Howard Eskin Be Creepin’

Voila_Capture 2015-03-18_08-47-41_AMVoila_Capture 2015-03-18_08-48-50_AM Voila_Capture 2015-03-18_08-48-26_AMStrange, visceral reaction by Howard Eskin to a report from Dianna Marie Russini of NBC Washington, who said that the Eagles are trying to trade Matt Barkley and would potentially sign Tim Tebow if they did so (both plausible).

Howard starts things off with the really strange George Michael – oh he of The Sports Machine – rebuttal. Michael is credited with launching Howard’s career, but I have absolutely no idea how he factors into Russini’s reporting. Though perhaps only the page view, money-pile-diving-loving side of me wants the Eagles to sign Tebow, I now want this to happen solely so Howard can be the second Eagles “reporter” in under a month to question Russini and have it backfire on them. It happened to Geoff Mosher last week. Russini, who’s been a guest on our podcast (and a good sport about a lead-in conversation about pooping), is typically well-sourced on NFC East matters.

On the sports reporting spectrum, you’ll typically find nerdy middle-aged men on the left and attractive local news chicks on the right. To pretend that the former doesn’t few the latter with a degree of sexism would be largely incorrect, and I have to wonder if Howard would’ve had the same reaction to this report if it came from someone who looked a little more like him. Or, you know, maybe he’s just a jackass:

Voila_Capture 2015-03-18_08-56-20_AM

Love, love, LOVE Howard calling others out for loosely-sourced reporting. LOVE IT.

UPDATE: A reader points out that Russini works at Michael’s former station in D.C. So there’s the connection.


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  1. Howard Eskin is questioning someone on the validity of their “sources”? I see a Kettle meeting Pot joke here somewhere.

    1. I mentioned George Micheal because i really liked when he was with Wham. “Wake me up before you go girl. I’m not ready to let you go. Girl”. Pure musical genius!

  2. george michael’s show started at a local D.C. affiliate, probably the same one this woman is working at, is my guess as to why eskin referenced him.

  3. Kyle, I think you’re missing the most obvious problem here: Russini’s “80%” is in quotation marks, which suggests someone with the Eagles said that. When Eskin says her story makes no sense, he doesn’t seem to realize it’s not her story.

    Eskin is the Creed of Philly sports writers. He’s moved from being almost perfectly bad to almost perfectly irrelevant.

    1. Agreed. And still, what would be issue with 80%? People speak in probabilities all the time. It’s same as saying “good chance deal gets done.”

  4. To pretend that the former doesn’t few the latter with a degree of sexism would be largely incorrect

    I agree this is largely incorrect

    -freelance CB editor

  5. Didn’t Eskin Guarantee to Nick Foles he wasn’t going to be traded? Didn’t he tweet it out just as if it were news?

    I’m so sick of Howard Eskin and his need to be a fvcking azzhole. Poor, poor Spike. He must have had “wonderful” childhood growing up with that self absorbed prick. He wears beats and fur like he’s a rap mogul. He’s the most douchiest of all douche nozzles to ever walk the earth.

    1. The Eagles traded Foles just to make me look bad, you dope. Just like Sam Hinkie scheduled his press conferences when i’m out of town. They both can’t handle my superior fact finding talents

        1. I should have let you run down my leg on the night you were conceived. You ungrateful little snot. You’ve be riding my coat tails your whole life so you could get into radio. Don’t call me for any more favors, i’m DONE!

  6. Eskin is just another asshole Juuuuu on the radio that loves to run his mouth and piss people off! He better watch out he doesn’t end up like Alan Berg!

  7. I think i might have an 80% percent chance of getting laid by that bimbo , she is obviously charmed by my overwhelming charisma and wit

  8. The best part was Russini’s first tweet: “Please stop tweeting me. thank you.”

    This is the twitter equivalent the cute girl in a college bar in West Chester or Manayunk that you’re ordering a drink next to, saying something to her in your drunken state, and her being disgusted by your intoxication and being 7-8 years older than her and whatever you said to her very briefly trying to make small talk. “Please stop talking to me. THANKS!”

    Howard Eskin, the official old guy who needs to just stop.

      1. Hey genius.
        Hey genius.
        Hey genius.
        I know I’m a magnet for the babes, but it’s time to put me in storage, OK chief?
        See ya in the fall.

    1. I’ve seen him do it. it was in international waters so they couldn’t prosecute him. But I saw it.

  9. Harsh reality is that the media is useless propaganda. throw it all against the wall see what happens. watch films like ” Broadcast News” or “Network”, “Wag The Dog” etc etc.
    They use Think Tanks to figure out what drivel to serve up to the average citizen.
    There’s a Roman Coliseum in every city now. Are you not entertained ?

  10. Nothing Doesn’t Surprise from Horward Eskin he like a fucking four year old Child that love to scream for attention

  11. Howard is the only sports reporter that bothers to go to games. Bitchinelli is home watching Goodfellas for the 10,000th time.

  12. I’m glad to see Howard’s career going down, and him resorting to these types of fiascos. I’m the new guy in town and with my excellent fact-finding and reporting skills, all of you will one day love me more than Howard. Just give me a little more time and you will see.

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