RADIO WARS: Rob Ellis Is Likely Heading to Comcast to Host a Morning Show Called “BOB”

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Video killed the radio star!*

Rob Ellis, obviously not happy with what’s transpired at WIP, has hinted that he might not be long for the CBS-owned station. His contract is up at the end of March, and while there’s a real possibility that he winds up at 97.5 after his 90-day non-compete is up this summer, there’s something perhaps a bit more immediate in the cards: breakfast.

I’ve been told by multiple sources that Ellis will head to Comcast to host a new sports-themed morning show (Cold Pizza? First Take? — just guesses on the format), which, thanks to this Instagram post, retweeted by CSN, will be called BOB— short for Breakfast on Broad:


Judging by the handle (@BOBon TCN), this thing looks like it will air on The Comcast Network.** There are no additional details about the format, and quite honestly, I’m not sure if a local sports talk show on TCN will work, but sources say Ellis will be its host, or have some other involvement in the show. He used to be a producer at CSN and has appeared on-air over the years.

Ellis politely declined to comment on the matter, but presumably didn’t learn about the upcoming career change from me this time. TAKE ME TO THAT MAESTRO:

*Been waiting the whole WARS to roll that one out, so leave me alone.

**Alternate name for the network: “Where TV goes to die.”


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        1. The new show idea sounds pretty good. I have never listened to rob Ellis before, is he any good? Or does he have a horrible generic voice like that fat outsider Josh innes???

          By the way…. Ordering no onion with Swiss and dumping katchup on a cheesesteak is so f’n deuchey. Fuck that guy…. Can’t wait till he get fired. Word around the station is that it won’t be long.

          1. I would venture to say that you are a huge queefbag! Mariotta talk and the Cuz FO LYFE amirite!?

    1. I fell hard for Rob, too. So hard in fact, I married him. Is he cheating on me with you? Or did you mean you feel for him? I feel for him every night but still can’t find anything. I think Gargano ate it.

    2. does glen love didinger too much. its creepy. remember prodigy and commodore 64
      Load “*” ,8,1

  1. Woodward and Bernstein did not orchestrate Watergate. They just reported on it. Actually, they investigated and then reported on their investigation.

    This blog reports on line up changes at radio stations. It does not orchestrate those changes.

      1. Just want to commend you for not doing a post or stealing the deadspin post regarding Riley Cooper having February on the Eagles calendar sent out by the team.

        Or if you are actually typing that up now, I take it back

  2. I can’t wait to wake up in the morning and jerkoff to rob Ellis on can!!

    Go Dodgers !!

  3. Remember when this site used to be about Philly Sports?

    Now we get Jim… bullshit about Radio Hosts who I choose not to listen to and would rather go elsewhere(like I dunno, a Philly Sports blog?) because they suck so bad, and people pretending to be Bob and trolling him.

    Fuck this site now. Fuck it in its gay ass.

    1. I laughed so hard I queefed. It was a long extended queef too. Not one of those short quiet ones. More like letting wind out of a balloon. An old dry balloon.

  4. If you go behind closed doors here at WIP no one cares if Ellis leaves. All of the focus is on Innis and Bruno and trying to get them on track. The one HUGE thing in the way is Bruno’s girlfriend (Miss) Robin. She is a MAJOR pain in the ass. For some reason she tags along with him on a daily basis and Innis is NOT Happy about it. Innis has made it known to many people in the office that she is getting in the way. Bruno calls her “his producer” and wants her involved. The talks around the halls at WIP is that she needs to go home and management is trying to delicately tell Bruno. Rumor is she did the same thing at 97.5.

    1. Miss Robin made his podcast unlistenable. She just comes out of nowhere and is totally wrapped up in everything but with no radio value.

    2. Let’s play: Figure out who is who?

      All of the pro Rob Ellis comments, as well as the actual news about his new TV show come from – ROB ELLIS! His deal is up, he is out the door and his CBS 3 tv gigs are done. Thus, the TCN job. He also has zero shot of working at 97.5. They have enough low paid, no future, token minority, shift fillers on the few weekend slots not filled by ESPN feeds.

      All of the alleged “friction at WIP between Bruno and Innes and his girlfriend” posts are from MIKE MISSANELLI! His hatred of women and jealousy of Bruno and his girlfriend anger him to the point nearing foaming mouthed insanity. Anyone with 3 brain cells would notice a problem at the various remotes, including Borgatta, wouldn’t they?

      The pro Josh Innes posts are JOSH INNES! Guy seems upset that many have figured out his only legit success was working on an afternoon show in Houston where he hated his veteran co-host and the program director who wouldn’t put him on mornings. Hand picked by Andy Bloom, and as abrasive as he is, probably the best of the young talent on either sports station.

