RADIO WARS: The War Gets Animated

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We’re hitting the mainstream.

h/t reader Alex

And I’ll get fired if I don’t post this:


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    1. Who the fuck is “We”? Now you’re taking credit that some guy drew a comic cell about radio people? Or you’re taking credit that radio people exist? And how is this “mainstream”? Nothing you wrote makes any fucking sense Jim, big surprise.

    1. Lol I love Bob!!! He loves baseball, which makes up about 3% of the philly sports fanbase.

      He loves Innes , along with the other 1% of the fanbase

      And he beats off to brony P0RN 6 times per day, just like the other .00001% of the fan-base

    2. No they wouldn’t put ray on the air because he disrupted the show so bad yesterday. I did actually listen today for about 20 min, only cuz I love Bruno so much, but dude , holy shit, Innes is so annoying, so lame. I had to put on Howard 100.

      Innes won’t make it to March

  1. Josh and Tony are doing a hell of a job in day 2 of their show. I loved the Mariotta sports minute every hour they are doing (making fun of all the other hosts’ obsession of talking about Mariotta). The less calls the better is the best part of their show, as most sports radio callers are fucking idiots that bring down the radio show anyways. It seems they are averaging about 2-3 callers per hour today (fewer than yesterday). That’s the way it should be. Actually, in a perfect world, no one would be allowed to call into any radio station because they add nothing to it but stupid questions or statements. A radio station should allow their on-air personnel do the whole show without callers. They are being paid enough to do so.

    1. and people totally remember MMs first two shows. Like the content of the show or not you can’t deny that they sound like they’ve been on the air together for years.

          1. Nice explanation of no one calling in, LOL “Bob” and “Steve” = Innes and his girlfriend .

  2. People say they turn on Innes and turn it right now. That’s fair. But I turned on mike miss and surprise surprise it was about race, marshawn lynch, oh and the draft that is still 3+ months away. But they best part of today was during Jon and Sean when they used the term brotha-hug. Some guy called in, who was black, just blasted them for saying it. Jon and Sean made it sound like it was a common term that everyone uses. That could be true. But everyone knows what you are insinuating when you say broths-hug. They immediately tried to change the subject. And yes they were talking about how Goodell shouldn’t hug draft picks when they’re introduced. Riveting stuff in today’s sports radio

    1. Josh dropped Mitchie Tools like the piece of worthless dung he is. Once Tools said he was a longtime caller into Gargano and Martorano and told Innes he had a movie line for him, Josh had enough and hung up on him. These old geezer callers now will have to call into NPR. Innes won’t give them the time of day and I love it.

      1. Bob, this is undoubtedly the best thought you’ve ever had. Mitchie Tools is one of the most annoying people that calls into these shows on a regular basis.

        1. The biggest thing that I never got with Mitchie Tools calls over the years was 1). He knows dick about sports but would call the station everyday. His calls would consist of stupid questions like “Ray and Glen, what is a 3-4 defense?” or “Anthony, do you want to hear my Robert De Niro impersonation?” 2). WIP allowed him to call and promote his shitty little hardware store.

          Either way, he’s another worthless caller like Murray from Mayfair, George from the NE, Levi from Overbrook, etc. I hope I never have to hear these shitty callers again.

          1. I used to sell door hardware to Mitch…dude is beyond a tool. Never paid his bills on time and always blamed the fact that he was a 3rd generation hardware store. Go to Home Depot.

      2. Actually, that is totally the opposite of what happened.

        Mr. Tuffguy Innes did nothing. He was polite and calm for Mitch. Mitch was on for 2 minutes kissing ass before he went into the thing about movie lines and trivia. And then Innes made a joke about general trivia Thursday. And Mitch even got to say his movie line. And then Tuffguy Innes made jokes after Mitch hung up.

        The awkwardness of his call was the only entertaining part of the 20 minutes I heard in the car.

        1. You’re wrong again, Dr. Monroe. Mitchie Tools was only on the phone for about 45 seconds. He told them he was a long-time caller into the Cuz and did his stupid impersonation, asked Innes and Bruno what movie it was from, they said they didn’t know. Tools said Goodfellas and then Innes hung up and said something like “we don’t do mob movies/trivia here like the other station.”

          I never said Innes said anything to Tools. He basically treated his call with indifference.

          Reading exactly what other people wrote is key, Dr. Monroe. I suggest you try it more often.

