Byron Maxwell Says the Eagles’ Scheme “Definitely Fits” Him

Photo Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Photo Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Free agent cornerback Byron Maxwell is reportedly on the Eagles’ radar. But even more importantly for an unrestricted free agent, the Eagles are on Maxwell’s radar. He’s been popping up on ESPN with Brian Dawkins, talking to Gonzo and Gunn on CSN, and all in all running his mouth in the best way possible.

He was all chummy with B-Dawk. He told Gonzo and Gunn that he only hears good things about Philly and that the Eagles “allow their corners to play and get physical … their scheme definitely fits me.” [Editor’s note: Their current scheme is burnt toast, so let’s just assume this was a canned response.] But even more exciting than that — this is what passes for excitement these days — Maxwell said on SportsCenter that he would “definitely” consider joining the Eagles. “They’re committed to winning,” Maxwell said. “If they were to come at me, I would have to consider them.”

But this is all just speculation, right Eliot Shorr-Parks?

Speaking on the phone to an agent of another top-end free agent cornerback, the idea was brought up of his client possibly coming to join the Eagles.

“Nope,” the agent replied, “They are getting Byron Maxwell.”

Well, that settles that.


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  1. He told Gonzo and Gunn that he only hears good things about Philly.

    I guess he didn’t hear about me and the morning team ripping players…except for Chase Utley.

    1. So… where is it you think QBs were throwing against Seattle while they weren’t throwing at Richard Sherman?

  2. Isn’t anyone the least bit concerned about what he’ll do as the focal point in a secondary as opposed to the weak link along 3 all pros

  3. Thank God he can play because this dude sounds dumber than a box of rocks. Duhhhh I like Philly, ummm uhhh you have cheesesteak and fans are uhhhh tough uhhhhh

  4. If chip won’t “overpay” for Shady or DeSean, why would he go into a biding war for the top end defensive free agents?

  5. Anyone else hear that Sean Brace is no longer doing the Saturday morning show? Marks started to explain it to a caller and they dumped it. My guess, Brace needs to focus his efforts on his sweet-sweet DJ set for the Pitcher’s Pub crowd and can’t be bothered with being a company guy.

    PS. Maxwell, yes please.

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