      The number crunchers and ratings/revenue posts are sales people from both stations. I would tend to believe WIP info since they pay Cataldi 1.7 million, thus they must bill a hell of a lot more. The entire 97.5 lineup combined doesn’t pull down what Cataldi alone makes, so they obviously can’t sell ice water in hell with only 1 legit 4 hour show in the 24 hour clock.

      Many others here are disgruntled updates guys, snubbed malcontents and the usual array of
      guys who think they should make more than 30-grand a year only to realize more people would notice them working the late night window at Wendy’s.

  5. Why does the Comcast Network feed look like a UHF channel from 1987? I wonder what Rob will do with his CBS 3 gig?

    1. Great point. Wee Willie Weber was more entertaining and better produced than local Comcast shows.

  6. This is bullcrap, I just follow Tony around to suck on his big hard Italian sausage, I mean it’s not gonna suck itself. Yes, sometimes he gets frisky and gives me anal in the WIP bathroom but who cares, he’s a legend. The problem is when the fat ass Innes wants me to lick his ball cheese and I say no, I’m Tony’s woman

  7. Misseee is a turd and his ratings are in the toilet ! Guess his trivia Wednesday thing just isnt cutting it. He has this website in his pocket so u will never know it but things are very bad for his show and 975 in general

  8. Hey 6 figures I had that lamp in my dorm room in college. Think you can swing some nicer lighting than that?

  9. Looks like Kyle deleted my lengthy comment detailing WIP behind closed doors. To give you a summary: Ellis is loved and will be missed, Innes is hated because he had everything handed to him and is the future Morning Show host, and Mikey Miss is still killing us in ratings.

    1. Id like to read the detailed post about what’s going g on behind closed doors at wip can we get a repost

  10. Kyle can I get some credit for first reporting Ellis going to comcast? I’m like NBC10, you heard it here first. Also, can you fire Jim? K thanks

  11. No one is going to watch BOB but it’s a paycheck so good for him. I turned on WIP for about 10 seconds of Morning Zoo in the afternoon and Bruno was playing some zany fucking circus music. He is far far worse than Innes, who is just a run of the mill shock jock.

  12. Upon hearing of Rob Ellis’ impending departure from 94wip,which means one less the old guys can call into,the following old farts will drop dead:

    Chuck from Drexel Hill
    Murray from Mayfair
    Gus from Allentown
    Aj from Plowville
    Levi from Overbrook Park
    George from the Northeast
    Charles from the Northeast

  13. I wonder who replaces him?

    With the Phillies coming, they won’t need much. But that host will do pre-game and be on on off nights.

    Probably Jody Mac or Sludge, but it would be nice to hear something new. Giglio is good enough to get a shot.

  14. Are all these comments made by interns or min wage shlubs just out of college working at these 2 radio stations? Am I the only actual Philly sports fan visiting this site? Helloooooooo?

  15. The show has no shot, because there are no bullets in that gun. Ellis has about as much personality as a brick wall. He will be addicted to crack and giving handjobs under the Market-Frankford El by July. Mark my words.

  16. Def would like to hear more about what’s going on behind closed doors at wip—Not trying to be a hero here: but if Elis and Gargano hosted the only show that couldn’t beat 975 in their slot why would 975 be in a hurry to put them on the air? Another question is when does Harry Mays contract end–that could be interesting–it’s completely obvious Innes is gonna get the morning show when Angelo retires in 3 years—if Mays contract ends and things work out I totally could see him reunited w Bruno in the afternoon and Innes in mornings–no inside information just a guess

  17. Ok , I’m on the 4th level in the parking garage on 16th and market. In in a red geo prism. I’m still waiting to pay anyone of you $100 to come splooge on my face.

    1. Natalie that sits in on the morning show should get a shot. She knows her sports, pop culture and has a great sense of humor. She’s much better than Rhea.

  18. I’ve been reading these posts for a while but just started –wow the hate –but some of the comments are really funny/clever as are the handles—someone just out of no where starts killing the author because of his room–that actually made me laugh out loud

  19. It’s a known fact that miss Robin annoys everyone with her tagging along. She has no purpose to be at the station. They have producers, and it’s not her. If they valued her, she would have been hired. She is se-valuing Bruno because she needs to tag along. It’s embarassing.

    But according to her she is Dr Ruth but cuter. Sorry Robin, ur not.
    Even Phil from Mt Airy wouldn’t hit that.

    1. I’d definitely hit that… But then again, I’d stick my dick in anything that breathes.

  20. The only viewers watching morning TV are women. Most people are on their way to work. Morning sports talk on radio equals large amount of listeners and big money. There are morning simulcasts but the supplement what’s on radio. A stand alone morning TV sports talk show smells of failure!

