Robin Lopez, Mascot Destroyer, Wants to Destroy Franklin

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Robin Lopez doesn’t like mascots. He’s building a reputation for messing with all kinds of costumed friends league-wide. This season alone, according to the Columbia Tribune, he’s got himself a track record:

He temporarily blinded San Antonio’s The Coyote by dislodging his googly eyes in a sneak attack. He dragged Detroit’s Hooper off the court and dropped him on his head. After losing a staring contest with Atlanta’s Harry the Hawk, Lopez lashed out and shoved Harry down on his beak. He has gotten into Twitter beefs with Cleveland’s Moon Dog and Milwaukee’s Bango the Buck.

Franklin, the fearless new Sixers mascot, came right at Lopez after he was unveiled yesterday, saying he can’t wait to see if his bite matches his bark. The Trailblazers don’t visit the Wells Fargo Center again this season, so Franklin will be safe for a while. Lopez still sent some threats though, even if Franklin refuses to back down:

Let’s just hope Franklin doesn’t go the way of Harry the Hawk.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is Philadelphia in February.


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    1. Yea, it’s guna be that kind of a deal…. Hahaha

      Hold on a minute…. Let me finish eating this entire leg of lamb….. Mmmmm that’s delicious….. Let me wash that down with this extra large milkshake.

  1. Hey does this post have anything to do with Josh Innes or WIP in general? No? Well, I guess I better make a fat joke about Innes and talk about how much he sucks or talk about something that happened on the show. Since I listen to it every day, even though I constantly talk about how much Innes sucks and how Bruno is old.

    I should also talk about how gay Kyle and Jim are, because I dream about having a threeway with them. Every. Single. Night.

    1. Because interns/employees from the fanatic are told to go on this site and post things about Innes.

  2. Hey guys!

    I just want to thank Mike Missanelli, Tony Bruno and Jose Inez for allowing me to become the most popular dude in town.

    1. What you don’t like Josh Innes and Tony Bruno taking the Mike Miss route,and talking race race race instead of sports?

  3. Only a matter of time until I get my shot hosting my own radio show on one of Philly’s sports radio stations. Just shortly after I will feal the wrath of all you imbisils because I will obviously suck and not know a goddamn thing about sports. At least if I am born & raised in the basement of the WFC, Linc, or CBP, some people here may have some respect for me. Ahh, who am I kidding, you’ll fuckin hate me no matter what.

  4. Innes was such a fucking disaster today.

    He went of on a tangent at 3 in the afternoon, or thereabouts, about how he wanted to fuck Marie Asmond. Then he and Bruno talked about sex.

    A fat ugly guy and a bald geezer. Just the two guys to talk about vadge.

    Meanwhile it was General Knowledge Wednesday over on the Mike DyeHairanelli show and oh my god sports radio in this town is a joke.

  5. Mike Miss mentioned his mid 20’s daughters blog on his show today. She is not bad and posts a lot of sexy pics. Great bag whacking material.

  6. The nfl is fixed pete Carroll said that he had no control over what play was called. Goddell makes fruitcakes out of the nfl. Nfl is fixed. Rigged like a wrestling match, belicheck is like the iron sheik. NFL = WCW

  7. Wait, He’s got a problem with Mascots?

    Must be from all those years getting weirded out by that Psychedelic Mish-Mash they call a Mascot back on the Farm(What Stanford douches call their campus because it’s Palo Alto)
    Personally, I think Robin’s still butthurt Michelle Wie Took a pitching wedge to his junk when she kicked his ass to the curb and giant furry things probably remind him too much of her, that or it’s some weird Twin kink, since he and his loser of a twin Brooke, who couldn’t make it in the NBA, used to do Tree Sandwiches after evry STanford win, which wasn’t very often…

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