RADIO WARS: Rob Ellis Says He Learned of His Demotion by Reading RADIO WARS

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We’ve gone meta!

Recently demoted Rob Ellis took to the airwaves in his former 6-10 spot tonight and apparently opened with a diatribe about his current situation, saying he learned of his demotion… on Crossing Broad. I wasn’t listening, but here’s what happened, as reported by readers:

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He’s not happy. Understandably so. After being given a big opportunity to host drive-time, replacing Glen Macnow a year ago, he’s been bumped by Innes, who hasn’t made himself very many friends at WIP.

Innes and Tony Bruno will start on Wednesday, because, as noted by Molly Eichel, Bruno is flying back from Arizona tomorrow. To explain that scheduling, WIP has been running a promo (which I also keep missing), read by Bruno, about Innes being given a few days to think about what he did or said before returning to the air. The implication is that he’s suspended. That’s hogwash. It’s WIP management’s strange way of teasing the new show– apparently an amalgamation of tactics they picked up from 90s rock stations and the WWE. Maybe next they’ll have Spike Eskin interrupt Mike and Ike and challenge them to an ambulance match… you know, just to keep people tuned in:

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You do.

Later in his show on Monday, Ellis responded to a caller who asked him about Innes by taking the high road. “I’m not gonna do this,” Ellis said. “I’m not gonna rip other people on the air. I’ve never been one to do that. You can take it up with [Innes], and you’ll get plenty of opportunities to do that starting Wednesday from 1-6. Or take it up with management. I’m not gonna stoop to the level of others who badmouth people on our own station.” PLAY ME THAT MUSIC OF THE NIGHT:


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    1. Ok. So everybody is pissed at Innes for being more entertaining then the other hosts. Rob Ellis was great at night. He was fiery, honest, and had great debates with callers. Once he took Macnows spot (which no one seems to be talking about.. Karma is a bitch), gargano and his show became extremely unlistenable. I actually didn’t mind Gargano when he was with macnow bc they actually had a back and forth with disagreements. Gargano and ellis were terrible. You could barely hear their debate over the slurping sounds of ellis blowing gargano. It was like sitting there listening to two people talk with out them allowing any outside conversation. They agreed on everything. It was annoying. And the whole fake south Philly schtick that no one ever wants to talk about is extremely annoying. People rip innes for having a ‘schtick’ but gargano spent a MAJORITY of his life in south jersey .. Yet you barely hear how fake he is. Innes finally has an educated Philly sports guy to be his back and forth. Let’s not forget gargano and ellis started all this shit when they ripped innes on the air after the debate implying he was a nobody by saying ‘whose that’.

      1. “And the whole fake south Philly schtick that no one ever wants to talk about is extremely annoying.” Lemme guess….this is your first time here on Crossing Broad?

          1. I’m not innes, but certainly an innes sympathizer. He is actually entertaining. I wish he was with farzetta, Jody Mac, and sludge though. That shit was hilarious.

      2. Innes doesn’t have an educated sports guy. He’s working with Bruno. A guy who does nothing but use drops and over laugh at his guests terrible jokes. This show will be God-awful.

    2. That superbowl was fixed no one passes down there. Rigged superbowl. Don’t forget it’s entertainment Just like anything else.godell is making the nfl just like wrestling no integrity just a show.

    3. Who wants to listen to people talking about the Phillies starting lineup. Sports radio gets old real fast and the Phillies blow by the way. Give me some entertainment.

  1. Feel bad for Rob but love hearing him on at night while I’m on hold waiting to get through laying naked in bed

  2. Rob Ellis also said the following: He called WIP “classy” sarcastically after saying he learned of the shift change on Crossingbroad and not from management. He also said that he doesn’t know how much longer he will be working at the station, basically saying “I’m here for the time being.” He sounded pissed in the beginning. Sounds like there is some major turmoil taking place at WIP right now. I think more heads will roll in this station shakeup before everything is said and done. I’d like to see someone that works at WIP post anonymously here in this thread as to what is going on with that radio station.

    1. Ok. I’ll bite. There’s nothing happenening behind the scenes that isn’t pretty apparent to listeners. Does that help?

  3. Why not put Marc Farzetta on 6-10? He’s a lot better than Ellis. The programming makes no sense.

  4. Just waiting for the date when Gus from Allentown hosts a show with Rob Charry

  5. You can’t expect me to fly to Philly all the way from Phoenix and work 5 hours. do you? Need a couple of days to recover from the 5 hour flight.

  6. I’m pretty much done with Philly Sports Talk Radio as the only show I listen to anymore now is Didinger/Macnow on Weekends. I liked Gargano/Ellis driving home from work, but this Innes guy is not my taste. Maybe I’m just an old timer (I’m 42 years old) and just want to hear good sports talk and not all the babble from guys like Angelo, Eskin, Missanelli, and now this Innes guy. At least Satellite gives me options I didn’t have 10 years ago.

    1. this comment is exactly why FM sports talk is dead, and the only hope is the entertaining sports talk angle that WIP is clearly moving towards. 610AM was full of knowledgeable shows in the years following WIP’s move to 94.1, and that’s dead.

      Back when “knowledgeable” sports radio got ratings, the source of live sports news was the 6pm SportsCenter…..or if you were lucky the bottom line of ESPN threw a couple of words at you. Now you can get true knowledge from real insiders (not radio hosts) on twitter instantly without the typical 15 minutes of commercials each hour, and another 20 minutes of braindead callers trying to explain why the Eagles should of drafted Johnny Manzeil.

      It’s no different than print, just another form of 20th century technology. WIP clearly caught on and is trying to make some drastic change to exist and succeed in the long run, who knows if it’ll work. Good luck competing with Netflix, Pandora, XM and everything in-between.

    2. I agree with Dave. Sports talk in this town is dead. I’m 37 and have no interest in Innes. I’ve tried listening a couple times but it was awful. Satellite and national podcasts are all that remains, which sucks because I am much more interested in local sports.

      Used to like Mike Miss, but his show is the same thing over and over again: Race talk and social issues belong on CNN, not my sports talk station. We listen to sports talk to get AWAY from the depressing life that exists on the real news stations like Fox, CNN, etc.

    3. WIP rode the wave of popularity the Phillies generated. They made the jump to FM because of this. Now they’re freaking out because the ratings suck. All the bandwagon fans don’t give a shit anymore since they don’t want to hear the doom and gloom of the future Phillies roster. The Flyers? Yeah. Eagles? mmmmhmmm.

      So, in other words. It’s not just the “talent” (used very very loosely) that’s the problem here. It’s also the format. The fans who want content are as of now forced to listen to a bunch of idiots who are afraid to embrace advanced analytics or even discuss them. They prefer to speak of grit, moxie, talent, heart, and hustle. The dirtier the uniform, the better. None of those accurately shows the quality of a player beyond a personal level. The fans who aren’t the bandwagon fans, the ones who are now listening want better content.

      1. of course it doesn’t help that all 4 teams will miss the playoffs this calendar year. Good teams is the #1 booster for ratings.

    4. @Dave Look man a LOT of people feel like you do. I want sports and not High School humor. oh well you can thank Andy Bloom for the Bleed of listeners.

  7. Harry Mayes is the only one I am able to listen to with Brian Baldinger once that stupid fucking wigger Sean Brace opens his mouth the station changes faster than Usain Bolt.

  8. Somebody there much really hate Farzetta, bring in a new guy in Josh, then Josh takes the prime afternoon shift. Now bring in another new guy in Bruno who i love too but gesh, they are really shitting on Farzetta for some reason, i mean i heard he sucks at fantasy football but wtf, the guy knows his shit.

  9. I listened to the end of the Macnow/Didinger show (leading into Ellis) and Macnow said a few times to “stay tuned to our good friend Rob Ellis” and ended the show with something to the effect of “Listen to Rob he has something important to say/worth hearing”. Sounded very deliberate in Glen’s part, like it was his way of protesting the change maybe?

    1. Macnow is a tool. His style is old, washed up and frankly doesn’t even play well with the older crowd. He went too far with the food, movies and book promos. Yo Glenn I know you read this blog… You need to do a few things.

      * Stop trying to be the ultimate man’s man. Give it a rest. Be you… no one needs to be reminded that you are “cool” you’re not. Give it up

      * Your left leaning ways don’t do you any favors on sports radio. You and I sat in a meeting a while ago and I told you that. You payed me no mind.. I wished you would have.

      * Listen to the people on here and other boards. Be nimble and willing to change. We talked about this before.

      1. Ok, I’ll get right on all of that. Also, I was very impressed by you in that meeting. You struck me as a stable, successful person with a full, rich life. No, seriously. You took time out of your obviously very busy day to talk about sports radio in an interview session. It’s great that this is that important to you. Don’t listen to the few people in your life that are bent over in pain, laughing hysterically at you calling you “that drip” or “queen hand job.” You are a very interesting person with interesting ideas!

