The Flyers Traded Kimmo Timonen to the Blackhawks

Press release:

The Philadelphia Flyers have traded defenseman Kimmo Timonen to the Chicago Blackhawks in exchange for a second round draft pick in 2015 and a conditional draft pick in 2016, according to general manager Ron Hextall.

Well this came out of nowhere. Good move for the Flyers, though. They’re not going anywhere this year and got a couple of draft picks for Timonen, who will now get a legit shot at a Cup.

He was scheduled to make his season debut this weekend after fighting blood clots in his leg the second half of last year. Low-risk, high-reward deal for the Blackhawks. Can’t help but think the Flyers almost did this as a favor to Kimmo. He’ll probably be an assistant coach here within a year or two.

You can get tickets for that Flyers-Blackhawks game on March 25 before they go through the roof right here.

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74 Responses

  1. Why don’t the Flyers just buy out his contract from the Blackhawks, then trade him to another Western Conference team (say, Nashville) for more picks? If Hextall is as “analytics friendly” as he says, this would be a good move.

    1. who says he didn’t shop him around? a second round pick for Kimmo is a pretty damn good return.

      Unless Ruben Amro is also an NHL GM and I wasn’t aware of it or Mike Milbury is back with the islanders, I don’t see anyone giving you much more.

          1. Judging by his comments I’m pretty sure he went through at least a six pack of malt liquor.

  2. Lol, que the comments about how this dude risked throwing a clot to come back and play for this team only to be traded away

    1. He most likely asked to be traded, seeing as how 90% chance this is his last year and he wants a chance to win a cup before he retires

  3. yeah sure, a good return for Kimmo but the best part about this is that it shows hextall is pretty realistic about the flyers. I think this shows that while he is still going to give them an opportunity to win, he is deluded enough to think that we are going to make the playoffs this year.

    Gives me a little bit more faith that he knows what he is doing.

  4. timonen was the best pro of any sport in this city. Always said the right things, and brought it every game. hextall needs to get rid of read and couturier. sick of bill clement trying to convince everyone that couturier is so good defensively. He’s a puss who can’t score at all. This team will never win with them on the 2nd line.

    1. Couturier plays (statistically) the hardest minutes of any forward in the NHL. He IS great defensively, and he won’t succeed offensively until he gets easier starts and is facing lesser competition.

      That said, why would they change it when it works so well for him? He’s doing his job, very well. Some fans just can’t understand the idea that a player’s worth isn’t only tied to point production.

      1. Couturier is fine on the 3rd line.

        But the Flyers need to stop sending him out there for the shootout. His move is snap shot directly in the waffle.

    2. Yeah or, you know, they could keep them in defensive roles and actually get other good offensive players instead of doing stuff like trading JVR for Luke “Healthy Scratch” Schenn.

    1. I loved this line too. Kimmo timonen, nice guy, nice player but to think he will draw massively increased ticket prices made my laugh out loud to myself. Then I thought, well, this is the same group that packs the house for their heroes from the 70s and go nuts for kate Smith, so maybe kyle is right. Nahhh, he’s just trying to sell tickets.

        1. Don’t you know by now that TR is the authority when it comes to the flyers. You’re not allowed to root for them until they win the cup.
          Seriously though the guy was here for a long time and played well for this team. Coming out to show respect for him is no different than when any other athlete comes back for a game. But then again it’s the flyers so the hate has to come out. It’s time to retire the “we love the 70s style and Kate smith” talk. If you’ve actually been to a game this year you would know that the fans are very frustrated with this team this season and want change. Going to a game doesn’t mean we aren’t frustrated. It’s a sporting event. People are going to go. It’s an entertaining sport in person. No matter how bad the Phillies were last year they still had 25-30k at the games.

