Please Welcome Glen Macnow and Joe Sixpack to Liberty Broadcast

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Told you we had another big announcement coming.

Glen Macnow and Don Russell (better known as beer critic Joe Sixpack) are launching a brand new craft beer podcast, Bar Talk, which will be part of our Liberty Broadcast Co.

I’ll let Glen and Don describe the show for you:

Two of Philadelphia’s best-known media personalities have joined to create the first beer-focused podcast live from Philadelphia.

Longtime sports talker Glen Macnow and Don Russell, the writer behind beer reporter Joe Sixpack, have launched BAR TALK – a sudsy, downloadable hour-long conversation about all things beer.

BAR TALK features newsy updates on beer trends, taste tests, interviews with brewery personalities, and of course candid talk about the delights of drinking beer. The fun banter wanders from beer into sports and movies and pop culture – just as it would when two friends belly up to their favorite bar to trade stories.

BAR TALK is exactly the kind of witty, upbeat conversation you might find yourself overhearing at your favorite tap room. Crack open a cold one, plug in your earphones – or come out to one of the live shows.

Join Glen & Joe for their first podcast before a live audience at 6:30 p.m., Wednesday, March 11, at Rose Tree Restaurant (1243 N. Providence Road, Media).

I’ve heard their demo– it’s fantastic. We couldn’t be more thrilled to be working with Glen and Don on this. Their chemistry is the perfect blend of beer expert mixed with everyman beer drinker. The hour I heard was approachable, informative and entertaining. This thing should never be enjoyed without the companionship of a craft brew (unless you’re driving, of course).

Bar Talk will be produced – typically live, on-location – by the folks at Wildfire Radio, who will provide the show with professional equipment, editing services and production values, and it will be available on all typical podcast platforms including and our anticipated iOS and Android apps. Be sure to turn out for their first show at the Rose Tree Restaurant in Media at 6:30 p.m. on March 11.

To recap, Liberty Broadcast now includes podcasts from yours truly, WIP host Tony Bruno, the Bleeding Green Nation guys, Barstool Philly, 97.5 host Eytan Shander, Eagles writers Jimmy Kempski and Tommy Lawlor, Liberty Ballers, and now, WIP host Glen Macnow and longtime beer critic Joe Sixpack.* I seriously don’t know why you’d go anywhere else for your local sports listening needs.

If you’re interested in advertising on Bar Talk or, better yet, reaching the tens of thousands of listeners of the podcasts on the Liberty Broadcast network, shoot me an email.

*Fun story: I met Glen and Don for lunch (and beers) at a local brew pub a couple of months ago. Don was basically treated as royalty by the friendly manager, who immediately apologized and brought out a fresh beer upon learning that Joe Sixpack had been poured a cold one from the bottom of a soon-to-be-kicked keg. That’s power, holmes.


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  1. an infomercial for macnow to push his brewing company. can the over 60 crew (macnow, cataldi, moronganti, bruno, missanelli) go away?

  2. I won’t listen to this podcast until you one add one with Jim about writing advice. We need someone as….talented….as him hahahahaha OK I can’t do this.

  3. Hmmmmm…..which new broadcasting endeavor to ignore first?

    “Craft Beer” talk on a shitty podcast?

    Or “Breakfast on Broad” with Rob Ellis?

    I think I’ll borrow from Ariana Grande’s “mean tweet” segment on Jimmy Kimmel by saying “I’d rather listen to an auto-tuned queef on an endless loop” than either of the choices above.

  4. Another listen to my shitty podcast post. Name drop name drop, listen to these other mens opinions because Im a tool n I dont know how to form one myself. -Kyle Scott.
    Btw Conshy brewery SUCKS!!! Blah uninspiring beers, terrible food, and it is literally located directly next to the shit factory. So if you enjoy watery beer and the smell of shit go hangout there. Tell un Kyle Scott sent you. They will look at you and say “Who?”.

  5. What has to be lacking in one’s life to create a podcast about beer let alone listen to someone else’s podcast about beer…it’s almost as bad as needing to leave a comment on a blog post.

  6. Will MacNow explain why Conshohocken’s beer stinks?

    Seriously guys, work out the kinks before starting the brewery. I try my best to support local breweries. It’s better to have 1-2 really good beers than to have 20 non-bad beers.

  7. Glen Macnow has been a very desperate and very delusional who tries way too hard to try to convince people he’s a “man’s man”. I thought it was sad that WIP just kicked him around knowing he would take whatever scraps they gave him as he desperately tried to stay relevant.

    But to now do a podcast that is affiliated with Crossing Broad. That is the lowest, most pathetic career move ever.

  8. “Two of Philadelphia’s best-known media personalities”

    Holy crap are these guys delusional. Here’s a more accurate descriptor:

    “A washed up and less relevant by the day WIP host and some guy you’ve never heard of”

  9. This site should just shut the fuck down until spring training instead of talking about all this dumb shit!

  10. Please let us know in advance what great establishments these award winning podcasts will be recorded at. It’ll make it that much easier to show up and heckle the shit out of the bald freak Macnow.

        1. Of course he will. Macnow is a manly man, He likes beer, burgers, bacon. He watches mob movie and loves sports. He oggles the ladies. He loves SPORTS and talking sports! And bacon. Did I mention bacon and sports? See, he is so manly. And so hip: He calls LeSean McCoy “Shady”. He’s not an elderly, boring white dweeb at all.

  11. you might find yourself overhearing at your favorite tap room…IF I WAS HANGING OUT WITH MY GRANDFATHER.

  12. Is there any doubt now that Macnow was the “Anonymous WIP Host” that posted here last week?

    Although “Anonymous WIP Fill-In” would be more accurate.

  13. Hey I have an idea lets call Liberty City Broadcast they seem to be the landing spot for any former relevant Philly Sports Talk host while there unemployed.

  14. When or what does “Liberty Broadcast Company” broadcast? They just link to podcasts, right? Am I missing something? There is no broadcasting going on, just podcasting. Very strange choice of a brand name, when you don’t actually do the thing your name says. Confounding.

  15. …oh and what happened to the surveys? This is the first I’ve been able to read anything here for like 4 months. I refused to take those force fed surveys. This site sucks.

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