        1. Guys.. leave the man alone. We have more important things to discuss, like the best middle aged athlete in a cinematic stage show.
          Who has the best pushed pork samich…
          How can we rip Republicans about things I have no idea about or no business discussing.

      2. Macnow is boorrrrrrinnggg!! He along with Gargano was the worst show! No wonder the ratings were so bad. Just terrible.

  10. Innes is such a fraud.. Relies on Schtick and trying to be a shock jock to cover up his lack of Philly roots or knowledge of Philly sports.. He even had listeners call in and go onfake rants on his show the other night to use for the promo for his new slot.. Total fuckin joke WWE-style tactic to tease the show.. It’s a shame to see Bruno attach himself to this slob, and I’ve always been a WIP guy, but they fucked up here.. Mikey Miss is gonna torch them, unless, like when stern started out, more of his “haters” listened than people that actually liked him, which is the only way Innes will get ratings.. Side not I also feel bad for Ellis, but I’m welcoming the fact that I can listen to him on my drive time instead of that fat slob

    1. haha Philly roots argument. Ike Reese openly cheers for the Los Angeles Lakers on a regular basis, along with one of Penn State’s biggest rivals. But no one cares about that.

      The first two shows on WIP are pretty much entirely people who aren’t from Philly. Angelo (Rhode Island Yankees fan), Al (Boston), Keith (Canada Eh), Hollis (Texas), Mike Barkann (New York City), and Ike (NC/Michigan).

      It really doesn’t matter if you are or aren’t from Philly. I mean Brace is from Philly, isn’t he?

      1. Yeeeeah Hollis is from St Louis and and Ike from Cincinnati. You listed their birthplaces but they grew up elsewhere. Your point is still valid though.

        1. if the Bengals were as good as the Lakers, we would hear Ike Reese cheer for them every other segment too. Thanks to WIP midday i know a lot more about the Lakers than I do Flyers or Sixers.

  11. It’s tough not to side with Ellis on this one. I enjoy Innes but he’s spent his entire tenure with WIP undermining his colleagues. Ellis is not only a good guy, but a local dude who unquestionably knows his shit. He doesn’t deserve this.

    1. remember when EVERY SINGLE clown on WIP called Innes a “Idiot/Garbage/Moron/Clueless” for calling Tony Romo better than Nick Foles? Where are they now?

      Maybe everyone just discredits real sports points and accepts moronic homeboy points. Didn’t Angelo show up to wingbowl in a Mariota jersey?

  12. Facts:

    -WIP is pretty much unlistenable and has been for last few years.

    -They’ve lost a huge percentage of the afternoon 18-49 demographic to 97.5 and while some will go to WIP to listen to Bruno and Innes, people will grow tired of Innes.

    -Arguably the four biggest names at WIP in the last decade (Eskin, Gargano, Macnow and Missanelli) all left or were replaced. Something is wrong with management when you continue to lose “talent.”

    -Sean Hannity likes the taste of animal semen.

    1. Your “facts” are a little skewed by the fact that your father was so bad at life and hated his lot so much that he taught you that all Republicans are bad people. When you “grow up” you will learn the error of your dad’s ways. You will also learn that Macnow, Gargano and Missinelli are all tools. They are like raw chicken and are now past their expiration dates.
      Time to wake up, buy a real suite, watch and shoes and Grow Up.

      1. I didnt say Republicans were bad people. Your Dad obviously taught you how to put words in people’s mouths. You sound angry man. Calm down. My life is fine. Im sure yours is too. Also, even if those guys are tools, they were the stations main talent, along with Eskin, for a long long time. A good station doesnt lose all their main guys that quickly. All im sayin. Good day

  13. Listening to the end of Ellis’ show right now and loving it. He so obviously thrives in the 6-10 spot by himself it’s not even funny. It’s kind of compelling sports talk radio if there is such a thing. The afternoon slot playing the side kick role (especially next to that trainwreck Gargano) never really worked for him, and that’s just how it is. The laid back night slot is such a better look for him. Hope he can co-exist on the station with Innes, there is SOOO much bad blood right now between to the two. 97.5 could also take the salaries/timeslot of Sean “Yo Yo Yo” Brace and Jon “Chin Strap” Marks and give it to Ellis. Fucking wiggers.