          1. ” Once Tools said he was a longtime caller into Gargano and Martorano and told Innes he had a movie line for him, Josh had enough and hung up on him”

            “He told them he was a long-time caller into the Cuz and did his stupid impersonation, asked Innes and Bruno what movie it was from, they said they didn’t know. Tools said Goodfellas ”

            Wait, you said they hung up on him once he said he had a movie line. Yet, you are able to tell us which movie it was from?

            Do you have a special radio that allows you to hear what callers say once the hosts hang up them?

            I must have it too. Because I heard Mitch say his stupid Goodfellas thing too. And Mr Tuffguy Innes trying to be polite to him.

            Reading exactly what you wrote is key, Bob. I suggest you try it more often.

          2. @Dr. Monroe,

            You said “Actually, that is totally the opposite of what happened.”

            No, Dr… read again what I wrote in my 1st response. The only thing I omitted was the movie quote and the move name. However, Innes was indifferent to him and got rid of him quickly (approx. 45 secs. no way that call was 2 mins.) I never said Innes was not polite. However, your initial response to what I wrote started out with “Mr. Tuffguy Innes did nothing”, insinuating that Innes battered him. No. He was just indifferent, probably to deter Tools from calling in the future.

          3. and then after mitchie they had a 900 year old guy talking about the 1965 baseball draft. i’m not even kidding. they need to either make it so uncomfortable for people like that who get on air that they never call again or just don’t put them on the air.

            and that goes for all the murrays and levis and arthur corrects out there too. but it’s unlikely, since josh insists on putting blind gus on the air.

      3. Hahaha I kind of felt bad for Mitchie Tools. He was like a fish out of water when he called in today

        1. Yea, Mitch’s call was the best part of the show. He was a total fish out of the water.

          I realized a few months ago that I have known him for like 20 years through his hardware store. He has a really great store. Real good guy.

          Horrible caller.

      4. LOL, how great was that. I love how these tools like Mitch think they are some kind of celeb and then they get smacked the fuck up by someone aggressively disinterested in their bit.

      5. I don’t think Josh will make it until Football season. his style won’t play well here. We like sports not Entertainment with our sports. Josh if you don’t KNOW who we are. We are the kind of people that eat the same thing everyday for breakfast and ask what’s for breakfast. We don’t like OUTSIDERS.

  3. Innes sucks. During a call today, Innes totally forgot to turn his mic off and was talking over a caller (and ripping him) while the caller was making a point (it was a boring call). The caller didnt realize and it was the caller and Innes both talking for about 15 seconds. Sucks to see Bruno like this. He says 1 word for every 30 Innes says.

    WIP needs to pry Mayes away and they could compete with Miss.

    1. Just a heads up, Innes does that on purpose. Says things over the mic that you can hear on the radio, but the caller can’t hear. It’s entertaining, when crappy callers are rambling on, or talk about stupid stuff. He’s done it quite a bit.

        1. No, callers are NOT the reason he has a job. His job depends on getting LISTENERS to his show, and growing RATINGS so that WIP can justify higher advertising fees during his show.
          I prefer less calls actually, most of the people who call into sports radio are either shut-ins or ego-maniacs. Most of the time its the fucking moron callers who bring the show to a screeching halt because they want to do their “bit” too. It IS fucking annoying, and I have no problem with what Innes does.

  4. Wow. My man Joshy Ice had the sickest take on this whole Marshasn Lynch debate. He said that Marshawn is contractually bound to speak at Super Bowl press conferences.

    He is so full of youth, vim and vigor. You old folks just DONT GET IT!!! I thwanked myself twice during hour 1 alone.

    1. Well he is just such a breath of fresh air, you know, telling people what they don’t want to hear and being so honest and all! Have you really ever heard anyone so knowledgeable, charismatic and likable, just an all around good guy, a Renaissance Man so to speak! How lucky for Philadelphia that Andy Bloom found him!

  5. I like both shows but today I like the Bruno Innes show more.

    Mike Missanelli’s race-baiting shows are such a buzzkill makes me immediately change stations.

    1. I am listening to Innes/Bruno, but I saw a lot of people on twitter pissed as hell with the race baiting topic that Missanelli was presenting. Sounds like Radio Wars are backing Missanelli into the corner like a wounded animal. 97.5 listeners will probably need to get use to these type of topics from Missanelli more often to try and “1-up” the competition.

      1. Yea. That must be it.

        Because I have listened to Missinelli for years. And this is totally the first time he used a race baiting topic to have a bunch of angry white people call in complaining.

        Totally the first time he has ever done it. He totally has never been doing that for years.

      2. LOL Bob, you sure are invested in this. I was working today, never gave a thought to the “Radio Wars” and never check anyone’s twitter. You sound like you might be one of those nutcases who monitors the stations 24/7.

        1. Maxie, what can I say except I’m laid off right now from work. I’m taking a couple of weeks off, getting drunk every day and following Radio Wars. I’ll eventually get off my laptop and start looking for work again. Until then, it’s Radio Wars and beer!

          1. Bob ~ you should have signed the agreement and you would be working INSIDE the convention center, not standing OUTSIDE with that inflatable rat on the sidewalk. On the bright side, at least you can report in for the rest of us on how shitty our sports radio stations are with Innes at the helm.

    2. I turned on mm yesterday for about 30 seconds after hearing a black caller kept repeating himself that the nfl is racist

  6. I tuned into WIP 3 different times today. Each time they were talking about massive quantities of weed and what it looks like. Not really sure how it related to the sports landscape here in Philly but I gave up. Missanelli on the other hand was talking sixers, eagles and foles, and marshawn lynch being an idiot. Can’t say the Marshawn Lynch stuff is good radio anymore, but at least it was sports-related.

    1. Agreed. Honestly Innes is such a blowhard that I can’t bear to listen to him. Bruno was good before but pairing him with Innes was such a mistake. I’m finding myself feeling bad for Bruno that he has to deal with that clown every day and act like he gets along for the sake of his job. This is clearly a paycheck and nothing more for Bruno. Innes is too caught up in himself to co-host. Fire him or give him his own show.

  7. I just hope the sales dept gets off their ass and get Viagra to be a sponsor of the midday show
    All this talk about my beau’s limp biscuit you would think Viagra would be knocking down the door.
    If my Joshy is going to have soft wood, at least let him get paid for it.

  8. Hey guys. Welcome back from the commercial break. We are doing our show here. We are trying to do a different type of show here. Not the same old stuff. We are going to play some youtube clips for you to listen to. Because there is nothing funnier than listening to people watch youtube. Then later, we are going to do the Mariota Minute. Because we are not like those other shows that talk about Marcus Mariota all day. And every time you tune in, all you hear about is Mariota. It’s like all they can do is talk about Mariota. You know we don’t want to be like our competition. We are doing things differently. It’s like WCW and WWF. We are going to be the NWO. We are going to be different. My girlfriend loves wrestling. So like I said we are going to have the Mariota Minute and some karaoke clips from youtube. I think my video is on youtube. Ok, we are going to take a commercial break. And then we will be back with the Mariota Minute and

    1. That was the hottest burn, dude. Remember Josh’s take on YouTube? He was all, like, “why would I waste my time with that?” How does he come up with this stuff?

  9. I listened for a bit and both shows were just outright horrendous.

    Innes had some guy call up….it’s going to be his 21st birthday and he wanted Josh to come drink with him. That is the most pathetic human being on the face of the earth. Who calls a radio station and asks the host to hang out? Especially when that host is a fat loser like Innes.

    Missanelli was talking about race the whole time I was listening and it was unbearable. He’s stupid enough as it is, he doesn’t need to move away from sports and try to talk about real issues.

    Gargano and Ellis were not perfect but at least they talked sports and at least they knew what they were talking about.

    1. XPN is having a pledge drive right now. It is a lot of talking, but the music they are playing is fantastic.

      I got Temptations- Ball of Confusion and Nick Cave – Red Right Hand around 4:00 or so.

        1. Yea, on weekends, you can just call in and tell them what you want to hear. And they will play it.

          Easier than Pandora and Spotify and you don’t have to worry about data overages.

  10. Wooohoo, baby. Another winning show in the can. Man was I funny, wasn’t I? Did you catch the Youtube jokes? Man we were talking karaoke and making fun of Marcus Mariota. Some real original stuff.

    You might say it was a, breath of fresh air!!! Haha I’m just the best.

      1. The take is always sick…unless we kiss that fat pig’s rear end like you?

        Just curious about how this works.

  11. Jim seriously, must you copy off of Kyle from everything? No one likes your writing. You’re horrible. You think copying Kyle’s style will make you a better writer?

  12. Does anyone know of any updates w Gargano On 97.5? I just can’t listen to the spazz and pie face show anymore. The facr Marks and brace have a daytime show in this market is insulting.

    1. the fact that you are asking about gargano is insulting. he is fake and his show blows!!! time for new blood.

    2. I’m right here chilling with little Ant and Massimo while stuffing my fat face full of delicious mouth watering Primos’ Hoagies.

  13. both afternoon shows blow right now. Innes is an annoying asshole and MM is a stuck up jerkoff. It sucks because I used to enjoy spacing out on the drive home and listen to SPORTS related talk.

    1. So is Howard down to like two days a week now ? Liked him a lot more before he went to satellite

  14. I won’t be posting anymore this week because I will be attending this years Brony Con. Any posts you see with my name will be completely farcical.

  15. Thanks for the update Bob.

    I too will be away this week, I will be in the hospital getting treatment for the 15 pound lump of fat lodged in my heart. I guess being 200 pounds overweight is bad for the old ticker. It sucks having bad genetics, it’s a thyroid problem …. Not the liter of soda and the 5 Big Macs per day.

  16. I work in the same office suite as WIP. Bruno and Innes were getting into after their show tonight already. Anybody who had March in their over/under for when this show will flame out is looking good.

    1. What a total lying prick, and trust me, I know lying pricks. Dopes like you is why anoymous crap sites like this spread lies. You must be a 97.5 troll for psycho boy Missalaneous.

      1. No it’s true, Bruno sees this isn’t working out and is already frustrated. Bruno gets paid close to triple what Innes gets so the station will be making a change soon.

  17. You get these garbage radio hosts and this blog because you folks are trash.

    Innes does what he wants, has fun doing it, and will continue to terrorize your asses while laughing all the way to the bank.

  18. I like Innes and Bruno. Theyre raw and will only get better. Give them time.

    Miss is a d:ck. he values no opinion but his own which is wrong 99 percent of the time. Remember he spent 2 weeks slobbering over kaepernick in the preseason. Hes a fraud. At least innes and bruno are fun which is what i want while at work

  19. I tried to post about this earlier but my message was blocked. Apparently the word g r a v y is banned from Crossing Broad.

  20. I asked Innes on Twitter why he and Bruno didn’t even mention the show coming up after them today. He replied that he didn’t even know it was Rob following them today. ……… yeah, right.

    1. There is real tension at the station. No more crossovers or as Angelo calls it “The Overlap Show”. I haven’t seen stuff like this since the Angelo/Howard wars.

  21. I think this is all a marketing ploy for ratings. The market cannot support two stations committed to Philly sports. Think about it … there is literally nothing to talk about in Philly sports for the near future. The Phillies have completely been mismanaged and are -2 years into a rebuild, the Sixers are 14 years into a rebuild and the Flyers have a 4% chance of making the playoffs. The Eagles will be exciting but talking “mock draft” for months is not good for ratings.

    1. so wait, one of, if not THE best sports cities in America can’t support 2 sports stations, yet podunk sports cities like Atlanta has 4, Houston 5, LA 4, Phoenix 4. What do the drones in those towns talk about? Next question?

      1. Its because those stations acknowledge life outside of their metro areas, and talk about topics like “who is the best team in the NL West”, or “What will Tampa look like if/when THEY take Mariota”.

        In Philadelphia, like the previous poster insinuated, its like the hosts are prohibited from talking national sports. When you put yourself in a fishbowl like that, you run out of topics pretty quickly, and end up doing the “mafia movie” and “general knowledge” shit to fill the time. We have had this shitty version of sports talk for so long that I do not know that most Philadelphians would know what good sports radio is.

