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We’ve gone meta!

Recently demoted Rob Ellis took to the airwaves in his former 6-10 spot tonight and apparently opened with a diatribe about his current situation, saying he learned of his demotion… on Crossing Broad. I wasn’t listening, but here’s what happened, as reported by readers:

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He’s not happy. Understandably so. After being given a big opportunity to host drive-time, replacing Glen Macnow a year ago, he’s been bumped by Innes, who hasn’t made himself very many friends at WIP.

Innes and Tony Bruno will start on Wednesday, because, as noted by Molly Eichel, Bruno is flying back from Arizona tomorrow. To explain that scheduling, WIP has been running a promo (which I also keep missing), read by Bruno, about Innes being given a few days to think about what he did or said before returning to the air. The implication is that he’s suspended. That’s hogwash. It’s WIP management’s strange way of teasing the new show– apparently an amalgamation of tactics they picked up from 90s rock stations and the WWE. Maybe next they’ll have Spike Eskin interrupt Mike and Ike and challenge them to an ambulance match… you know, just to keep people tuned in:

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You do.

Later in his show on Monday, Ellis responded to a caller who asked him about Innes by taking the high road. “I’m not gonna do this,” Ellis said. “I’m not gonna rip other people on the air. I’ve never been one to do that. You can take it up with [Innes], and you’ll get plenty of opportunities to do that starting Wednesday from 1-6. Or take it up with management. I’m not gonna stoop to the level of others who badmouth people on our own station.” PLAY ME THAT MUSIC OF THE NIGHT: