Chip Kelly Says he was Offered a First Round Pick for Sam Bradford This Morning

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Rapoport has the only appropriate response: At his surprise press conference (still going on right now over here), Chip Kelly was defending his trade for Sam Bradford and said that he was offered a first round pick for Sam Bradford this morning.

There was no word on who offered that trade, where the pick would be, or what year it would be (or if it’s even real), but Chip continued to say they have no intention in getting rid of Sam Bradford.

“[We] didn’t entertain anything,” Kelly said. “[We] didn’t bring Sam in here to be a chip. I’m the only Chip here.”

I’m still so confused.


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  1. What is there not to get, genius?

    He wanted Sam Bradford. He traded for Sam Bradford.

          1. It’s not done until April 30th, Sal!

            Kyle Scott , Barkann and Elliot Shorrs-Park are all trying to keep the Mariota flame alive

  2. This whole presser is bullshit. Who the fuck is dumb enough to give anything, let alone a first round pick from Bradford?…oh wait

  3. That was Ruben, offering the Phils’ 2016 first round draft pick. That Bradford’s quite an athlete, you know, and Rube thinks we can make him into a pretty good corner outfielder.

  4. I thought the bigger news coming out of this press conference was that he said Marcus Smith was Howie’s pick.

  5. Who the fuck in their rite mind would part with a first round pick for Bradford? God I hope this is not the ending….and holy shit some douche just mentioned Tebow on 97.5

  6. we are so screwed until Kelly gets run out on a rail…which will happen after the go 6 and 10

  7. Yeah Chip, and maybe someone offered you a Metamucil high fiber bar so you could have a good bowel movement this morning. Thanks for everything.

  8. Ummmmmmmm, yeah, that’s bull—-

    As much as these teams covet first round picks, nobody is giving up one for a guy, making 13 million dollars, coming off of 2 ACL tears.

    Nice try.

    Rams fleeced Chip for that 2nd round pick. Chip’s inexperience shows here.

  9. Just a thought: Why isn’t Screamin Ass jumping up and down about the Jets bringing in a white QB when they have two spook QBs already?

  10. Prepare for the dark ages. Wandering the desert for 20 years without any hope of a championship for ANY of our teams. Welcome to the year 1984.

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