Seton Hall’s Sterling Gibbs Dropped a People’s Elbow on Ryan Arcidiacono


Villanova beat the living hell out of Seton Hall last night, further cementing their status atop the Big East’s pecking order and as one of the best teams in the country. But it’s not the 80-54 drubbing that people are talking about today– it’s Sterling Gibbs’ smackdown on Ryan Arcidiacono, for which Gibbs will surely be suspended.

After the game, he took to Twitter to apologize to the point guard of the sixth-ranked team in the nation for slamming his head into the hardwood for particular reason:

Voila_Capture 2015-02-17_08-49-08_AMVoila_Capture 2015-02-17_08-49-18_AMVoila_Capture 2015-02-17_08-49-25_AM

Arcidiacono responded:

Voila_Capture 2015-02-17_08-50-13_AM

Jay Wright might call that attitude.


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Video after the jump. Love the reaction of Bill Raftery and whoever was doing play-by-play. I don’t think he meant to… ohhhhhhh, yes he did!


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    1. I briefly listened to the Harry Mayes Eytan Shander show,once it was determined on their part to talk 2hrs of Marcus Mariota I quickly tuned out.

      Marcus Mariota talk has killed Philly sports talk radio and I see no hope of it coming back for the foreseeable future.

        1. I think it’s ignorance on the part of the host as to what they think the listener wants to hear they really believe Philly sports fans wanna hear nonstop Marcus Mariota talk which couldn’t be further from the truth.

          I’d rather hear Sixers draft talk,Flyers playoff hopes and Phillies Spring training before hearing one more second about Marcus Mariota.The Philly radio hosts talk more about Mariota than they do in Tampa Bay,and last time I checked it’s Tampa and not the Eagles who have the top pick.

  1. Come on Kyle, you really think Nova is beating a team like Virginia or Kentucky this year? I’d say focus on next year but Kentucky will still be far superior. Your squad is stuck in purgatory.

  2. Of course, I am not talking about this or any sports this morning because I’m talking about SNL.

    1. No one gave a fuck the first 5 times you posted this, and still don’t. Go bitch on their website or call in if you don’t like what they’re talking about.

      If your joke doesn’t work the first time, it probably won’t the next 6 times either.

  3. If I ever saw anyone wearing that, or any other of the god awful shirts offered on this site in public, I’d punch them square in the balls. Fortunately, since the total number of shirts sold hasn’t cracked double digits, I don’t think that’ll happen.

    1. Just returned from a mission in Haiti and saw dozens of kids wearing these ^^^

      So clever, I’m surprised they didn’t sell.

      Hey, here’s an idea for your best selling T:

      Jim Adair @ Crossing Broad
      6/14 – 2/15
      He Was Dever Funny.
      Dot once

      Put me down for a medium long sleeve. K kyle?

  4. I’m not saying that Nova had to start a brawl, but how about some teammates coming to the defense of one of their top players when he gets a blatant elbow to the face? I went back and looked, and Ochefu may have had his head turned, so I’ll let him off, but there were at least two others players, (Hilliard maybe, but I couldn’t tell) that were right there when it happened and didn’t do squat! Get in Gibbs’ face at least! Stand up for your teammate for crying out loud! Kyle calls that attitude, but I call that weak! …and this is coming from a Nova fan!

    1. agreed! when jason peters did what he did back in week #3 against the redskins after foles was crushed, it spoke volumes about peters as a teammate and the team as a whole. however, its a double-edge sword because the refs are usually very quick to toss the teammate that responds. that said, would either of the nearby nova teammates been worth getting booted with gibbs too? btw, who apologizes on twitter? man up and apologize in person or on the phone!

      1. Yep, I agree that the refs could have tossed out a Nova player, but some type of response was necessary – that’s all I’m saying. This is the “”Big East” after all – or whats left of it, so maybe the refs would let it go. (Probably not)
        And the apology is all part of damage control instructed by the team….which, apparently, people are buying…

  5. I love how proud Jim is of his stupid flow chart for the Sixers. Wow man you are awesome at Visio! Congratulations you fucking hipster. I wish I could upload a flow chart of what it would take to fire Jim at any other company that hires a writer… let me try to just do it using the old keyboard…

    write shitty posts -> people complain -> shitty writer gets fired -> the people rejoice

  6. Kyle, didn’t you learn your lesson last year and I’m sure many years before that? Trying to gloat about this team again and overrate them. I can at least agree that the Big East is actually somewhat respectable this year (slop last year). But to think this team can beat any of the top programs this year is merely a pipedream.

  7. LOL, WOW. Back to back posts listen to my shitty podcast , then a buy my crappy tshirt post. Up next a plug from our sponsors- lock masters! Remember in 2011 the End of days Phillies post. You should rehash that idea and apply the theory to this site. An inept manager (Ruben/Kyle) has no idea what hes doing and ruins a good thing. Someone who does not believe in advances stats/original ideas and opinions. Someone holding onto aging stars just to put butts in the seats/gimmiky cut n paste TMZ reposts. Someone not respected by his fellow GM’s because they see his flaws in overvaluing his players/cancled tv show, never a guest on Bruno or Missanelli. When Kyle looks in the mirror he sees a refection of that dumb picture of Ruben in the box with the Idk what im doin look hes been using for years looking right back at him.

  8. The kid’s just doing what everyone wants to do to every douchey Nova student ever.



  9. I’m right inline with the Villanova fans and alumni who think he should be banned for life from the game of basketball because a scary black guy hit an innocent, affluent white kid. To the farm with him!

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