  22. I’ve been listening the last two days and I know I’m not the only one who is thrilled to have Bruno back on the air (and from reading social media etc that’s the overwhelming consensus). The next consensus is that Innes is incredibly annoying and why the FUCK is he the one “leading” the show? Innes and Bruno show? Really? I actually can see that BRUNO and Innes could be pretty damn good together, but then again, he makes all his co-hosts sound better than they really are. (Have you heard Harry alone? Boooring) It’s obvious that people are tuning in to hear Bruno, not Innes, and having Innes shoved down our throats is making everyone gag. I have a feeling he’s like an unfiltered cigarette. Too much and you’ll throw up and never want to smoke it again, but if you take small hits over a longer time you’ll get to like it. Bloom or whoever is making the decisions there (I’ve read that Innes is Blooms baby) must have blinders on that he can’t see that he’s hurting this show by forcing Innes on the Philly audience this way. The smart thing would be to make this Bruno’s Show or even the Bruno and Innes Show, whatever, have Tony take the lead, have him make Innes better, let his fans fall in love with the show and if down the line Bloom wants to promote Innes to the morning show after Angelo leaves, he’d be a better and more liked Host by then because of it.
    This would be the smart thing to do and Philadelphia Sports fans would embrace it. What’s happening now is just making listeners turn off and hate Innes even more than they already do. I’ve been a loyal fan of Bruno for years, but even I don’t know how long I can take the current configuration. – Very Frustrated

    1. I totally agree. I’m all for a more “edgy” and 50/50 sports / non-sports show to listen to, and I think the two together can deliver, with a little time to work things out. I’ve been a Bruno fan since his stint at 97.5, and he seems like a personable guy, and can be really funny, with the quick social and historical references, and sound drops. Although seriously ripping Miss Robin live on the air during a podcast once, while explaining that it’s not his style to rip people live on the air, seemed a bit over the top, petty, condescending, and down right nasty, so we’ll see….As for Innes, I really haven’t listened to any of his work until now, so I can’t say for sure how I feel about him yet. Although anyone who’s being compared to that totally unfunny, and grossly overrated jackass Howard Stern seriously isn’t a good thing. But one thing that they definitely need to work on is they both seem to be trying to talk over each other, to the point that callers can’t get more that 3-4 words in before being interrupted, and the discussion quickly goes off-topic amongst themselves. Even Bruno’s boy Jose from Norristown was hung out to dry, and couldn’t do anything but helplessly sit there on the line and listen…If your going to have a format that involves taking callers, then take the damn calls! I’ll give it few weeks to decide if I can be a steady listener…

  23. What about me, guys? I’m just like Josh! Young, hung, full of cum and sick burns! I’m way more outrageous and I talk 4 for 4. I’m the total package.


    1. Meredith Marakovitz ring a bell?
      The 6ft tall beautiful blonde bombshell was let go in order to make way for the Mike Missanelli show back in the spring of 2008.
      Terrible mistake on the formerly espn950’s part.

    2. that’s what we’ve be saying!

      We keep calling Matt but no return calls. They are still butt hurt from when we were lured away for huge money by Sirius.

      BTW, Josh, we were both 26 niche waists when we lost ours. Maybe you can have us on the show???

      See, we’re girls but we can be sports fans too!!! Hehehehehe

  24. Radio wars tee shirts 2 for ten . Include an image of silly Jilly getting licked by Mikey miss

  25. Something to listen to in the afternoon other than the same crap over and over is a good thing. If you don’t like it, listen to Mike do lazy radio. Mike is like Eskin – no prep, just hot button topics like race, LeBron,…etc…whenever there is a majority opinion, take the other side. Stale radio is still available, just switch the station to 97.5. Innes is not great all the time, but no host is. At ,east it is a different format nd not the same crap day after day. He may be trying too hard right now, but he will have a long, successful radio career. If you lame idiots can’t figure it out and do t like him because he is an “outsider”‘ you are the ones with the issues. I remember when Cataldi started. Local dopes didnt like him either, but he seemed to do ok.

    Time to open your mind. Travel outside of Philly once in a while. There is more to radio then predicting draft picks and repeating how bad the Phils suck. Grow up or change the station.

    1. “Time to open your mind. Travel outside of Philly once in a while. There is more to radio then predicting draft picks and repeating how bad the Phils suck. Grow up or change the station.”

      This is either the greatest piece of satire I have ever read.

      Or the stupidest thing I have ever read.

  26. I can almost hear his tears hitting the keyboard after he typed that tldr screed.

  27. He seems happy to me. Sounds like he enjoys his ride home for a change. Where did you confuse yourself? I bet you are from the Northeast.

  28. I think it’s pretty safe to say Innes is losing this war pretty bad. I just feel bad for Bruno, he has to be so pissed about this.

  29. With Innes eating habits, he won’t be around much longer. I mean seriously, how many more jars of cheese wiz can a heart handle??!! He’s scary fat. Hashtag ate himself to death.

