Tra Thomas Said Marcus Smith Has the Body of a “High School Athlete,” Marcus Smith Agrees

Photo Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports
Photo Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

On Saturday, it was reported that now-former coach Tra Thomas told Comcast SportsNet that Marcus Smith wasn’t in NFL shape. Thomas said the first-rounder was “definitely going to have to get a little stronger out there because when you look at even his body type, he has the build of like a high school athlete still — a young college athlete.” And now, Smith has responded, basically saying “Well, yeah.”

Smith talked to Matt Lombardo and Joe Staszak that same afternoon on 97.5 FM The Fanatic and confirmed that, yep, the Eagles drafted a high school quarterback to play linebacker:

“What I’ll say is … Tra was right. My body type has to change. I can’t look like a quarterback forever. That’s what I used to play. I’m still, during the season trying to look like that type. Right now I’m 265 [pounds], I’m really eating well, trying to maintain that weight … I’m running with that weight and I’m feeling really good right now.

Everything that Tra has said, he’s already told me before. When he says that,It’s just the truth. I just have to get bigger and stronger and be productive at that weight so the coaches can be impressed.”

We must all look like tiny baby men Tra Thomas. But really though, how hard is it to not have the body of a high schooler? I’ve gained 50 pounds since high school without even trying, Marcus. Without even trying.


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  1. Is it possible the Eagles didn’t put him out there at the end of the season, because they were afraid he would get hurt?

    Jim, you are missing a word or two here.
    “We must all look like tiny baby men Tra Thomas.”

  2. Don’t judge me! It’s my choice to be whipped by a pussy I’ll never sniff (unless I valet park Joel Embiid’s car someday).

  3. Kyle, post that audio from 97.5 today of mike miss source on why Aaron Murray broke up with the selfie queen.. Great story

    1. Summarize, dude.

      That broad needs a therapist. Not one single pic on her Instagram is anything other than her.

      Still hit it though.

  4. Should’ve never been a first round pick. He was almost as bad as when they drafted Danny Watkins. They should’ve drafted Deone Bucannon. They’d still have Jordan Matthews…

    I’ll never understand why this team always outsmarts itself on draft day. Reid/Banner did it, Reid/Roseman did it, and last year was a disaster outside of Jordan Matthews. It’s frustrating because you look at the Lane Johnson/Mykael (sp?) Kendricks draft or the Fletcher Cox draft and you know that they’re capable of making the smart picks…then they come out of left field with some bullshit like last year or Brandon Graham over Earl Thomas…

    Get it right this year please.

    1. While I agree that smith should not have been a first rounder, Matthews and Allen turned out to be nice picks, so it’s not as bad as the Watkins draft. I’m willing to give smith a couple years (even though your first round pick should play immediately.) For sure there were better picks on the board, and that’s where the eagles royally fucked up. However, I can’t imagine, at this moment in time, the Browns are too thrilled with their 2014 first round pick either (they have to wait and see as well.) Typically, an average of 1.5 (we’ll say 2) of the 7 players drafted start 8 games in their first season anyway. So while I wouldn’t call this draft a major success, it was not an epic failure either. It’s just mediocre, and that’s been the issue with the Eagle’s drafts in the most recent years, with the exception of one, they haven’t really hit it out of the park, and that seems to be the eagles…par for the course, however, that’s most teams in the NFL.

      1. It is a failure when your first round pick can’t play. Those are decisions that set teams back for years to come. And you’re going to compare the Eagles to the Browns?

        1. First round picks that didnt see the field or had little play in 2014. Justin Gilbert Marcus Smith Dee Ford Greg Robinson Darqueze Dennard Johnny Manziel Taylor Lewan Ryan Shazier Jadeveon Clowney. Some of these are due to injury, some of these are good teams, and all of these picks are all over the board. Look, im not defending the #1 pick. I am saying that this is not their worst draft , they found some good players in later rounds. Teams miss on first round picks a lot. And yes the eagles have missed on their first round picks more than they have hit. But to say this is the danny watkins draft is way off. I just went back and realized I misread the comment I was replying to and saw that he said it was almost as bad as the watkins draft, which I totally agree with.

  5. Relax people after he fails to make any plays of significance,he’ll be cut along with the rest of Chip Kelly’s trash picks.

  6. He also has the skill set of a 3rd or 4th rounder but that didn’t stop the “We’re smarter than everyone else” Eagles from selecting him.

    Gold standard.

  7. The Danny Watkins pick was horrible because Watkins simply didn’t care about football. You could excuse the Eagles for picking him because the film showed he had the talent to play on the offensive line. They would have done better trading out of the first round than picking Smith. You simply can’t keep blowing these first round picks. It’s one thing to take a first rounder and he ends up playing like a second or third rounder. When the guy can’t even get on the field it’s an utter disaster.

    1. He’s a disgrace and as much as the LYING Juuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuus will tell you it was Chip’s pick, it was Nephew Howie’s. As long as the $$$$ loving Juuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu are running this franchise, they don’t give a flying fuck beacuse there are almost 70,000 sheep there every home Sunday and 70,000 more waiting to take their place………….baaaaaaaaaaa baaaaaaaaaaaaaaa baaaaaaaa fuckers.
      Gold Standard—fuck off you c_o-CK sucking Juuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

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