Alonzo Mourning Confirms “Who Wants to Sex Mutombo?” Actually Happened


Dikembo Mutombo has been on Highly Questionable with Dan LeBatard in the past to deny the so-called “Who Wants to Sex Mutombo” story. Alonzo Mourning was on that same show today. What’d he have to say?

Now why would ‘Zo lie? But for real, the least shocking bit of this is that it worked.


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  1. Bob. Bob wants to sex Mutombo.

    Thank you again Jim for your hard-hitting, top-tier journalism.

  2. I am singlehandedly being allowed to destroy Crossing Broad.

    Kyle, you better get a handle on this shit.

    1. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

      Cringeworthy to think of the Jim posts that Kyle doesn’t let through.

  3. I’m re-configuring my webpage tickler to not bother emailing me if the update includes his name. he’s THAT bad. you suck, but he is worse.

  4. it’s hard to go lower than writing about people who think they’re hot shit in fishtown, but you managed to.

  5. Today’s EIGHT Posts:

    1)Tollefsons 2nd Hand Laundry
    3)Bengal Players Daughter (feel good story, so not gonna bash)
    4)Local Media Tourney-fun last year, ran its course
    5)A College Piccolo Player
    6)Copy & Paste Stauskas Article
    7)Phils 99 Wins-I’ll let this slide
    8)Alonzo Mourning Talks About Mutumbo

    Not going to be able to sleep tonight. Too excited to see what tomorrow brings.

    Get it together, Six Figures!

  6. Who cares ..I banged Clearence Weatherspoon and Dana Barros in the Trainer`s Room in 95..The SPOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN

  7. FYI – Roy Williams tans, yes he tans goggle tan lines and all! I know because I too tan- Jim Adair

    1. It’s bad enough that you even made that comment. The fact that it was done at 5:07 am takes it to another level of weirdness.

  8. The only things kyle ever posts are about that stupid bracket, and the piccolo girl. What a loser. I think everyone should exercise their right to NOT vote on that thing. Boycott!

    1. The boys are starting the week-end early.

      Oh, wait, they started the week-end on Monday.

      Fuck it, nevermind.

    2. It’s Friday so they don’t give a shit. The motto of this site could probably be “Where else are you gonna go? LOL”

      Now, enjoy some shameless Jim Deadspin reposts.

    1. Or, in the case of this site, a seven day week-end.

      Nothing about Bednarik.
      Nothing about Lurie and Kelly speaking. (i know they really didn’t say shit, but not the point).

      But we are up to date on:

      Piccolo Girl
      Connor Barwin’s condo
      Mutombo really was a man-whore

      Great work, Boys.

  9. Good news Kyle, Nova got bounced out so early that you had little time to get your heart totally destroyed. Imagine if they had to play Kentucky on Saturday (chance at the final 4!). You think West Virginia got destroyed? Nova would probably hit the buses at the half.

    1. The Bracket has been out for 2 weeks and yet you still think Nova would be playing Kentucky tomorrow. You suck.

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