    1. Saw josh walking down market st recently surprisingly wasn’t as fat as I expected

        1. I heard Josh went into a restaurant, and ate everything in the restaurant, and they had to close the restaurant.

  30. “We’re hitting the mainstream.”

    “We’re”? Kyle and Jim still actually think they have something to do with this?

    Missanelli’s horrible dye-job and grey skin are not accurately portrayed in that cartoon.

  31. Mike has two kinds of followers. Angry black guys and weird wussy guilty white guys. It is a very unhealthy atmosphere over at 97.5.

    I don’the like Innes personally, but he has radio talent. He and Bruno both can form correct sentences without trying to sound like a black teenager (Mikey!).

  32. Hey Bruno, you have ZERO cred now being on with Josh Anus. You really want your career to end this way? Hey Josh Anus, you have man tits. Get on a treadmill dude. Did you go to CSB with that puker voice? Why is it called The Innis & Bruno show? Bruno, you ok with that? #Disrespectful

  33. Got to hear about his eight course meal. Top three snacks. Compelling radio.

  34. Hey Bruno, you took the life out of Harry Mays, you’ll drain the life out of Josh Anus. Bruno, you couldn’t cut it for 2 hours at the fanatic, how the hell are you going to do 5 hours a day with Josh Anus? How long before wip finds out you are a washed up hack? Hey Josh Anus, you do know this will be your only, short-term gig in Philly. This Bruno Anus match-up will destroy both of your worthless careers. Have fun working in Idaho you Mr. Potato Head.

  35. Tony Bruno has done a lot in his career but he clearly is not the legend he thinks he is. No one brings in a host to do 2 hours like the fanatic did. They just couldn’t justify making him 4 hours when he wasn’t getting ratings. If he were a better option than Jon and Sean they would of put him on all 4 hours. Just the fact that he wasnt a better option then those 2 is pathetic.

    Now for any of the Bruno fans that think he can save anything, including WIP, which was a once proud station is ludicrous. Bloom has destroyed the station with his 1990s way of running a station. Not to mention his 1970s way of living and snorting. Sorry it is just a reality.

    1. I don’t ever recall Bruno saying he was a legend, I hear other national guys and anyone in the business around the country say he is the guy they try to emulate. Is there 1 other radio hack in this city who would ever be picked to start a network, let alone work maybe a weekend shift in a sea of nobodies? I remember Missanelli failing miserably at WMMR trying to do a morning show. Didn’t he also bomb in NYC radio with Stephen A Smith? He survives because there are no other real veteran sports talkers or up and coming writers or athletes who are compelling enough to host a show. He has survived because 975 put him on against a bored Eskin and all he did was become the new Eskin with a little more energy and beat him in the ratings. WIP also has no legit stable of talent, so they moved mush mouth Gargano on from mid-days to PM drive after Eskin was yanked and his South Philly goomba schtick failed with 3 different “co-hosts”. 975 also has zero legit stars who could command ratings or host either morning or afternoon. So, Jon and Sean are forced down our throats and their ratings suck. Harry Mayes works for nothing and will be dumped as soon as they desperately bring in Gargano. Missanelli is the only legit show on the entire station, so they pad his show with an ass kisser producer and a parade of paid guests to get him thru the week pretending they are the football station.. Anthony couldn’t host a morning show in Erie, Pa and would get smaller ratings than Mike and Mike. All of the dolts who think Rob Ellis are Jody Mac are getting shafted by not having important slots fail to realize these guys have NEVER gotten ratings and thus produce no revenue. Nice, knowledgeable hosts are needed to fill in the meaningless slots, but there really isn’t anyone, even the young guys at both stations who will ever be anything more than “glad to be here” 70-grand a year max yutzes. Guess what, it’s the same story in every city, except much worse when you try to find talent to fill in the openings not covered by syndicated radio like 975 does 10 hours a day. Go in peace!

  36. There is a new #2 most annoying fuckhead on Philly radio (the yapping little bitch Mike Greenberg is #1, I can’t see anyone taking that spot from that walking cum-stain), but Innes just nudged out Brace for the runner up slot. Bruno is great, but Innes won’t shut up about Innes long enough to make Bruno get crazy. Remember when Mayes would push his buttons and then just sit there and let him go? Radio gold. And now Innes is just creaming his 5xl panties hoping Bruno mentions his name with Oberman. Sad use of radio time.

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