body of [his].”

  11. Ummmmm. Nobody’s talked about me in, like, 6 minutes. What gives? I am so young and full of life! So throbbingly original, it hurts!

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