This Marcus Hayes Daily News Signage Is an Embarrassment to Our Fine City


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    1. They should have done a spinoff of Kennys Dad (Don Johnson) & Casper as they were comedy gold on Eastbound & Down!

  1. Who in the marketing department thought that was a good idea? That’s just awful….Print is dead, and Marcus Hayes on a billboard is not going to bring it back, move one

  2. Josh Innes is having an on-air meltdown I swear he is one emotional dude but you lames keep saying he’s a breath of fresh air(hahahahaha).

    This clown won’t last long if he keeps this up.
    And btw you don’t have to say your show is going to be great just make it great!

    Kyle you gotta upload this crybaby whining and complaining it’s classic.

      1. What happened, specifically.

        I was listening earlier in the day. Miss was talking about boobs because he is a gross creep. Innes/Bruno were talking about Billy Joel. I turned on music.

    1. Dude, Josh Innes is the best thing that ever happened to radio. He didn’t have a melt down you jerk!!! He’s incredible! Sooooo funny. My god that body…. What I would give just for 5 minutes with him. I would cover his belly with crisco and lick off every bit of it. God I love Josh Innes. So hard right now.

      1. Glad that’s not the case with r&b singer Alicia Keys,actress Halle Berry,actress Persia White,actresses Tia & Tamara Lowry,actress Paula Patton,former lesbian stripper Amber Rose,actress Lisa Bonet,video vixen Melissa Ford,r&b singer Mya,actress Gina Torres,r&b singer Amarie.

        And for the ladies you have Philadelphia Eagles lb Mychal Kendricks,safety Nate Allen,former Eagles te LJ Smith,Clay Harbor,singer Lenny Kravitz,Prince,Lionel Richie,nba pg Deron Williams,retired nfl safety/cornerback Rod Woodson,nba pf Blake Griffin and President Barack Hussein Obama.

        1. that all b&w mixed ppl are ugly…just marcus.

          funny you mentioned blake griffin tho. Google his parents.

          1. is that he’s an exact 1/2 & 1/2 mix of his parents. you wouldn’t get that precise of a result if you cloned him in a lab.

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  4. Mike Miss exposed as a fraud today by the new media aka Twitter. Mike admits, after the fact, that his interview with famous midget comedian Kevin heart was tape recorded after being exposed on Twitter. He repeatedly plug the upcoming ‘live’ interview all show but immediately following the interview got scared and admitted the interview was taped. Thanks to the good people of new media a.k.a. Twitter mike miss was forced to admitted he is a fraud with zero journalistic integrity.

    1. Josh after your mental on-air meltdown,are you ready to admit that you’re not ready for the 1pm-6pm slot mr manboobs?

      1. What happened w/ Innes yesterday that he had a meltdown?

        Seen it referenced a few times.

        1. It wasn’t a meltdown. It was a bit. And an obvious one at that. He was going on and on about how management is on his ass about balancing sports and non-sports talk. And then they spent the last hour fielding questions about how to make Josh more manly and more of a “Philly guy”.

          It was faux rage and I think an attempt to mock the callers and also the prevailing “four for four” Bro-attitude in this town.

    2. I’d rather watch my kids commit suicide than watch a kevin hart stand-up…he is fucking awful

      I can’t imagine listening to them two together on the radio

  5. Can somebody please explain to me why Mr. New York himself aka Jody Mac on 94wip is constantly allowed to trash Philadelphia teams,while at the same time he keeps his Irish mouth shut when it comes to the New York Knicks GM Phil Jackson actively tanking with his precious New York Knickerbockers,even though the Knicks will get the #1overall pick anyway(you know it and I know it)

    1. Cut Jody some slack. At this pt in his career, he’s a free lancing has been. A dinosaur from the hey day when breaking sports was delivered via print and radio. Talks all day about how his dad was a MLB scout and reminisces all day about yesteryear. Nice enough guy, but best days are long behind him and he’s just fighting for a buck. I remember I saw he and Glen broadcasting live at the old KoP Pizzaria Uno. He looked like he hadn’t showered in weeks and was wearing those tiger print weight lifter pants that were popular with lunk heads back in the day. I remember feeling sorry for him: had a nice steady on-air gig and probably struggling to break $50k/yr.

      Hey Jody Mac, do me a favor?!?! Ha.

      1. 20 years ago, jody mac was the ace of the sports radio staff at wip. today, he was lost a lot off his fastball and is trying to hang on as long as possible. he’s still better than cataldi, moronganti, R H E A, macnow, gargano, big daddy.

  6. That’s just great you made me throw up looking at that pic.

    Isn’t there a law that a mutt who spews hate at every team & athlete must’ve played SOMETHING sports-related in his life?

  7. It really doesn’t cost that much to get a subway ad. Why don’t you put your ugly mug up there son? On second thought, don’t. Do have any idea how many people you could draw to this site with a cheap subway billboard? At least if you don’t put your face on it anyway.

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