  21. Hello. I am a WIP host, I host a daily show on the station. As I said above, my earlier post was deleted for some reason. Now, let’s run through my topics.
    * Start with Rob Ellis. To start off, he’s beloved at the station. Nice, smart guy. We will miss him tremendously. Having him as a 6-10 host was an insult to Rob’s intelligence. He might be the smartest guy at the station. But we all knew he and Anthony Gargano were done months ago. We will get back to that later. Ellis is furious at management. To start off, he was forced into doing one of the most awkward shows of all time with Josh Innes a few weeks back. Then, he was given the 1-6 slot for a month straight, when everyone knew that the Innes/Bruno announcement would come at any second.
    * Josh Innes is hated throughout the station. Bloom loves him, and a couple of late night hosts are like best friends with him(Reigner, Hadaad, few others). But other than that, he’s hated. He was given everything. A guy like Rob Ellis started as a producer at CSN, worked the 6-10 shift for 5 years, got promoted to 1-6, and was sent right back to 6-10. Innes came here from Houston. He tells his listeners he came to Philly because it’s a great sports city. That’s the most BS thing I’ve ever heard. He came to Philly because Bloom guaranteed him a prime time slot if he could stick it out on 6-10 for a year or two. And then promised him the job of Cataldi’s replacement years down the road. Do you really think Innes would have left a prime time slot in Houston for a 6-10 job in Philadelphia where he’s not on for half the year because Philly has “great sports fans”? Please. He was given everything.
    * Ratings. We were getting killed in the ratings before the Innes/Bruno show, and we are not improving AT ALL. If anything we took a STEP BACK with Innes/Bruno. Yes, you don’t know the ratings yet, but every host knows their ratings a few days after the show. And the first week and a half of Innes/Bruno was absolutely clobbered by Mikey Miss. Innes can spew this “Beat Bitchinilli” crap all he wants, there isn’t anyone who truly believes that we will beat 97.5’s afternoon at any point within the next 18 months or so. That includes Innes and Bruno.
    * Believe it or not, there is “clicks” in radio too. There is the guys who show up and go home(Cataldi, Morganti, others), the “mid-day click”(Reese, Barkann, Ellis, Hollis Thomas, their producers), and the “young guys click”(Innes, Haddad, Reigner, their producers), and a few weirdos(you know who they are). The young guys are hated throughout the station. You know the bully in middle school that everyone hated, and he had those friends who stood next to him and did nothing? That’s the young guys. Innes is the bully, everyone hates him. The others aren’t hated, they just aren’t really liked. Reigner is liked throughout, but Haddad is clingy and annoying.
    There is something huge brewing for the station that you will hear about in a month or two. Unless something changes, and it doesn’t look like it will, something HUGE is happening.

    1. You’re full of shit. You are not an insider. This gave it away: ” but every host knows their ratings a few days after the show. ”
      No they don’t. Ratings are not daily in radio. You are a fraud.

    2. If this is in fact some insider, I would probably attribute this to Glen Macnow. He has an axe to grind because he was shit canned, and then took the scraps they threw at him on the weekends because he literally has NOTHING else to do with his life.

      1. How dare you? Macnow has plenty to do with his life! I’m sure there’s numerous subjects out there he can list for his new 3rd Grade Reading Level bathroom book. Like The Great Book of Cold Weather Sports Movies or The Top 50 Greatest Road Games in Philadelphia Sports History. Now, all he needs is another WIP host to co-author the book with him (Macnow can’t be expected to write all 100 pages himself!) and he’s all set. Rob Ellis seems to have a lot of time on his hands now and he hasn’t co-written a terrible book with Macnow yet.


      2. Nothing to do with his life? Obviously you have not heard he is now on the search for the perfect Bacon combination or something like that. Glenn gets all the important assignments, LOL!

    3. Okay Rob Charry.. you know everything.
      Ellis needs to respect himself enough to walk away if this bothers him that much.
      If not, then shut up, suck it up till you either leave or are asked to leave. He’s petulant, thought he was better than that.
      Barkann and Resse need to go. I don’t care if they go silent from 10 till 1. The show is a mess. It actually makes the morning show seem informative and mature. If killing Ike and Mike is big changes then there long overdue. Don’t stick the old liberal Macnow in that slot. No one, and I mean no one who’s a gentile wants to hear him. Stop recycling the same people over and over.
      Bring in Kinkade, and pair him with Jody Mac.. That would make a good show.

    4. I’d say with your horrible grammar that you are either Ike Reese or hollis Thomas. Of course, most of the tools on talk radio can’t put two sentences together so you never know. For some hosts, that’s just their intelligence level, for other hosts they try to act like they’re a Philadelphian with fake accents and the like. Why anyone would ever pretend to be from that God awful shit hole city is beyond me.

      Also, it’s “cliques”, not “clicks”.

