Reporting on Dez Bryant Thing Is an Absolute Mess

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There might very well be a video of Dez Bryant making a Will It Blend? video with a baby or something similarly heinous, but I’m skeptical. Either way, this is how rumors spiral out of control: This CBS Philly-WIP story, citing an extremely unsubstantiated “report” about Bryant from Terez Owens, is now the most up-voted result when you search “Dez Bryant” on Reddit, the second hottest Dez Bryant result of the day on the site, and currently sitting atop the /r/Eagles subreddit.

That’s CBS Philly, a decidedly mainstream outlet, with a name that instantly legitimizes anything it gives credence to, throwing the “report” tag on the “five times worse” line, which came from a rumor-mongering gossip site that once reported that Russell Wilson is gay, thus legitimizing the so-called report. And as I write this, Joey, who runs Terez, is on WIP with Josh Innes (who compared Terez Owens to us and Deadspin*) and Tony Bruno, and said he hasn’t seen the video, hasn’t seen a screenshot, but “heard from a buddy who is kind of an insider from that angle” that there’s a bad Dez Bryant video. “I peddle smut,” he said, before reiterating that he doesn’t actually know if there’s a video.

Maybe there is a video that is “five times worse” than the Ray Rice video, but that doesn’t excuse the media’s embarrassing handling of this.

*Bullshit. Imagine if I did all this with the Riley Cooper video without actually seeing it– people would’ve slaughtered me. 

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68 Responses

  1. Oh man, I just heard that the Phanatic phiddled J-Roll and that’s why Phil’s had to move him. He knew too much…

    Go ahead. Pass the story on.

    Schefty wouldn’t do that to ya boi. Ain’t nobody been had reporting on a story since SEPTEMBER and not see da video.

    1. Isn’t he really commenting on the reporting of the story, rather than actually reporting on the story itself? I mean, it does still bring attention to the story but I think its an important distinction.

  3. This Josh innes|Kyle scott partnership is no longer a question.

    Two people who both know that working together makes them both money.

    Kudos to the two of you, even if we can all tell this is fabricated

    1. Yeah, I am beginning to think that encounter with Bloom that Kyle posted about was staged by all three. What better way to generate business for both of them.

  4. WOW!!!! Andy Bloom just destroyed Kyle calling him a phony and other not so nice things on IP

    1. Yeah, just listened to Bloom being really, really DEFENSIVE with Mr. Scott on the radio. The truth must really hurt Bloom … deep inside he must feel like crap that he screwed Gargano and Ellis over big time. Innes IS Bloom’s boy. Anyone who listens to IP hears the love the Bloom/Innes union generates on air. Innes did not / has not paid his dues in the radio business. His daddy spoon fed him into the business. Innes’ gig is an empty shell.

  5. Man that was tough to listen to.

    Andy bloom is a definite douche though. I thought it notable that he stopped listing his “boys” without getting to Ellis at first.

    Kyle did ok I guess. Tough situation

  6. Sorry Kyle, but Innes won that blog/radio war. Innes was 100% correct. Maybe your conversation with him will change your mind on the comment process of this site, which you acknowledged on his show is flawed. Time to take some responsibility with the comments section.

    1. Ever seen the CBS website or their facebook posts and the comments? It’s the same, basically unmoderated drivel. Like Kyle said, anyone with half a brain realizes the comments are not an extension of the authors thoughts or feelings. They are simply a forum to discuss with other readers.

      1. The Comment section is the best part about this site & probably generates a lot of page views just for that

    2. “Yea time to fix the comment section cuz everyone makes fun of me and it’s mean! They’re totally broken because I can’t show my love for Josh Innes without people pretending to be me and bully me. Wahh wahhh wahhh!”

      Stop being so butthurt about the comment section. Stop posting or change your handle if you’re gonna keep whining all the time. YOU and YOUR impostors are the only reason the comment section sucks.

    3. Why don’t you grow up Bob? If it bothers you, don’t read the comments. Who are you or anyone else to tell someone how to run their own website just because you don’t agree with all the posters. The way you slobber all over Innes sounds like you are his father or some other relative. Innes has unbelievable gall – he can criticize anyone he wants on air, but whines like a 10 year old when people do the same to him. I can’t believe Bloom would go to these lengths for someone who could be so easily replaced. It is almost like he is being blackmailed. Whatever.

  7. “Innes isn’t my boy. You know whys my boy? [rattles off every personality on WIP] Innes.”

    That makes a whole lot of sense. Nothing like old “old” media guys having no concept how of blogs,comments,etc work.

  8. Hearing bloom’s tough guy tone made me want to punch him. Fat stuff bitching about the comment section was a joke too

  9. Even more hypocritical and laughable are most of the twitter followers of Crossing Broad tweeting Kyle saying that Andy Bloom was a bully to him and Innes and Bruno unfairly ganged up on him. 99% of these twitter users probably bully other people/sports writers daily on twitter if you look at their timelines. Bunch of crybabies. They can dish it out on twitter but can’t take it when this site is critiqued by a member of the media.

    1. Wow, you sure spend a lot of time tracking what other people are doing. Seems you are the one with the problem Bob.

  10. Did not believe what I was hearing. Bloom pontificating to Kyle what is proper when this guy has every snake oil salesman pitching their bogus products all day on his station. Kyle should have said when he was told by Innes that 99% of the commenters are phony and frivolous, “Well, same can be said for your meal ticket advertisers.”

