You Hate Septa More Than The IRS

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Twitter is a great place to communicate with friends, writers, comedians and potentially fake Ricky Ledee. But most of the time it’s a hell hole of negativity filled with anger and frustration and hate. Any boy do people hate Septa.

Lisa Schweizter, an associate professor at USC’s Sol Price School of Public Policy, collected Tweets sent at (and about) public transit agencies to see how they are perceived by passengers. Per Wired, the study and the ranking it produced are based on a “mean sentiment score” of over 60,000 Tweets sent over four years. As control groups, Schweizter also calculated scores for celebrities, airlines, Osama Bin Laden, police departments and William Shatner, because for some reason everybody likes him. Where did SEPTA finish? Haha:


SEPTA: Better Than The TSA!

The Tweets were found by text mining terms like brokedown, wtf, scam, and pervy while cutting out parody accounts and “unusually frequent tweeters” (crazy people). What were the main gripes about Septa? You know, delays, staff… and “the class, race, and gender of other riders.” Nice work, Twitter.

By all means, express yourself. If your train is late and you’re cold and being rained upon, let it be known. But stop complaining about the class, race, and gender of other riders, you terrible assholes. Just be mean to SEPTA, because it won’t care.

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51 Responses

      1. “What sports stories are there worth talking about in February?”
        NBA, college basketball
        MLB Spring Training

        There are hundreds of stories that can be written by the sports being played right now, but laziness is preventing them from being penned here.

        1. Than go to a different website, asshole.

          Speaking of laziness how much free time do you have to post 1,001 comments a day here.
          Also, you post some weird gay comments. A lot.
          Go get some help.

    1. It truly is amazing that London had a card system and has now abandoned that card system in favor of a new touchless card system… and SEPTA just stopped using tokens… brutal.

  1. “Any boy do people hate SEPTA.” Is Kyle to busy rolling around in his “six figures” of money or stroking himself to the Game of Thrones theme song to proof read? I’d say Jim you’re the fucking worst but I seriously doubt you are a real person. Its just Kyle using another name to write his shitter, doucheir articles that he knows people are going to rip him for.

    1. Thank yhou for pointing out these error. We appreictae you r help in making thus site one of the beast in Philludelphia!

    2. With the amount of comments that flooding these articles (esp. Radio Wars), Jim will be moving into that 6 fixure range.

      That should make many of you full of joy!

    3. If you’re going to whine about spelling errors only to drop ‘shitter’ instead of ‘shittier’ and ‘doucheir’ instead of ‘douchier’ into your mindless post, then you should probably shut the fuck up. Probably.

  2. Why would the people in this town hate the IRS?
    Most of them don’t pay taxes and they look forward to their yearly “welfare” refund checks.
    Septa costs money.. If they really charged the right amount, instead of taking money from taxpayers, it would actually cost even more.

      1. Of course they know who the IRS is. You know who signs your checks don’t you? Well so do they….

        Most people in the suburbs hate the IRS because they don’t like their income stolen and given to losers and takers.

        1. We are talking about the same thing with regards to people from the suburbs. Most people in Philly have no clue about the IRS. They just know money shows up on their Access Card the first of the month. It is free money to them.

          1. Looks like you have no idea about the IRS either.

            The Access Cards are distributed by SNAP, which is a Pennsylvania program. It’s paid for by Pennsylvania taxes. It has nothing to do with the IRS. You don’t send your Pennsylvania taxes to the IRS!

        2. Taxes are voluntary and most payers take huge benefits: they work for the government they work for govt contractors they send kids to public school get social security get pensions get Medicare get business subsidies.

          Nobody pays net taxes. Easy math: spending is twice revenue. Where’d the other half come from?

    1. Yo Shatner, I’m really happy for you…I’ll let you finish. But my wife had one of the best scores of all time! One of the best scores of all time!

  3. In all seriousness, there are strong talks about bringing Steven A Smith into WIP to replace Josh Innes. ESPN will most likely not renew his contract and philly seems like a good fit. With Innes ratings being so poor, wip is looking to make a change sooner rather than later.

    1. screaming a. smith just signed a new contract with espn a few weeks ago worth over $3 mil a year. but don’t worry, cataldi and company are around for another 3 years.

  4. wip needs to pull the plug on the innes & bruno show ASAP. bruno was terrible on 97.5 so i can’t understand why wip hired him. replace innes & bruno with young, fresh talent and move innes to mornings. retire cataldi and bruno with missanelli soon to follow after young, fresh talent beats him. time to get rid of the 60+ crowd.

    1. ” replace innes & bruno with young, fresh talent ”

      Innes is 28 years old. What do you want, a 18 year old kid to replace him?

      Another joker here posting drivel.

  5. This study is incredibly flawed and it’s a shame anyone put their name on it. It only represents the idiots (and 12 yr old girls, with all due respect) that spend their time on tweets. It doesn’t include the millions of other people who live their lives rather than thinking that anyone gives a half a shit what they tweet. Even the methodology is incorrect, as culture makes any word-driven study meaningless, because it changes constantly. A very sad waste of time.

  6. To all the people bitching about SEPTA..

    Ask your beloved Pres. ‘O’ to buy you a car because chances are when ‘W’ was in office you still had a good enough job to afford one

  7. Nice to see Bill Shatner glowing so brightly in the the admiration of the public. I guess everybody can forgive and forget that he murdered his wife. Let sleeping dogs lie.

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