          1. Thanks, CM

            I do actually consider myself a flyers expert. The reason being is that for as long as i’ve been rooting for them and following them (almost 20 years now), I’ve been saying they havent been winning because of their outdated philosophy. Even though they are trying to get out of the 70s mindset, they still cant help themselves. Exhibit A is Rinaldo playing over Lecavalier. That is vintage flyers. Clearly, Vinny is past his prime, but put him on a puck possession team like Detroit, Anaheim, etc, he flourishes. Look at what Detroit has done for guys like Alfy.
            Anyway, I ‘ve been harping on this team to change philosophy because I love the flyers and i know what they need to do to win. They dont do it

  5. Last time this team won a Cup, I was president. They are never going to win one until Snider is gone. Hell, if it weren’t for that bastard league of the WHA, they be 0 for 49.

    1. The next time the Flyers will win the cup will be during the eight year Ted Cruz presidency. Ted “the missile” Cruz locks up the election over Killary by a landslide in November 2016.

          1. Israel runs this country,not the President.
            As a matter of fact Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will address both the House and Senate tomorrow just to show the whole world who’s really boss.

  6. Word out of marriota’s camp is that he only wants to play for Chip. His agent (jerry freed) is expected to let teams know prior to the draft. This is certainly good news for the Eagles.

          1. Yeah Riley Cooper certainly had his career destroyed after the release of that video by being named a starter and signing a $25M contract. I feel so bad for the guy.

          2. No you freaking midget, the point isn’t ‘one guy’, it’s the philosophy that publicizing any tawdry event or athlete’s girlfriend etc to gain a few personal dollars with less than zero regard for what it may do to the person (or team) – while taking credit for “breaking” it as news and loudly hyping any 3rd rate media mention that “credits” you – positions you better than the lowest scummiest life form in existence. What, breaking new ground by saying that? C’mon man, it’s Kyle.

          3. You sound like you’re saying they are one step above being a politician, who are one step above pond scum.

      1. Yeah Ive noticed trust me I was being sarcastic. Id say Flyers and Eagle fans are almost exactly the same with one difference. Most Flyers fans can actually real the last Championship. Meanwhile they fill the gaps and buy the gear beer etc accepting ownership repeating the same mistakes over and over. The Sixers are the only team I follow with any semblance of passion these days and thats because they are doing exactly the opposite.

    1. Yes people will come to see and show thanks for what he did.

      I know that many 6ers fans can’t even be bothered to show up to their games. And Phillies fans only want to go when the team is doing well. So I wouldn’t expect anyone to really understand that.

      I love how people rip flyers fans for showing up though.

      1. Little defensive stepford?

        That’s not why people make fun of you groupies. It’s the nonstop regurgitation of the company line, always siding with mgmt when a player moves on ie:(Richards/carter/bryzgalov/lindros etc) and constantly chirping about some worthless reg season winning %. That’s just a few things.

        1. All Philly fans are they same. They put up with continuous losing.

          flyers- 1975
          sixers – 1983
          phillies – 2008

          1. And that’s why I make over $1 million per year and make no talents like Al Moronganti and R H E A rich too.

  7. Finally a GM on the Flyers who is looking long-term! Homer would have kept Kimmo and traded away one of young defensemen for a player to help us make meaningless playoff run this spring. I want this team built to win a cup, not a bubble playoff like they have been the past few years. Hexy got possibly two 2nd rounders for a 40 year old defenseman who hasn’t played a game yet this year. Kudos to Hexy!

    1. How many Cups would the Flyers have won if they were not lucky enough to get me back after Fast Eddie traded me Toronto in 71, but I defected to the WHA in 72.

      Answer None.

  8. Kyle you know nothing about Hockey!! Just copy and paste and then write a little bit of your own opinion.

    Saying that the Flyers aren’t going anywhere this season make no f-ing sense.

    You do know we are 5 points out of the wild card right? With 19 games left.

    Like many hockey players will tell you, making the playoffs, anyone has a shot.

  9. I want to see a post every single day about how bad the Phillies are and why Ruben Amaro needs to be fired.

  10. Wakey, wakey, Kyle….it’s trade deadline day and there has already been another Flyers trade that trumps this trade that you copy and pasted.

  11. Had a great time at the Flyers Carnival , got to meet that guy who plays bones on TV, very cool. And I got to see CSNs Steve bucci ride the ferris wheel, that guys crazy. Thanks to all of you that came out to support the Flyers Wives Fight for Lives Carnival. I love C0CK in my mouth and ass.

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