    Also, has anyone else noticed how Innes will regularly interrupt (by either saying something painfully unfunny or singing) over who’s ever doing the the updates between commercials? What a fat fucking piece of shit Kid Chris wanna-be he is (Kid Chris being someone who I hope is either behind bars or dead.) WIP is turning into a trash fire. Unprofessional doesn’t begin to describe Josh ‘ lazy fat fuck’ Innes. I second the commenter above… would love to hear a WIP insider post here anonymously, giving us all insight on the turmoil at hand over at IP.

    1. You don’t know what great radio is. Josh doesn’t feed you what you want to hear. Finally, some intelligent sports debate.

      1. You’re a clueless imbecile who wouldn’t know intelligent sports debate if it slapped you in your dumb mug.

        Josh Innes is sports radio poison, book it. I give his show 6 months.

        1. I guess you’re still butt hurt after I humiliated you. How’s your Eagles tattoo?

          1. My God I mentally scarred you. Thank you for confirming it daily. It brings me joy to know I’m living rent free in your head. Now give us a big EAGLES cheer before you skulk off.

  14. Look how this has played out. Rob was the producer for Daily News Live on CSN. He leaves CSN to do the 6-10 shift at WIP. They move out Macnow to pair him with Gargano. They hire Innes. Barkann is working a shift Rob could had. Now he is demoted back to 6-10 and with the Phillies on the horizon it means an hour a day when the Phillies are home or road games on the East Coast. Rob had to know what was going when Anthony left. He had to see the writing on the wall. It’s a tough deal when you are on the verge of losing a $200k job. Radio is a very unstable job unless you are working for peanuts in a small market. Rob can probably find a producing job somewhere but his pay cut will be large.

    1. HAAAA!!!!! $200k? There is no fucking way they pay that guy that kind of money. Radio is a dying medium with low margins. You have some guys (Cataldi, Missanelli) who make very good money. But they are the exceptions, not the rule.

      Rob is lucky, very lucky, if he is getting half of that. That wigger Brace probably makes like $40k tops, and the rest of his pay comes from personal appearances.

        1. Never said $200k was a ton of money, just said that there is now way that they can afford to pay mid-tier talent like Rob Ellis at that rate. What kind of revenue do you WIP, which is at best the 6th highest rated station in town, brings in? They compete against stations like Q102 and WYSP that have effectively scrapped DJ’s, and just let a computer play a pre-selected play list. If you are CBS, would you allow 60% of your revenue to go to P&B when you could just fire the staff, replace them all with a glorified iPod playing Katy Perry (love them titties) every hour? My argument is not that $200k is a lot of money, my argument is that if everyone you hear on the air made that kind of money, WIP would be economically unviable.

      1. Eskin was getting close to a million doing the afternoon shift and at the end they were also paying Ike Reese. Why is it out of line to not think they were paying Gargano and Ellis $400k total. Francesa makes $3 million working on WFAN in New York. This isn’t a small market. It’s #5 in the United States. Cataldi is paid about $1.2 million plus they have to pay Al, Rhea and Hollis. Do you realize that probably 30 minutes out of hour is commercials. 1-6 which includes drive time is the second biggest shift at the station. You underestimate pay. There wouldn’t be all this turmoil if the stations weren’t fighting over every tenth of a point in ratings.

        1. See my above comment. If they have to fork over $10’s of millions in payroll in order to get to 6th place in the ratings, they should have fired the staff a long time ago and just went to a “Mix” format playing music.
          I know that because we hear these guys on the radio speaking to a potential audience of millions, we naturally draw the conclusion that they are semi-celebrities, and are likely paid as such. I am telling you that this is FAR from the case, and if it were true the station would payroll itself right out of existence.
          There are a few relics like Cataldi floating around from the hey-days before the internet when sports talk radio was relevant. But even by his own admission his contract negotiations have been increasingly contentious. Hey, its the same reason why Bruno is now at WIP, and Gargano is out of a job. Look at the hit-list: Macnow…..Part-time, Eskin…..Part-time, Jody Mac….Part-time, Gargano…..GONE.
          The game done changed, these guys are now working in a low margin, highly volatile business, with competition from satellite, pod casting, mobile streaming music, etc…. The golden era is over, and it is not coming back. I hope these guys get every penny they can from CBS, however I think you are vastly overestimating their earning power, especially the former players who are really not suited for any other type of work.

      2. Spot on. Ever notice why Brace does all of his bullshit with Pitchers, that terrible squirrel clothing line and making appearances like he did this past weekend in Conshohocken? Because unless you’re MM or Angelo, there is no money in radio. I used to work for a local station and im glad I bailed when I did instead of “paying my dues”. Working in radio will leave you with no savings account when you’re 30 years old.

