Sam Hinkie Burns Howard Eskin in Press Conference, Drops Mic

Sam Hinkie, posing for his school picture.
Sam Hinkie, posing for his school picture.

“Where’s Eskin by the way? I’m here, he’s not here”

That is how Sam Hinkie closed his post trade deadline press conference. The man who makes a meme out of calling Sam Hinkie for not being present and hiding in the shadows was nowhere to be found at Sam Hinkie’s very open, very public press conference.

Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 11.02.54 AM

You had to wade through dumb questions, dumber questions, vague answers, and vaguer answers to get to it. But oh man was it worth it. Hinkie was stoic on the outside. But inside?

First JaVale McGee and now this? Hinkie is giving us beautiful gifts.

Video after the jump.

Video via the 700 level

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36 Responses

  1. Totally picturing Kyle typing away on his keyboard with a thesaurus open on his desk trying to come up with a nice burning retort to MM’s nonsense. It shouldn’t be too hard, for most of us.

  2. Not sure about the MCW thing. But if in 2 years, their not making a serious playoff run…. I say we capture hinkie and tattoo a huge penis on his forehead. Who’s with me?

  3. eskin strikes me as the type of person who googles himself everyday just to see what comes up different than yesterday! what an ass! btw kyle, i have to give it to you…..while local sports talk resides in the doldrums, you have managed to strike a major drum of interest. between your Q and A and your epic battle with MM, you have amassed close to 500 comments. well played, sir.

  4. In 5 years you gullible fucks will still be defending the “process” as they sell the team for another round of picks. Also, might want to get rid of the KJ Mcdaniels autograph ads bud.

  5. Once again I have to jump on here to educate you sub human morons…Howard Eskin is one of the very few reporters in PHL that actually goes to all the games of the 4 teams. He talks a lot of shit and you can love that or leave it, but he really is the number one sports reporter (not columnist) in this area. In fact, no one else even comes close…after all these years.

    1. AND….just to reply to myself…everything that moron Kyle has said Howard got wrong in the last year or two actually wound up being correct but sometimes took a while to unfold. That’s for real reporting as opposed to cutting and pasting.

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