Eagles Ink Contract Extension with WIP, Will Broadcast Merrill Reese in HD

This offseason, the Eagles aren’t just signing formerly injured cast-offs and 30-year-old slot receivers. They’re extending 72-year-olds.

According to Jeff Blumenthal of Philadelphia Business Journal, the Eagles have inked an extension of unknown length (and unknown financials) with CBS Radio, which is hardly a surprise. The deal is a multi-year one:

The agreement calls for all Eagles pre-season, regular season and post-season games to continue airing on WIP and includes new elements such as an HD Radio station devoted exclusively to the Eagles 24/7 with year-round programming. CBS Radio’s Philadelphia stations have aired the games since 1992. Games will air on WIP and the 11 station Eagles Radio Network across the region.

If you’ve got HD radio (does anyone have HD radio unless it came by default in their car? what is HD radio?) you’ll be able to hear every Merrill Reese call and every Mike Quick … observation … as if though they were in the car with you. But having Mike Quick in your car sounds terrible.

Kyle: Almost non-news, but it’s good for WIP. Expect the Flyers to stick with 97.5 for some time, however. Ed Snider was none to happy when WIP bumped the Flyers to AM in favor of the Phillies after that deal was signed a few years ago. Nobody puts Eddie on the AM.

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37 Responses

  1. Hello this is Merrillll Reese, the self-absorbed putz that likes to spend his time talking about himself, blurting out random yard line numbers and noting that the qb is “looking and looking”, just in case you thought the qb was completely blind folded or standing in the pocket with his eyes closed. I look forward to providing you with an extremely vague perspective of the play to play actions for every Eagles game.

      1. Merrill Reese is a treasure. I guarantee if you took a poll Merrill’s favorability rating would be around 90%. I wish I could sync the radio broadcast with my TV but I have FIOS and it only works with Comcast. He’s not perfect and at 72 he’s probably seen better days but you better appreciate him because he won’t be around forever. Most of the people complaining are the same one’s who thought Harry Kalas could do no wrong. I miss HK but he was slipping too before he passed away. I hope Merrill gets to broadcast a Super Bowl win. Apparently the nation appreciates Reese’s calls because they often make NBC Football in America, ESPN and NFL Films.

        1. Pause your TV until it matches up with the radio you fucking idiot. Do you have Fios and not a dvr? What the fuck is wrong with you

        2. if you ever listen to reese’s call on radio while watching the game you will see what everybody else does. reese sucks, knows very little about football and blows more than all the kartrashian sisters combined. reese is fucking terrible.

    1. Merril is truly awful. Listening to him omit critical info on every play makes me punch the driver next to me.
      Merril rage.

  2. Mike Quick is the Number 1 reason why I’d rather listen to the putz’s on the tv broadcast. He is so damn bad.

  3. Merrill Reese is an over rated hack. His schtick was old 20 years ago…FIFTEEN….TEN…FIVE….TOUCHDOOOOOWWWWWNNNNNNN……worse than Jim Jackson and McGinnes.

    Mike Quick can’t get out of the way of his won lips; sounds almost worse than Brace..almost….and offers nothing

  4. The grammar on this, sight make my head hurt to, much., Two many people, don’t not know how to, grammar in this comments;

  5. Hey Jim, quick question about, this post here.

    Do you think you should mention the Crossing Broad, Media Bracket? It’s been, floundering a but this year. I think Kile would appreciate you putting a link. You, know synergism.

    Just my to sense.

  6. The pop-up music player at the bottom of the screen and video for Fortune are really great additions to the site, said no one. More shit I have to navigate around to get the comments sections. But hey, advertising revenue lines Six Figure Scott’s pockets.

    1. I absolutely thought kyle’s little blog gave my computer a virus.

      So I paid ten cents to watch deadspin reposts and commercials on a little screen. Nice.

  7. As long as the radio team does crap like “This first down is brought to you by…” and “This could be the X brand play of the game” all day, I will always boycott listening to WIP Eagles coverage!!!

      1. “That was the Matt Blatt splat of the game.” “Brought to you by the Matt Blatt Auto Group.”

  8. Is it me …

    …or has Kyle been adding his commentary to the end of most of Jim’s posts as of late. Yes, Jim. You are just THAT bad. Sorry son, the training wheels have to go back on.

  9. My wife still thinks I’m a dumb Fuck for turning down that Eagles color commentary job 20 years ago. You see back then I was the big shit and everyone kept hiring me because well you know why. That was the worse decision of my life. Lucky for the Eagles because as bad as Mike Quick is I would of been much worse. Check me out on WIP during the World Series when nobody listens to the radio. I’ll have to bring out the Ugly Show for you all.

  10. So I work at IP sales. Big drama around here because of this.

    With Gargano gone there’s a fight over who gets to do the Eagles shows. Obviously Innes feels he should. Bloom, naturally, is behind him. Eagles don’t like JI and want Bruno to do it.

    JI thinks Bruno went behind his back because Miss Robin is cousins with Smolinski. Lot of mistrust there and telling from Bloom’s office could be heard. Josh and Tony aren’t getting along, even with the ratings.

    Wildcard is Macnow. He hates JI and night try to steal the Monday show from him.

  11. Snider was pissed because if I recall correctly, they bumped a Flyers game (and I don’t remember 100%, but think it was PO’s) for a Phils preseason one.

  12. Meanwhile 97.5 will continue to advertise themselves as philadelphias football station. Makes total sense when you can’t even get broadcast rights to the Philadelphia football team

  13. Kyle, Kyle Kyle, you poor ignorant he-slut. HD Radio is just like the digital channels on your HDTV, you know for those people who refuse to get cable or satellite TV hooked up and prefer *gasp* over-the-air TV!! They’ve added digital channels to terrestrial radio like they do with Terrestrial TV. Just walk into a Best Buy or PC Richards and ask for one if you can wobble your Jabba-like folds out of the reclining chair you’ve parked your fat ass in since you started this “endeavour.”

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