        1. I did something similar. Hung in for a few years when I was young buecause I didn’t know any better. One day when I was 25 I looked around and saw a bunch of people who seemed to be barely scraping by financially, had miserable family lives, frequently had substance abuse issues, and we’re constanly moving from one town to another. It was almost like I image what working for a carnival would be like. Glad I got out when I did, it’s really a shit job.

  15. Guess that douche bag will be calling the show starting on Wed. He’s so fucking original.

  16. Need to ditch the Cookie Monster and the heb from 10-1. Other than those 2, WIP will rule the waves.

    1. Hey “Jolly”, how many lozenges can you stuff into that fat gullet of yours.

      Choke on it you fucking slob.

      1. But every show he starts with a roll call of names from a cancer ward. I think I’m listening to the Jerry Lewis Telethon. Lighten up, it’s suppose to be a sports talk show.

  17. Ellis is terrible. Like, for real, a train wreck. If he had any skill or talent at his job, he wouldn’t be bounced around like a pinball.

    When you suck and have a 1 dimensional personality, that’s what happens to you. WIP…well shit, radio in general owes him nothing. A historically bullshit run business. It’s a dog eat dog world, I don’t feel sorry for him being stepped on at all because *gasp*, it’s the real world.

    Real glad Innes and Bruno are teamed up. Finally something to listen to.

  18. Come on guys…. It’s like some of you think that Ellis was the next Bruno or Jody Mac. I like Ellis but he’s a journeymen host that needs to settle down and build his legacy. Take the time at any slot and work it. There’s a great book called “The Secret” it speaks to how to reach the peak of your career. The main lesson in the read is that you get to the top by helping others get better. Ellis read this a few times and let it click “””The hardest part of the process is to help others move past you while you work to build you foundation, but know that when you do, you will have a strong foundation of steps to step on as you move to the top”””.
    Think of it this way.. Remember when you would interlock your fingers and let you boy step in with his foot to get a boost? Do this a few times at work and watch what happens.

    1. BHAHAHA are you high on ambien right now? I did legitimately laugh as I read this, so well done i guess.

  19. How about Jon Marks? The Howie Roseman of the Fanatic. Who the hell does he have pictures of? That guy is on his shift, fills in for whoevers off, Saturdays. Enough already!

  20. The only thing missing from the “suspension” promo was a goddamn slide whistle. Complete schlocky garbage. They may as well hire DiBella for the afternoon drive. It’s zany 90’s radio at its worst.

    1. If you listen closely, you can hear Josh faintly singing “Always Look on the Brighter Side of Life” in the background.

  21. I love hearing about my Joshy being impotent during his show and how he thinks I am lucky when he can get a piece.
    Does he really think I look forward to that time. Does he really think I want to see his big fat hairy sweaty body naked.
    Good thing all I have to do is lay there and let him do everything. And he thinks I’m enjoying it
    Who could enjoy making love to him.
    Good thing Cuz has some extra time on his hands.

  22. Sorry Rob, but that’s radio. What goes around comes around..

    They bounced Macnow out so Ellis could take his spot…you didn’t hear him complaining about management when they screwed Macnow.

    Rob is a nice guy and knows sports but he doesn’t have the prescience to be an afternoon drive guy… he would make the perfect 10-1 or 10-2 guy at either WIP or 97.5. Barkann and Reese are terrible and Brace and Marks are flat out unbearable. They should not be on the air..

    1. I see. He doesn’t have the “prescience” to be an afternoon drive guy. I can tell you listened to Ellis often as you’ve clearly absorbed his annoying habit of misusing dime store words. Please share with us how Rob (or anyone else) should exhibit more “prescience” to be successful in the afternoons.

      1. Dude get a life. I am sure the guy meant presence. I like Rob and think he got screwed but don’t be an asshole with your pretentious comment.

      2. I think Rob had a good presence until he was paired with Gargano. He changed into being Ant’s boy and agreed with everything he said instead of giving his traditional well thought out answers… In listening to him tonight he sounded bitter at times but like himself at other times…. He will land on his feet..

        PS don’t be an a-hole with the spelling nonsense. No one like a prick.

  23. Can we try to organize a boycott of Innes / WIP? Bruno would be collateral damage. Oh well. But it’s tiem to put an end to this nonsense that suits like the ones at WIP pull. And the fake losers like Innes.

