This Riley Cooper-Eagles Calendar Thing Is the Dumbest Thing Ever

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Stop it. Seriously, everyone stop it. Last week, a few people alerted us that Riley Cooper was on the Eagles’ calendar for February, or, as it’s also known, Black History Month. Ohhh, the insensitivity. Noted.

Jim asked me if he should do a post on it. I thought about it, considered the whole “well, the Riley Cooper story is kind of our thing” thing, and then told him “no, this is so dumb.” Would it have been better to put Riley on any other month, literally any of the 11 other months? Sure. But I highly doubt anyone – be it from the Eagles or the company that actually put the calendar together – intentionally used an image of NFL’s poster child for racism as the poster child for Black History Month. This screams honest mistake. Few people – especially the 22-year-old temps probably tasked with laying out a product no one uses anymore – live their lives according to the commemorative month calendar. While maybe the most notable of said months (and for good reason), Black History is one of about 60 recognized themes for months. Did you know that October, along with being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, is also Domestic Violence Awareness Month, CyberSecurity Awareness Month and Polish American Heritage Month, among others? Did you know July is National Ice Cream Month? Or that May is Borderline Personality Awareness Month, Haitian Heritage Month and Zombie Awareness Month? Would there be the same outrage if, say, the Flyers made Vinny Lecavalier Mr. May? Because he’s basically a dead man walking skating.

For real, look at the dumb attention this Cooper thing is getting because the PC police have literally nothing better to do right now:

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The Eagles, ridiuclously, had to issue a statement:

“We do not oversee the production of the annual team calendar. We do not provide any input about the players who are featured or where those pictures appear in the calendar. The NFL licenses the production of that calendar to a third party and we do not have an opportunity to review the material.”

I know it’s a slow week. Trust me. This shit can be tempting. But if we really want to feign outrage over a calendar, perhaps we should turn our attention to the Phillies, who could barely muster up 10 recognizable players and had to resort to ballpark shots, the Phanatic and recently-traded Jimmy Rollins to fill theirs. If there’s one calendar that’s offensive to Philly sports fans, it’s that one.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a post about Joel Embiid and emoticons to get to. #February #SlowMonthAwarenessMonth


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  1. Nice post Ky! You only discuss RC when you can make a little money off of it! Classic K. Scott! Also, man up and fire Jim you hypocrite

  2. but wait a second….didn’t you just do exactly what you are saying you wouldn’t do…you made a post about it

  3. Kyle, I heard the Jason Kelce crew are heading down SIC this weekend. I’ll send you some pics bub

  4. Wow. Little disappointment here. I expected some acid/ironic post about this inflated Coopergate and I find a dull, but ‘instructive’ post. Maybe next time…

  5. Kyle, you are all over the place with this post. The gist of your argument was “why should I post this non-story” about Cooper, then you proceed to write about it regardless. Then you take a bullshit shot at the Phillies stating that they have “the Phillies,who could barely muster up 10 recognizable players…” Really? Let’s see, off the top of my head, I could name at least 15: Hamels, Lee, Papelbon, Ruiz, Utley, Howard, Asche, Galvis, Brown, Revere, Harang, Giles, DeFratus, Diekman, Franco, etc.

    The Phillies have more recognizable and high-priced names/faces than the Eagles or the other joke franchises in the city combined. If I was walking down the street and the whole Eagles team walked by me, I might recognize 3 of them. Why? Because they only play 16 games a season. Phillies play everyday.

    1. Harang? Who the fuck is Harang??

      Please don’t prove the tiny sliver of a point Kyle made by naming all the no-names that shouldn’t be pro players.

      Phillies calendar should have topless shots of the urban parking attendants standing around with no cars to park this season.

      1. If you don’t know who Aaron Harang is, you must live in a cave and have never watched any baseball in your life.

        1. and if you still don’t know who Aaron Harang is, I can send you the videos of me giving him handjobs. Only hand stuff though, I’m not that gay guys.

          1. You have issues. You keep using my name in your posts talking about handjobs and being gay. Get some help. Or a life perhaps.

  6. Hurry up and get Cooper in the recording studio and cut The Ramones ” The KKK Took My Baby Away”…..that’ll smooth everything over.

  7. It is dumb, but it’s not dumber than listening to Al Morganti try to discuss 50 Shades of grey on the radio this morning. He made me miss Cataldi for 1 second.

  8. Are there any black people that are legitimately offended by this? I think most people would find it funny and move on with their day.

  9. Wow Kyle, that is actually a logical, reasonable take on this. Most people (think Jim, hipster types) have knee jerk reactions.

  10. Well said, Kyle. Nothing worse than the PC police. Makes me wonder if more blacks are offended by this or college liberal arts majors searching for something to stand for.

    1. We blacks are more offended by the term police.

      Besides, it’s Black Super Bowl weekend in NYC. He could be running down the field with a noose in his hand, we won’t care..

  11. I guess Bill Baer probably wishes he covered football too right now.

    This is just stupid. White people just never learn.

    It’s like the people who can’t believe the massacre at the french newspaper. Go to saudi arabia (our ally you never hear bad press about) and make a cartoon of Mohammed. They drag their own citizens out into the street to legally hack their heads off with a half sharp sword publicly for lesser “offenses” towards Islam. It usually takes at least 3 big hacks in the road to sever the head which is the desired outcome. They are applauded after this act by the spectators. And Westerners wonder “how could they do such things over a cartoon? the horror!” They would do their own children in the street for the same “crime”.

      1. You know by now that the topic is what i decide it is . Or you can wash your own fucking skidmarked underwear. Like I said, white people just never learn.

  12. Someone please explain to me why she go and sits at the station while he does the show? She has been doing that since he came back to Philly? It s a joke. Can’t she get a job selling magizines or something?

    Bruno is a known personality, he should be reeling in Sheena PArveen, yet he let’s the old hag follow him. Smarten up Bruno, everyone is replaceable – get urself a new pet.

    1. Where does she sit? In the studio with Innes and Bruno? How do you know she’s at the station when they do the show? Did they mention it on the air? Many questions. Sorry.

  13. Waaaa! Riley is on n igga history munt! What about n igs being on the other 11 white history munts?

  14. “PC police” i like it. In Saudi Arabia the have Religious Police who go to the shops and malls and ticket women who are not dressed properly.

    Saudi Arabia has beheaded more people than ISIS….and they’re our ally because of OIL.

    only at Crossing Broad can a Riley Cooper thread turn into handjobs, beheadings and cheesesteaks.

    ps I’m prettyy certain i’m the only person on here thats met Kyle…..nice kid.

  15. “Jim asked me if he should do a post on it.”

    Wait, so you’ve given the green-light on all of his posts? Yikes.

  16. LOL, I’m sure they can find another player to use for February that has never used the “N word” or any other derogatory word in their life.

  17. Translation: We were slow, as usual, getting to this story. We were too busy covering Rob Ellis getting a morning show on Channel 8. By the time we found out about it, every other site in the country had it. But we wanted to cover it anyway. So I came up with this idea about a post about how we are too cool for it, even though we posted a similar story about the Phillies last month. I don’t know. Maybe I will say something about the PC Police so the racists in the comment section will have something to say.

    1. We should seriously start a game called, “Predict what Kyle will post about”. Just peruse the net for a few and put your guess in comments of any post.

  18. The dumb attention this Cooper thing is getting is equivalent to the dumb attention Crossing Broad gives to Radio Wars

  19. Its OK but I would have loved an action shot of Riles jumping over a fence…in anger. Also hear he made a big impression a at local strip club that needs no free commercials.

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