    5. How was Innes “handed everything”? This “insider” even notes Innes was a success in prime time in Houston and was lured here with the promise of a prime time slot. Wouldn’t that mean he was a success and WIP (whether right or wrong in this assumption) wanted to see him succeed on their station? That’s not being “handed” anything. That is how things work in the real, adult world. If you succeed others will want you to work for them and will compensate you for your success.

      If this really is a host then it has to be Macnow. Macnow would be posting in the comments secrion on a blog because he tries to stay hip and act like he’s something other than what he is: an elderly, milquetoast, disingenuous bore who takes any shift WIP will throw his way and who has to come up with bullshit eating stunts to scam thirty free meals and shoehorn his way onto the air during the weekday shifts.

      1. yeah people are stupid. MIKE TROUT WAS HANDED EVERYTHING TOO! How the fuck was some guy starting at the age of 19?

        No Innes got it because he was good. Innes had better ratings 3 years ago in Houston than Rob Ellis has ever had in his LIFE. Probably better ratings than anything Gargano has done in the last decade. Some people are more skilled than others and that’s how life works.

        Just because Joe Schmo has been pitching in Reading for 10 years doesn’t mean he should be a starting pitcher for the Phillies.

        The same people ready to run a MVP and starting 1B for a decade out of the city for someone young and unproven want to keep that same mediocre former-MVP on the radio instead of letting a prospect get his shot.

      2. Innis was successful in Houston? Hahaha. He got fired in Houston that’s why he was available. We HATED him down here. You people are so stupid in Philly.

    6. Believe it or not, there is “clicks” in radio too

      Ummmm….you mean “cliques?”

      This guy might be legit. He seems to be about as intelligent as most people in the radio biz….

    7. Please…it’s “clique”. Using the work click makes it sound like you are bringing social media into this.

      Are you bored bro? What possessed you to make up this whole story?

  22. If it is true Innes is hated, no surprises here. He is a total turnoff when he opens his mouth and if he wasn’t such a whale, he would definitely get punched in the mouth more. Briad Haddad is also like listening to nails on a chalkboard; he is also a boob. They are nobodies as far as I am concerned and just lucked out. It has been great to listen to Rob again at night even though I guess it was a step down for him. Even the people who call him seem more intelligent. I used to love Tony Bruno – I wish they had brought him back with Ellis; now I can’t listen to him at all because Innes is just so awful and obnoxious, he makes my skin crawl.

  23. I hate this site. Everyone always makes fun of me… Just like the football players in high school. I’m never coming back to this site. NEVER!!!!

  24. Your post looks very acurrate—only part that makes me wonder is if u are actually a host—and on other posts it has mentioned w the way all the Philly teams are losing it hurts ratings–u might be hinting at wip turning into a talk station not sports talk–I think they will try everything for that not to happen though —all very interesting though–one thing is certain wip wants younger listeners it’s obvious—and the part about Innes being guaranteed a better slot to come is 100 percent acurate ( I know a business that advertises alot thete–innes was sold to them as ” the next one” over a year ago)

    1. The station probably now regrets turning WYSP into WIP-FM. If you saw the ratings that Kyle posted, and the quickly removed, a few months back, the sports stations in town are 6th and 7th place at best. They are TROUNCED by WMMR and the other music stations in town. I have to believe that with as popular as WYSP was, this move has been a fantastic failure.

      1. this is the reason i don’t believe cataldi makes as much as has been reported. he has a 6th place show at best.

        1. Nah, Cataldi probably does make that much, but he is a relic from the pre-internet era when radio was still a good business, and advertisers depended on TV/Radio/Print to reach their potential customers. In the hey-days radio with good ratings was big business, and the “talent” was well compensated.

          Not knowing the particulars of his contract, but having seen these type of things happen before, CBS may better off in Angelo’s case to continue to pay him until he is ready to leave rather than force him out and face some sort of age discrimination suit, which I am sure Angelo has threatened them with in the past.

    1. MacNow? Asking because of the Buffalo food reference name.

      Best show currently on the air is Mayes and Shander. Its a shame they are given that shitty 10-12 slot following the dweeb and jock show and leading into the two mongoloids.

  25. Will Ray Didinger ever do a spot with Innes/Bruno? Did Einstein ever appear on Romper Room?

    1. i remember kidd chris doing a spot in the booth with merrill and mike quick during an eagles game. it was a total train wreck.

  26. This is fascinating. I wonder how accurate the “WIP insider” comment is. It seems about right. He’s not the first person to bring up Innes being hated and Ellis being respected. I wonder if Kyle will not be a twat and will dig further on the apparent big thing that’s going down. To my surprise, he’s been pretty professional with this Radio Wars stuff. For now.

    Anyway, Ellis had another strong show tonight. Sports talk mixed with some fun stuff. Innes/Bruno talked about strippers and Innes continued his awful Howard Stern schitck. It’s a pathetic joke those guys get 5 important hours per day. Andy Bloom is a disgrace to this city.