        1. You don’t know Josh Innes. How do you know he’s fake? From everything I’ve heard, he is on the radio, who he is in real life.

  24. Here’s the thing: Rob Ellis got the demotion because he will never pull in ratings. WIP is pushing Innes because they know that 90% of the sports radio hosts in this town are jokes. Cataldi? Watered down, Stern clone. Mike/Ike? Zzzzzz. The Cuz? A fucking minstrel show. Rob Ellis? Knowledgeable but he’ll never be a main guy. Macnow? Guy spends half the time talking about his shitty brewery. Diddy? No complaints here. It’s like talking sports with your grandpop. That’s why he gets one day a week. Plenty of steak, but no sizzle. Eskin? Already got ran off the air, now relegated to Sat AM.
    Innes is not great but he is different from the rest of the rejects above. Will people hate him? Yes. Will they listen? Yes. Will they admit to it? No. Yeah, he’s the cliched shock jock, but he knows he is. He’ll never be a ‘4 for 4’ guy and that is a good thing. He’ll never be a blind sheepish homer like 90% of these guys are. Does he appeal to a younger audience? Sure. That’s where the ratings are trending towards.
    I’ll take him over Gargano any day. That guy is an insult to all Italian-Americans. His act on radio is the equivalent of shucking and jiving.

  25. 1) I’d like to point out the BRIEF, old story on the Innes/Bruno move has 200+ comments. Even in Kyle’s ultimate wet dream he couldn’t touch that. Reality check, Scotty.

    2) Bruno is so pathetic. The guy worked his way up from local radio host to national host. He was in the Madden games. He was raking in the dough. Then, he did 2 hours on a 2nd rate sports talk station, didn’t pull ratings, and now he’s the sidekick of the biggest, fattest cancerous fuck to walk into WIP since Craig Carton.

    3) That’s what’s going to happen here. If Andy Bloom is falling head of heels for Innes, so will some other dumbass boss at a bigger place. Innes will pack up and leave. Or he’ll totally flame out. But the dude is such an egomaniac who knows.

    Alls I know is when I want to listen to talk about PHILLY sports I’m not going to listen to Josh Innes. If I wanted to listen to the Morning Zoo with Wacky Josh then I guess I would.

    4) Poor Rob Ellis. Guy is knowledgeable and fun to listen to BECAUSE HE KNOWS HIS STUFF. If you want to find some kind of magical combo of expert insight and Angelo levels of ham then good luck. I’ll take insight and info over schticks any day. 97.5 has a real chance to beat out of WIP here. If they take Gargano and Ellis and Old Yeller those 2 wiggers, they can make some inroads.

    I really do wonder if ANY athlete/coach wants to talk to Innes. The guy is a disgrace and everyone knows it. He has a worse reputation than Misanelli, if that’s even possible. I betcha he dyes his hair, too.

  26. lots of lunacy going on tonight.

    I bet Innes said something to Cuz like “Dude stfu about your stupid kids no one cares.”

  27. Hardcore sports talk gets so old. How many times can you talk about Nick Foles vs Mariota, or upgrading the secondary? And LOL @ people who think they learn sports from talk radio. FYI: if you actually use sports talk radio as an educational experience, then you know nothing about sports in the first place. Any average Joe fan who watches sports relatively regularly won’t get anything from sports radio than they already know.

    Radio is supposed to be entertaining. Innes is entertaining. If people think he’s “obnoxious” because he doesn’t spent 5 hours a night talking about the same mundane sports fodder over… and over… and over… again, the you are listening to radio for the wrong reasons or probably have David Puddy syndrome. Just never get bored of mundane nonsense.

    Lastly, the whole “4 for 4” schtick is the most tired act ever. The whole mentality is a joke. People just use it to put others down and make insecure people feel better about themselves. “Awwww… yo bo…. gotta be 4 for 4…. can’t live in Philly and be a Chargers fan bo!!!” lol Shut the fuck up

    1. The 4 for 4 thing is as schticky as Bruno and his slide whistle, but I don’t agree at all that straight Sports Talk can’t work. WFAN has no issue pulling it off, the only exception being mornings and even that is a blend of sports and entertainment. Are you going to tell me Francesca isn’t successful? Or every other show they put on. If they want to recreate the dung pile that was post Stern YSP, feel free but I have no interest in it.

    2. ding ding ding. At least someone else gets it.

      Ellis is a sports fan. Innes is entertaining. Ellis didn’t produce. He’s being a baby about it as usual, when in reality he should be lucky he has a job at all.

