Pat Burrell Will Be Inducted into the Phillies Wall of Fame, Your Woman’s Heart


The Phillies announced today that Pat Burrell will be inducted into their Wall of Fame:

Left fielder Pat Burrell will become the 37th inductee into the Phillies Wall of Fame on Friday, July 31, prior to the 7:05 p.m. game vs. the Atlanta Braves at Citizens Bank Park.

“It’s a tremendous honor and privilege to be added to the Wall next to Philly’s all-time greats,” said Burrell. “My family and I couldn’t be more grateful for the support from fans. Their votes are the reason that I will now be enshrined in Phillies history.”

Can’t wait.

Side note: I have it on good authority that the last time Burrell was honored in Philly, in May of 2011 to retire as a Phillie, he invited the guys responsible for the don’t let your girl get Burrelled video to the game… and spent the days and weeks before and after it texting the girl from the video, who was dating one of the guys in the group. So, yeah, Burrell was trying to Burrell (v.) the girl in the video about him Burrelling girls. God he’s a legend.


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    1. I feel like this is way less sad. I mean, at least Burrell has a ring. Plus, he’s an absolute legend. I wonder if Jay Mike will show up….

    2. Sad? Burrell absolutely belongs. Give me a list of better Phillies outfielders. It’s not that long. Plus he’s a wfc.

  1. Mike Lieberthal caught more games than anyone in the history of a 132 year old franchise. Pat Burrell has the fourth most home runs. Not sure who you think should receive the high honor of a plaque in an alley across from the food stands, but I’m sure once the hamster that runs in a wheel to power your brain limbers up you can enlighten us.


    1. Longevity alone does not make someone worthy of being in a team’s wall/hall of fame. That being said, I never said either of them was undeserving. Shit, Burrell is definitely deserving, like I said, he helped the team win a ring. Lieberthal is more questionable but, again, I never said he didn’t deserve it.

    2. of the Ed Wade era of failed expectations and unfulfilled potential. Hardly the stuff of immortals. Neither should be honored, but I guess if the Phillies’ goal is to remind their fans that they’re the worst franchise in pro sports history, then mission accomplished.

  2. Kyle, you had better hope that the Phillies informed Pat Burrell that they’d be enshrining him before you posted this, or else BLOOM! goes the dynamite.

  3. Never forget the summer of 2006 walking in on pat the bat fucking a chick in the Irish pub bathroom stall. Legend

  4. Remember I was at the piazza couple summers back & I look over to see pat grabbing some wh0re’s tits. The phils alumni weekend

    1. I remember when that girl’s lawyer contacted us about the pic and claimed it was “misleading” and asked us to remove.

      1. What’s even more amusing is that a girl of that caliber would have a lawyer on retainer to protect her reputation.

    2. I remember dating that chick in high school. worst hookup of all time…and her puss smelled like hotdogs. True story

    3. One of my best friends from college (an attractive girl) ran into Pat the Bat outside of a bar a few months after they won the World Series. She’s a huge fan and used to work for the Phillies, so she went up to him all excited and asked him “Pat, I’m a huge fan. I’ve always wanted to ask you-What was going through your mind when you hit the home run in game 1 of the NLCS to win the game?” (or something along those lines…)

      Pat looked at her, took a drag of his cigarette, paused, then said:

      “Show me your tits.”

  5. Just imagine the strength of Pat’s Tinder game if it was around when he was in his prime.

    It would have been earth-shattering….

  6. Anyone know the name of the hot bitty in the video? I want to Twitter creep her.

    Also, Innes is a whiner. Thanks for reading Josh.

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