    1. Nice touch on the Ramsey name. Your kids will pay out your karma, may be a while but you won’t forget.
      Bloom is all about the bottom line. If it was working he wouldn’t have pulled it.
      The ends justify the means, that’s the system.

      1. Bloom is an embarrassment. Knighting Innes will be the downfall of him. He said it himself on the air. This thing won’t work, and when it doesn’t, the 3 of them will be in Idaho doing the Morning Zoo from the Boise State game.

        If you’ve been a WIP listener over the years, you know what the station’s core is. SPORTS TALK. Informed hosts. Respected opinions. Bruno might be those things but Innes is a catastrophe. He knows far less about Philadelphia sports, and sports in general, than the average drunk caller.

        I’m not a prude, clearly, but his show is always crass. It’s insulting to women and a ton of parents wouldn’t want their kids listening. He’s not Howard Stern. He’s not funny or talented.

        1. He knows more sports than me! I don’t know a corner from a safety. I know Wilt was good, but have no clue about basketball. Josh knows way more sports than me. I don’t even watch sports. I have interns show me highlights before my show, then I speak about truth and break sown news conferences for 4 hours, yet I do ok in Philly. Josh knows more than outsider Macnow too. Josh knows more than outsider Barkann too. Insider -Cuz- used to make up facts and pretend to be friends with everyone. That wasn’t sports that was ego stroking. Josh is here to stay.

        2. you lost me at informed hosts. most of the hosts at these stations aren’t in the locker room or at the press conferences. some, like cataldi, don’t even watch the games.

        3. The hosts on WIP and 97.5 are the LEAST informed people when it comes to their chosen craft that I have ever seen. Most of them worked in the pre-internet era where you could get on the air and tap dance on some bullshit, and the moron listener had nothing other than a copy of the Daily News to check your story. Now hosts would rather NOT talk about sports because the average listener has more facts at their fingertips than the host does. Its embarrassing that a city this large has shitty sports talk like this.

  27. Some station that appeals to that age group used to run quite a few ads concerning that. If you are 18-34 and you have Moobs you are a loser!

  28. I want to suck Robbie E and Anthony Gargano dry and let them fill up my tummy with man milk

  29. 1-rhea is a pig
    2-dei lynam is a sausage hunter
    3-mikey miss is mr magoo
    4-glenn can’t stand to be not relevant
    5-big daddy is a cheap , not funny, douche
    6-jon-sean-just leave harry on till 2

  30. I know we collectively gripe about Angelo, but this combo of Al and Hollis this morning unfortunately makes me appreciate the knack Angelo has for keeping a show flowing.

    1. so a top 5 market should appreciate cataldi’s lame act because of a guy who can’t finish a sentence and a guy who has no business being on the radio. brace an marks have more credentials than moronganti and hollis. again, philly is a top 5 market. time to think bigger guys.

    2. That was brutal. Hollis really has no idea what analytics is. Turned it off after 3 mintues. I still hate angelo though

    3. There was such a great terrible caller right around 8 a.m. The guy was acting like he was part of the crew. He tried to do Winners and Weasels. And it took him about 30 seconds to say it should either be James Dolan or the Chicago Little League team. But then he said he wanted to do a Winner, and he just made noises for 20 seconds and then said “K. J. McDaniels.”

    4. I actually thought the same thing. There was so much dead air I actually fell back to sleep.

    5. AL: Hey Hollis What do you think about the Eagles Defense?
      Hollis: Ah They SUCK! hehehehe

      AL: Should they Stay with Foles?
      Hollis: AHH NO. hehehehheheeeee

      AL: Hollis do you realize that your creepy laugh doesn’t go well for a 350 lb. man?
      Hollis: AH nope. hahahehehe

      AL: Do you do anything else Hollis?
      Hollis: AH I look at naked girls on twitter. hehehehehehe

      AL: How did you get hired Hollis?
      Hollis: Ah well Andy bloom thought I would be a great fit. You know he makes the best decisions. Just look how well Bruno and Innes are doing. hehehehehahaha

      AL: Jesus Angelo get back here soon!
      Hollis: hehehehehehehe I agree. hehehehehe. have nothing to add. hehehehehe.

    6. I know. After an hour I was done. Al is so damn dumb and uninteresting. I like Hollis but can’t understand him half the time. Al as the lead host is awful, he should just stay asleep.

  31. A post about Rob Stinkin’ Ellis elicits over 100 comments. I love this place. Don’t ever change, CB comments!

  32. ” Video Killed The Radio Star ” ****

    ” Crossing Broad Killed The Radio Star ” *** my comment from last week.