  28. top radio war comments of all time
    -rhea’s breath looks like it stinks
    -sals new name-hackie mc hackie
    -“hey your talking to a hall of famer here”-glen admonishing a caller arguing with ray
    –glen-give it a break with the cool man act-today
    -fourth largest market and we get-joe fuckin stasek-sic
    -don mckee was caught strokin one off, ever night-thats why he got fired-all lmao
    as far as bruno and iness-i guess they need two to take down turkey neck-like the guy above said -if i want wacky radio i tune to the greaseman!!!

    1. I am proud you like my tag on Sal. I have burped up a couple of new ones in general this morning.

  29. 94.1 making a charge at 97.5’s strong point. 97.5 has mike&mike until 10, I would rather set myself on fire and have maggots knit my flesh together than listen to that shit. At 10, Mayes is under-rated, there’s no stability. Then, Marks ( who looks like a demented circus acrobat) and Brace (Mr potato head drowling on the mike) vomit out their drival until 2. Then Mike Miss, the kingpin of it all. 94.1 went after it. That fat-fuck Josh-Whatever thinks people really give a shit about his personal life. But they got Bruno. Just to hear him lose his damn mind on a rant is worth a listen.

  30. We miss The Cuz getting our names on the radio. And what are we gonna do without the great knowledge of Avalon Bryan. We are texting Cuz right now. Well not right now i wanna listen to Josh Innes first.

  31. Sports radio sucks in Philly because the four teams suck. Truth be told, none of the four teams will win in the next 20 years. If the average fan knew this, there be a line at the top of the Platt Bridge. The hosts B.S. the listeners about the team and WIP puts on the joke of an event Wing Bowl purely from the money they suck in from the drunken crowd. However someone once said there is a sucker born every minute and WIP and that bastard child, 97.5 has rights to them all.

  32. This should be fun based on all that’s going on. Put this crew in order. Crossing Broad should do some sort of draft to re-do the whole station or something.

    Jody Mac
    Rob Charry

    1. Cataldi
      Jody Mac
      Rob Charry

    2. Angelo
      Jody Mac
      Keith Jones
      Brewmaster Macnow
      Sean Brace

  33. Lo v ed having Rob back at 6-10; I never listen in the afternoon so I don’t care who is on there. I gave Innes a very fair chance and got to hate him more and more and had to stop listening. I personally felt that Marc Farzetta tolerated him but would like to punch him out a few times. His girlfriend must be Helen Keller – deaf and blind. The man has nothing going for him and I wonder what Andy Bloom saw in him. I feel bad for the treatment Rob got but it is so nice to have my show back.

  34. 1. Angelo
    2. Bruno
    3. Innes
    4. Reese
    5. Ellis
    6. Jody Mac
    7. Giglio
    8. Macnow
    9-15. Who cares

  35. And to think, I put in a call to Bloom to takeover the afternoon show and he said he no longer employs women and hung up. What’s that ? Rhea? REALLY? Well, to all my still admirers….Come here, honey. WhoooAhhhhh.

  36. Ellis with cuz from 1-6 was not good radio. His 6-10 show was very good. The thing I dont understand is why the fuck does wip have a show from 1-5? 3-4 hours is plenty of one or two hosts. Epically with the phils coming up what’s the point of having someone on for 45 minutes? Who’s running this station?

    WIP will be irrelevant until they change that morning show which won’t happen for for a few years now as Angelo resigned.

    1. they are having trouble beating missanelli h2h so they are trying to drag over a lead-in audience by starting an hour earlier, which really hasn’t worked so far.

    2. The midday show can only go 10-1 because Barkann needs to get to CSN 3 hours early. 15 minutes of that 3 hours is spent on show prep.

  37. This lineup would be the best you can do with the talent there…

    Angelo 5:30-10
    Ellis-Reese 10-2
    Innes-Bruno 2-6
    Let Jody Mac and the Giglio kid split the pre-post w the Phillies
    Big Daddy in the overnight

    1. I’d definitely dump Barkann and move Ellis there. I don’t think the Innes/Bruno thing is going to work but they really have no other choices, for that slot. Giglio/Jody splitting the evenings would be good and both are strong on MLB. The morning show is garbage but they have zero competition. I think the ultimate plan is for Innes to take over mornings, I just don’t see him making it to that point though.

