A Ridiculous Joffrey Lupul Tweet Has Made Its Way onto TSN’s #TradeCentre Coverage

pic via (@FlyersNation)
pic via (@FlyersNation)

Awesome. But I still have trouble getting past the Canadian way of spelling “centre.”

[The Lupul-Elisa Cuthbert thing is probably an untrue interwebs rumor. But still fun.]
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10 Responses

    1. Poor Flyers once again getting no love on the local sports airwaves.It’s either Chip Kelly vs Howie Roseman for control of the front office or Marcus Mariota vs Nick Foles as the Eagles starting quarterback and as usual my Flyers getting the shaft like commenter Bob at an all guys orgy.

  1. All guys orgy? Thats the only kind of orgy I go to. Would love to go to one with Dion & Joffrey. And Josh Innes, of course.

  2. Wasn’t lupul bangin some reality show whore awhile ago, like someone on that dr. Drew rehab show?

  3. That’s some strong Canadian trolling game. Or as they call it up north, a Saskatchewan Stinger.


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