My God, this has all the elements:

1) Elation turned to disbelief


Joe Carter.


2) Shock


Ryan Howard, 2010, NLCS.


3) Denial


Poor guy searching for a (meaningful) flag or infraction of some sort. This was me after every big goal scored against the Flyers during the “skate in the crease” era. Between that stupid rule and the phantom traveling call on Allan Ray in the 2005 Sweet 16 against North Carolina, I always just assume an official will be there to nullify what just happened. Hell, the feeling lasted so long after Patrick Kane’s goal that I nearly had to call a doctor.

4) Anger


It’s OK, guy. It’s usually the coach’s fault. Or the puking quarterback.

5) The semi-hot, consoling girlfriend

Voila_Capture 2015-02-02_02-33-02_PM

You’re so dejected you’re not even gonna be about that action later.


6) The search for meaning


Of what larger plan is this a part? Ronde Barber posed that question to me in January of 2003.


7) The guy who doesn’t know anything about sports


That guy has no clue what just happened. None. YOU JUST LOST THE SUPER BOWL, BRO! Who brought you?! You’re semi-hot girl’s dork brother, aren’t you?


8) There’s always next year

Voila_Capture 2015-02-02_02-36-56_PM

Actually, never mind. No it wasn’t a great season! You just lost the Super Bowl on the worst play call in the history of sports. WHY ARE YOU SO HAPPY?! You confuse me with your pleasantries. Don’t you have anything to punch? Perhaps a bottle to smash? Ah, whatever. You’re probably over it already since you just discovered football last February.

GO BIRDS! Next year is our year!

H/T to (@Banditmax)