  11. Anyone who just listened to that and thinks that andy bloom did anything more than reinforce his douchebag status is kidding themselves. All he did was rattle off the names of every person working at WIP. Kyle had him when he said,”what about gargano and ellis” and ellis still works at the station. Then he implied that kyle and his blog ruined somebody’s life, yet refused to offer any details. Why call out somebody like that only to be a bitch and walk away. Kyle handled himself very well. He gave intelligent answers to anything. People are stupid.

    1. I love how when they returned from break they said it wasnt an ambush haha.

      Bloom called Kyle “a fraud” and “a first rate a-hole,” and then ran away like a little girl. I love how Innes admitted to reading the comments section on here haha.

      This was a total ambush for ratings. Its really sad what Innes and Bloom are trying to do to beat Mikey Miss. Its pathetic actually. I guess their ploy worked because I was listening (only because 97.5 was on break.)

      Losing some respect for Bruno for teaming up with these two dorks.

      1. Wonder if Innes reads the comments on They aren’t any better. Is he going to run to the Inquirer to tell them to stop comments? When he first came here, someone I know in Houston e-mailed me to tell me what a vulgar nobody he was and how thin-skinned he was also, while freely dishing it out. This guy said “he is never going to be able to take the heat in Philly”.

    2. Totally agree. Andy talking tough to Kyle then he runs and hides like a pussy. Did you very well Kyle, against Josh and Andy as well as Missanelli. And it was an ambush. Whether Josh knew it or not, it was planned by Andy Bloom.

  12. I fully support Kyle in this debate against Bloom. Can’t wait for the audio.

  13. Bloom came off like a total jerkoff in that attack on Kyle. I’ve never had any opinion of Bloom one way or the other but that was totally unprofessional & lame. Calling him an A-hole on air was a joke & not even having the balls to reply to Kyle & instead just leaving the studio just reinforced it.
    I thought Kyle more than held his own against Innes. He took total responsibility for what his website is & made solid points about the comment section being equal to WIP callers. Good job Kyle.

  14. That was classic. That was an obvious set up from Bloom’s boy Innes, no doubt. Bruno just sat there silent, which is an improvement. I clicked over to XPN as soon as it was over and they went back to the normal Afternoon Zoo.

  15. What the hell just happened? Did Radio Wars get meta?

    Are Innes/Bloom getting defensive because nobody likes their show and the ratings suck? Guess what Bloom, I FUCKING TOLD YOU THIS WOULD HAPPEN. Pack your bags for Boise, fuckhead.

  16. I never listen to WIP, but bringing this much reaction has to mean the interview was worth listening to. Kyle, please throw up a link to the interview so those of us who missed it can see what it was all about.

  17. Please. If this comment section didn’t trash Bloom and his boy Innes they would be singing a different tune. We’d all be members of Mensa if we blew smoke up their ass and told them how great their show was. Same with that wrinkled bully. On that note..# fuckrealBob

  18. Let me see if I have this straight:

    Andy Bloom calls Kyle a “fraud” and an “a-hole”, then walks away from his remarks like a Spanks-wearing cowardly bitch? Seriously? It appears Philly has its own Keith Olbermann.

    The funniest part is that the WIP morning show gets 100% of their “news” from Crossing Broad, but like the FRAUDS they are, never give attribution.

    Crossing Broad, please do not change.

  19. What a complete and utter fucking embarrassment Bloom was…

    Classic: that fat fuck Innes got all thin-skinned & then rocked by Kyle, Andy Bloom had a total meltdown cementing his legacy as a failure-to-be for this shitshow, and Bruno sat there – completely silent – wondering what the fuck happened to his career.

    Great day any time that turd, Innes, gets bitch-slapped around like that…

  20. Waiting for the audio, but they called Kyle a fraud and an asshole for calling them out on reporting a story with no proof? After the lumped CB, deadspin, and TO together as the same websites they claim to be gossip-mongering bullshit? Even though blogs are where they’ve gotten most of their material/fodder for the past month?

    Am I getting all this right?

  21. All these “Mensa” members have a face for radio. They’ll never get to sit at the Big table that is TELEVISION.
    Know how i know Kyle is professional ?
    I respect him even though he “awaiting moderation” deleted my PSU comment today.

    Time is a flat circle.

  22. I listened to Bruno/Innes for maybe 30 seconds today. Innes once again used his frame of reference for something related to Philadelphia sports (McNabb the bitch) to something that happened in Houston (McNabb having a good game vs. the Texans when he was on DC).

    So I turned it off, naturally, and missed a great moment of that embarrassing geezer Andy Bloom and his hand picked butt boy Josh Fatty Innes making fools of themselves.

  23. Innes certainly embarrassed kyle who needs to give it back more and could have pushed more about Ellis and gargano but bitched out because he doesn’t really feel like he’s on the same level. this comment section is mostly unreadable and I’m actually embarrassed I’ve just done this

  24. What total bitches Innes and Bloom are. Innes talks tough, openly campaigned for the midday shift (said he could beat Missanelli and implied the current afternoon guys were “lazy radio”) and now bitches about the comments section on this site? Dude you trolled your own co-workers but you want Kyle to protect YOU from internet trolls? Christ what a grade A pussy.

    Kyle, next time Bloom confronts you just throw some coke on the ground. He will get distracted and leave you alone.

  25. When and where can we get audio?? Oh and next you and Jim should 3 way call them. Thatll learn ’em.

  26. No new post about anything means Bloom put Kyle in a coma. He does not want to offend Andy anymore. I would have had an article about being blindsided by Innes and Bloom because they can’t handle the truth.

  27. Kyle, you win.
    Andy is pissed because he has no control of you getting info.
    If any lives were ruin it was because he wasn’t man enough to tell hosts they were demoted upfront.
    Bloom is a fraud and will be selling his house in Bryn Mawr very shortly because he will be moving on.

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