Former Phillies Prospect Jarred Cosart is Being Investigated by MLB for Gambling

Photo Credit: Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports
Photo Credit: Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Former Phillies draft pick and prospect Jarred Cosart, now with the Miami Marlins, might be in some real trouble. According to the Miami New Times, Twitter DMs allegedly sent by Cosart asking for gambling advice were leaked online last night, forcing Cosart to delete his twitter account.

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It appears that Cosart was seeking the gambling advice of @GhostFadeKillah a tout named Marcus (the DMs were then tweeted by an anonymous tweeter @GhostFadeKillah). For his own part, GhostFade is claiming this whole thing is a non-story, and it wouldn’t matter if he was asking for Daily Fantasy advice, but the word “bet” and talking about the under has little to do with daily fantasy leagues. In fact, no matter what the claim is or how ridiculous it may seem, the MLB always investigates it. So Cosart may be in big trouble. He may not. A new twitter account that popped up his name claimed the old “hacking” excuse, but that one has since been deleted as well.

h/t Joe Giglio

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      1. Yes, I did…but that was 7 years ago and they have gotten worse each year. Tell me how I should also like the Eagles because they won a Super Bowl in…oh never mind fuckhole.

  2. I gamble every time I come to this site hoping to learn something … Sadly I’m in the hole ten hours of my life…..

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