Adam Goldberg says the Phillies Didn’t Want a Throwing Batteries Joke in The Goldbergs

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Got the Phanatic and the official Vet logo. Nice.


Barely a month after stopping by “The Vet” for a Ferris Bueller-esque day off, ABC’s The Goldbergs is going back tomorrow night. For the episode “The Lost Boy,” the show draws on a very specific memory for producer Adam Goldberg, according to Todd Zolecki:

“There was one particular instance where we got separated, and in the ’80s when you got separated from somebody in a big place without a cell phone, there was no way to find them. So I was telling this story [in the writers’ room] about how I went with my dad to a Phillies game and we got separated. And there was this panic you felt, because Veterans Stadium was so big and so scary. It was terrifying. It’s really an episode about Adam’s [portrayed by Sean Giambrone] transition into manhood as he learns to survive in Veterans Stadium by himself.”

But neither of the scripts for the show’s visits to “The Vet” were initially cleared by the MLB. Goldberg had a chat with the Phillies director of marketing and special projects Michael Harris, and got the scripts cleared, with one change: No throwing batteries.

Goldberg said he “very cavalierly” wrote a joke in “Barry Goldberg’s Day Off” about Barry Goldberg (Adam’s older brother, portrayed by Troy Gentile) being pelted by batteries at a Phillies game after he caught a ball.

“And here come the batteries,” the announcer said.

“That one line they were like, ‘Oh, boy. That’s a nonstarter. That’s something we never want to happen again. We don’t want to encourage it,'” Goldberg said. “When I heard that was the concern, I was like, ‘Oh, I totally get what you’re saying. We’ll remove it.’

“They had concerns about the scripts as any franchise would, be it sports or even when we try to get an ’80s movie cleared. Everyone wants their property to be portrayed in the right way, and they have concerns.”

The Phillies even sent the Phanatic over for good measure, to save Goldberg $8,000 to create a reproduction costume. The Goldbergs airs tomorrow at 8:30 p.m., and now you also know what it’ll cost to make your own Phanatic costume. [Editor’s note: Somewhere, the Always Sunny guys wonder why in the hell they had to use the cheap-looking Frenetic.]


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  1. Kyle, can you please address the fact that you have not once acknowledged the death of one of the greatest Eagles ever? You obviously had the time to put together four posts and a 2,000 word essay about a meaningless Villanova tourney exit, but you can’t even manage one work about a legendary player that helped shape football in Philadelphia.

    You are a disgrace to Philly sports fans.

      1. Bednarik was not the greatest Eagle ever and he turned his back on the Eagles and Philly in 2005 over a stupid friggin book he “wrote”.

        1. Pound off with the book, would you, please. He was a crotchety old man by then.

          Considering his pro career; his career at Penn, and the fact that he flew 30 fucking missions in WAR, maybe his death trumps Flute Girl; some more stupid fucking shirts; what a washed up reporter thinks about the 76ers; and about 3000 words on why Nova choked again.

          1. I won’t argue any of those points.

            Especially flute girl and the Godawful tee-shirts.

            I’m patiently waiting to find out what amazingly ironic things Connor Barwin did today.

    1. Didn’t even realize there was no Bednerik post. There should’ve been at least 1, if not more.

  2. Hey! Are you clowns ever going to bring it home for me? It’s been like 25 years since y’all claimed you were going to bring it home for me.

    And I don’t see anything!

    Can we finally Bring it Home, for Jerome!

  3. Love that show.

    I just want to know why they’re blatantly ignoring the Philadelphia Stars??? They won back-to-back USFL championships back in 1980-something, right?


    1. Love the show EXCEPT that the little kid has the most outrageous Michigan accent. You’re telling me they couldn’t find one kid from around here to play that role? Boy needs coaching lessons, he doesn’t sound like anyone I grew up with.

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