An Atlantic League Team is Accepting Donations to Trade for Ryan Howard

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The Phillies are trying to move Ryan Howard. That’s no secret. They’re willing to eat $50 million of the $60 million owed to him. That only leaves $10 million for his next team to pick up, and at least one team is interested: The Atlantic League’s York Revolution. Sadly, the maximum salary for the Atlantic League is “roughly $3,000 per month,” so they’re taking donations.

If there are roughly 400,000 people living in York County, we only need $25 from each of them to have the funds necessary to put Ryan Howard in a Revolution uniform. Some dads might have to dock a kid’s allowance for a couple weeks, big deal.

And to make sure people won’t let the $25 number hold them back, they’ve lowered the requested donation down to $10, and each fan who donates will get two ticket vouchers to the Revolution’s Opening Night game in York on April 24th. If they don’t raise the $9,997,000 needed to entice the Phillies to make an illegal trade, the team will donate 83% of the funds (the same % the Phillies are willing to eat) to Penn-Mar Human Services.

The Minor Leagues are funny, you may think. The York Revolution isn’t laughing:

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Man, the Minor Leagues are funny.

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