    Imitation might be the sincerest form in Blog Land, but at least give me a nod when you walk down my street. xoxoxoxo

  33. Now listen here my good man. If anyone is going to team up with Bruno it will be Harry Mayes or something of that nature. Aaahhhh they have great chemistry and work well together and things of that nature…. My good man. Baldy is only here during NFL season ahhhhh he is banging models all summer and things of that nature and ahhhhh what have you.

  34. Ever notice how its called the Innes and Bruno show – Yet When Ever Miss Robin references the show she always puts Tony’s name first? Im sensing a big power struggle between the two and Miss Robin is not helping. In fact, why does she need to put her input in everything? If Tony has a beef with someone, its his beef and he can fight it, its not her position to get involved.

    This is the little stuff that ruin chemistry between people.

  35. jim adair and I rub our micropenises together with the friction of a subduction earthquake.

  36. The Anonymous WIP Host above is 100% right. And yes, I know who it is. I’m not gonna go through what he said, it’s all true. But, however, I’d like to extend on the Innes situation. The girlfriend thing with Bruno is true. It’s driving Innes nuts. Yesterday she sat next to Bruno during the entire show, and critiqued them for 5 hours straight. Innes is pissed. He and Bruno have already gotten into a little argument, during the 3:00 break, Bruno’s girlfriend went to the bathroom and Innes made a comment that resulted in a lot of yelling. They barely talked to each other the rest of the day; give them credit for composing themselves during the actual show. There is concern among the WIP producers and management that Innes and Bruno can’t coexist. They both have huge ego’s, both think that this is “their show”, and the other is a sidekick. Oh yeah, and the “HUGE news” the host was saying above? Cataldi might be resigning at the end of April. He’s got a health issue.

    1. Tell Macnow no matter what happens he’s still just going to get air shifts when one of the regulars call in sick.

    2. would love to see Cataldi go and some fresh blood take over. Unfortunately, I can see them jamming Innes in there and just pairing up old man Bruno with someone in the afternoon. It’s time for a major overhaul, the old guys have got to go, there’s just way too many of them throughout the day.

    3. can you elaborate more on this health issue? if what you are saying is true, looks like xmas came 10 months early for me…

    4. If that is true, Bruno will replace Cataldi, not Innes. He has morning show experience and can work with those clowns in the morning, Innes needs and a guy who defers to him like Haddad,

    5. Well maybe innes goes to mornings and tony gers a new partner in the afternoon then–for the record Tony comes off like the sidekick in this pair but I feel he shines when he’s the main guy—if wip gas so much invested in Innes maybe it all works out w a split up but both survive

  37. Get Josh away and keep him away …but for now his rise and immediate downfall is getting me through the winter

  38. Josh reads every comment and comment by comment the tears flow down his face just wanting to be approved . But just like his dad Philly thinks he’s a pussy and both of us wish he would go away and stay away .

  39. I guess the truth must be hitting close to home. Just like when a boxer gets hit in the ring and smiles. He knows he is in trouble but doesn’t want his opponent to see him sweat.

  40. Fat and smelly inside her, loves penis . Josh must give her no penis -silly jilly insider

  41. Holiday Ratings which are the most recent ratings available to the public.

    I know Bitchanelli likes to skew that ratings target only certain demographic but that sounds like denial and pure nonsense. Overall ratings should be the primary goal not a micro -fraction of the overall populace.

    Holiday Overall ratings.

    WIP- 4.6 5th overall
    97.5- 1.8 19th overall

    There are essentially 23 radio stations in Philly that are relevant. 97.5 is scraping near the bottom of the pit and they need to learn that listeners arent going to listen to a bad product.

    For comparisons sake.Bostons 2 sports stations WBR- 5.3 and WEEI 4.5

    97.5 is consistently around 2.3. Bostons #2 station averages a 4.5 rating.

    1. Since you have the ratings available, what were the numbers in the critical times of the day (morning drive, afternoon drive time) and within the critical demographics (25-54 year old men) for both stations. It doesn’t matter if WIP’s killing it with the Sugar House slot crowd, who’s idea of big spending is $15 during an afternoon at the nickel slot machine. It matters if you’re attracting listeners with high disposable incomes.

      1. The avg listener to WIP and 97.5 are barely getting by. Reference the wing bowl followers which is a great representative of WIP’s audience. If that doesnt convince you Listen to the IQ of their avg caller into Jon and Seans Snowday?

        Bottom line is that WIP overall has about 3x the amount of listeners than that of 97.5. IF I am advertising thats the station I want to be on. Pay attention to both stations ads. Divorce Lawyers, hemorrhoid doctors, strip joints etc etc.

        The money is out in the suburbs and let me tell ya the lawyer out in Bryn Mawr isnt listening to yo yo yo Sean Brace or that weirdo Missanelli who thinks its normal for a 60 year old guy to be listening to some pixieesque all female band.