      1. Angelo is here for 3 more years at least (and possibly 5) – I don’t see Innes lasting that long.

  38. I’d like to know what these guys are actually making. Kyle, have some of your sources get on that. I think I heard one of the D list guys on 97.5 say they were making like $17,000 a year. If I had to throw out some guesses I’d say:

    Missanelli – $350k
    Gargano – $150k
    Marks/Brace – $45k

    Some of the other guys I can’t even get a read on. Reese? Barkann? Harry Mayes? Baldinger?

  39. It would be awesome to smash Kyle over the head with his imaginary violin. I cringe at those fucking videos. Loser.

  40. Great points.
    The 1-6 slot is too long. They should change it back to 10-2, and 2-6. No way Bruno can do 5 hours.

    I like Ellis, but did not like him with Gargano. That show did not work. He is better at night, or 10am -1pm slot.
    Wondering if Ellis can no longer to the news at 10, because of his shift change? If that is the case he is losing $$, and work. Probably a bigger reason he is not happy.

    WIP is stuck until they overhaul the morning show.

    1. “WIP is stuck until they overhaul the morning show.”

      I wonder how long till that happens. I know Angelo has a couple of options that can kick in, but in all seriousness he looks like a heart attack waiting to happen. I hope they have some kind of contingency plan.

    2. Ratings say otherwise. Look at the ratings before you comment. Ellis doesn’t produce at that timeslot. Either did “cuz”. It’s tough to beat the king, so they are throwing a similar guy up against him, along with a household name. It’s a smart move.

  41. I highly recommend anybody that’s bored at work to call the Mike and Ike show and say one positive thing about Riley Cooper… than listen to Ike Reese have a melt down about how he shouldn’t be on the team and how ALL the fans were wrong about releasing Desean. Now granted, it’s all true, but Ike has an extra special hate for the white man and it comes out every time. It’s very entertaining.

    1. Maybe it’s because Cooper sucks and Chip in the crew hid behind a bullshit gang story to cut DeSean. Where’s all of these “other shoes to drop” that idiots like Eskin kept mentioning? I must have miss DJaccs heading to prison.

  42. Reality: you plebs will still listen, no matter who’s on, and report your findings here, with hilarious results.

    A common gripe is that “Innes doesn’t talk enough about sports”. He doesn’t know anything about the Flyers and who wants to talk about the Division 2 Sixers?

    Ratings will decide it; if Innes/Bruno show sucks, it will be off in a year or so.

  43. WIP launched Cuz, Ellis and MacNow. If they really want to show me something maybe they should run the Phillies and send Ryan Howard packing.

  44. What’s with the love of Ellis? I agree he’s knowledgeable, but there’s a reason he can’t survive. He’s a snoozefest. You need entertainment in Media – both on radio and TV. Why do you think guys like Eskin, Miss and Cataldi are top shows both locally and nationally? They’re entertaining whether you like them or not.

    Ellis sucks, period. He’s knowledgeable, but so are a lot of sports fans. He’s a sports fan, that’s it. He’s not an entertainer.

    Ellis will NEVER be a top show. He just doesn’t have it.

    Innes is entertaining and believe it or not knows his stuff. Get used to it fanboys. I like guys that go against the grain and tell it like it is. Innes, Cataldi, Eskin and Miss are those guys.

  45. I am not a regular here, but can someone please tell me if the posts by radio personalities, that is those with their actual full names,are really that person. Ifor Tom Big by posts, should I assume it is him?

    For those who complain about non sports topics on sports talk radio, hard core sports talk was tried,several times, and it failed. WIP nearly changed formats way back. These are the same people who want to talk college sports all day in Philly.

      1. I believe Kyle Kendrick posts under his real name. Most of us use pseudonyms, and for very good reasons!

        Follow me @jodymacman

  46. Ike and Ellis is sounding good today. They make a good team. Is Barkham out now? WELL BYE!

  47. My daughter asked me where the good show with the laughing guy went on the way to ballet last week…I shook my head.

  48. Josh innes is the biggest douche to fart in a wip seat. And I’m sure that seat smells completly like Andy blooms stick because josh eats it every day. Maybe he can have his grandmother come on the afternoon show so I can run my radio through a nitroglycerin plant. I can’t wait to hear a gunshot go off because he keeps interupting the sports update like that’s so original and hip.

  49. Ellis is full of it..he rips people on the air constantly…especially when he was briefly teamed with Gargano..the afternoon show should have been retitled “gloom and doom in the afternoon, with Ellis and Gargano.”..Im SOOOO glad they r both history…Dudes..if we want to be depressed..we can just watch the phillies….time for a change.

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