The Eagles May be Interested In Jake Locker Because We Need a New Mark Sanchez

Photo Credit: Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports
Photo Credit: Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Mark Sanchez is soon to be a free agent. He’ll likely garner some interest from other teams who will be willing to pay him more than the Eagles would (even if they still wanted him). That leaves a 2nd-string, just-in-case, fill-in-starter role to be filled. And if reports are to believed, that new Mark Sanchez may be the oft-injured Jake Locker.

According to, the “informed-opinion of a long-time player agent” says that Chip Kelly is interested in snatching up Jake Locker when he enters free agency next month. Locker, who is the same age as Foles, has a career 57.5 completion percentage with 27 touchdowns and 22 interceptions. It might be just a filler signing, but we know at least one person seems to be excited about it.


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    1. Jake Locker went to the University of Washington. They are the Huskies.

      So you can look for either “Dog in this Fight”. or “Where my Dogs At?”

      The real decision is whether to keep with the Michigan State colors and logo.

  1. Isn’t there a QB named Myron Finklestein available?
    Fuck you you juuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu co_cksucker Gay Jeffy.
    Gold Standard—fuck off.


      This signing though could be the missing piece!!! 49 years of failure coming to an end with this monster acquisition!!!

  2. I want to hear more Hot Taeks on the super important radio wars or another ad telling me about how I can waste $200 in your awesome fantasy league/casino! Why am I seeing actual sports on this website??

  3. What will I do without constant updates from my Sports Blog about the quickest ways to lose money????

  4. Rather sign Colt McCoy, Brian Hoyer or Tyler Thigpen…Christ the list of FA QB’s is such slop…

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