        1. Totally agree, that is exactly why all of the old guys with the big salaries have been getting chopped down at the knees. They were being paid like radio people 30 years ago when it was still a higher margin business. Now its a shit business, and if you have to pay “talent” any more than $50k per year, you are better off shutting it all down and playing songs with a robotic dj on shuffle.

    2. Those numbers are not relevant idiot. Only numbers relevant in sports talk are 25-54 male listeners and we trail the fanatic there.

  42. I used to work at 97.5 when Bruno was there with Harry Mayes. All she did was sit around and try and send Bruno messages. She claims she was doing research and helping “produce” for him. What she was really doing was loitering. GET A JOB!! She is a Walmart cashier at best. Hey Bruno, do your career a favor and dump her or tell her to get a job or at very least stay the hell home. No one else brings their girlfriend or wife to work with them every day. Ask Innis, he has made it very clear to people in your office that she is a pain in the ass.

  43. HUGE fight today off the air between Bruno and Innis. They are just not seeing eye to eye on show issues.

    1. It wouldnt shock me and it was a bad idea pairing those 2 together. Radio chaos, my ears hurt listening to that show. Two motormouths on the same show is not going to work.

      1. Thats how Cataldi survived 25 years. Loudmouth controversial douche, everyone else on the show has a token comment occasionally and they all collect paychecks.

  44. If you hire Tony Bruno you let him do his thing , go ballistic, freak out and have somebody there to pull him back on the rails. Innes isnt interested in being that token sidekick/straight man for Tony. So yo clip Tonys wings and you have Tony light(Innes) vying for major attention. Its a failed idea.

    1. Yep Tonys act is unrecognizable with Josh. And that act made him a radio legend . Tony needs his own show. I would do a 10-12 show. Josh 12-2. Tony 2-6.

      1. bruno’s act is old and tired. it’s over for him, cataldi, eskin, macnow, moronganti, missanelli, gargano.

      2. Radio legend? Hahahaha. Tony Bruno has lost EVERY job he has had because of bad ratings. Why do you think his shows never get renewed when his contract runs out? What is the IQ requirement for these comments?! Hahaha.

  45. Yo cool getting back to the roots at csnphilly. This new anchor Leila Rahimi. Shes “Strong”.Know what I mean? Wooo

    I don’t know why I try to talk like I’m still in junior high, I guess it makes me sound cool. Know what I mean Ant?

    1. ROBBIE BABY DATS CLASSIC WHATS HAPPENING BEAU . Im overs here on Chestnut Street panhandled a few bucks and heading to eat a PRIMOS HOAGIE.

  46. Innes and Bruno got into it again today. Started over Bruno’s girlfriend yelling at Innes about not deferring to Bruno enough. Innes told Bruno to shut her up, and Bruno told Innes that she was right, this is “Tony Bruno’s show”. Innes walked out of the room and told his producer, “I can’t take it anymore, she’s gotta go, or I will,”.

    1. I find this unbelieveable—after 2 weeks Innes threatens to walk out? After campaigning for afternoons for a year? Tony does not seem like a dude that would act ” better” than someone–could not see him at all rebut in ” this is the Tony Bruno Show”

      1. This. Did. Not. Happen. While I would be in heaven if Bruno got another partner and Innes flew the coop, I don’t believe any of this malarkey posted on here. No interns would dare open their mouth on CB for fear of being found out.

  47. Rob Ellis has the personality of a rock. My drive to work would be so much better if he wasn’t working the 6-10 shift. Crossing my fingers for this move.

  48. Innes and Bruno DID in fact get in a pretty big fight today over Bruno’s GF. However, the Innes threatening to leave thing is complete BS. I work in the management of WIP, I’m in the marketing department. I wanted to spread some light on the Cataldi health issue.
    – First, the health issue is unknown. Cataldi has simply left it at that, a health issue. Most people around the departments believe that Cataldi has told Bloom what it is. Apparently it’s a pretty big deal. The general consensus around the station is that Cataldi will be retiring around Easter.
    – Replacement options for Cataldi: Innes. That’s it. It’ll be the Innes/Haddadshow most likely. Bloom loves Haddad and Farzetta. Haddad is going to be on mornings at some point. Farzetta could move to the afternoons.
    – The original plan with Cataldi retiring in a few years was this: Bruno would go out with Cataldi. At that point he’d be nearing 70. Put Innes and Haddad in the mornings, with a rotation of Hollis Thomas/Jones/Davis. Now, here’s where the original tails off a bit. Depending on who you ask, it would be Farzetta in the afternoons and some would say Mike & Ike in the afternoons. The one I’ve heard the most: Farzetta on 10-1 for a year or two to prepare him for the afternoon slot(ala Innes at 6-10), and Mike & Ike hold down the fort for a year. After a year or two of that, Mike & Ike return to 10-1. Farzetta moves to 1-6. Replacing Ellis at 6-10 will be Paul Jolovitz. That’s all but certain. So, to break it down, the projected lineup in 5 years if Cataldi doesn’t resign: mornings: Innes/Haddad/Others, 10-1: Mike & Ike, 1-6: Farzetta, 6-10: Jolovitz
    – Should Cataldi resign at the end of April, this is what will happen: Innes and Haddad to mornings. Farzetta at 10-12. Mike & Ike at 12-2. And Howard Eskin/Tony Bruno from 2-6. Jolovitz 6-10. Yes, I said Eskin. He’s willing to do the afternoons for a few years with Bruno until Farzetta is ready to get the job. WIP is gonna go into major panic mode if Cataldi leaves. They will lose their most popular show. And with 97.5 likely getting Gargano in the mornings right around the time Cataldi would retire, this could propel 97.5 ahead of WIP in ratings. We will need Bruno and Eskin in the afternoons. Mikey Miss is impossible to beat. Everyone knows that. But if we lose the mornings, that would not be good.
    – Bottomline, WIP is an absolute mess right now. There is a new rumor every day. Hosts are fighting with each other. Bloom is hated. No one knows what is true and what is a lie.

    1. I find this very unbelievable-Jolivitz is by far their worst host–I don’t know one person Who likes listening to him –he gets full time#?!–not buying it– I don’t ty hint Eskin and Bruno would be a good combo because Eskin would not embrace any silliness–plus I quite frankly don’t thonk they want Eskin back full time ( I am a huge Bruno fan and like Eskin too)— it doesn’t seem like they are in any rush to promote Haddad or Farzetta to me—I do agree 100 percent though that if Angelo leaves they are giving that morn show to Innes’-I feel they go outside the Market fo
      r nights—when is Harry Mays contract up w 975? Tony and Harry could beat missinelli

    2. This WIP insider is on crack and doesn’t know shit, so I’ll help clean up all of the lies and b/s he’s spreading. He’s obviously a jilted part-timer or Mike Missanelli, and the bile he’s spewing couldn’t be more preposterous.
      Innes and Bruno aren’t fighting. How do I know? I work at Chickies in South Philly and the past 2 straight Fridays and they laugh together, take pics with people and are having fun. If there was any kind of incident, don’t you think many would have seen it?
      When I worked at Chickies in Parx Casino, Mike Missanelli always acted like a douche and even walked off the show for several segments when something went wrong, leaving his producer to stall for time. Anyone who actually goes out and sees any of these dumb live remotes knows who the good guys and bad guys are.
      This bullcrap about WIP and who is hating who may be partially true because most radio morons are always jealous of others. That kind of stuff is apparent to listeners like me and has been going on since the Eskin-Cataldi hate for decades. Missanelli is a petulant creep, but like Cataldi, lucky to have the only shift that matters. I’m sure most of the other hosts hate his guts too. There isn’t one other host on 975 and 90% of WIP lifers also have zero value in any significant time slot.
      The biggest laugh is the thought of Anthony Gargano, a failed afternoon opponent with 3 different co hosts vs Missanelli, somehow being a hot commodity to do a local morning show to take on WIP? This city may be full of idiots and clowns who think Gargano’s “yo Cuz” act is relatable, or that Cataldi is good because he’s been on for 25 years, but Gargano’s success is one of the great mysteries of all of the years I’ve listened to sports and regular talk radio. Shows how we accept whatever is thrown at us because we really don’t know what better radio is

      Now I know why Bruno has moved on to national radio so many times and not stuck around on these local stations. He’s a legit great radio sports talk host and everyone I know loves him, his style and how he treats people, but he seems like he’s accepting his role as the only person at either station who would deal with Innes and help him become likable after a while. Beating a smug putz like Mikey Miss may not be possible though with the way this show has been put together.
      Just my opinion as an informed, educated and disgusted listener of what we pass off a good sports talk in a great sports town

  49. Update: Rob shared a 5-second teaser video (facebook.c*m/video.php?v=1543673622581702) for the coming soon “BOB” show on his personal facebook page this afternoon (without comment). I believe we have indirect confirmation.

  50. Hello everyone. I have read these comments and find them insulting. I want to clear some things up.

    #1 – Josh and Tony are not fighting. They get along great. Robin is barely there. She lets Tony be Tony. She loves Josh.

    #2 – Tony and Josh WON the ratings and will bury Missanelli, who is the biggest creep ever. He wears a toupee and is horrible to be around.

    # 3 – I have NEVER eaten Robin’s pussy. I don’t know where that came from.

    # 4 – Josh is fat and gross.

    # 5 – Tony has a small dick.

    # 6 – How in the hell did Gargano last this long?

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