Howard Eskin Is Such a Creeper

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29 Responses

  1. Posts (twice!) detailed info about Chip’s hottie girlfriend.
    Calls Eskin a creeper.
    What a fucking loser Kyle is.

  2. Eskin will do anything to make himself appear relevant again. I mean, does anyone really watch Fox 29 news for their sports coverage? The last coach, he lapdogged for 14 years and never said one critical thing, now Chip must have told him to pound sand and he is doing everything he can to discredit the guy.

    what a loser!

  3. eskin at least gets out there and breaks balls of these overpaid primadonnas…… i guess you prefer numbnuts like Duces or Beezly…

      1. Not only do I watch it. I argue about which is better. Fuck you 6abc news team. Sports news 3 rocks!

  4. I would give up my wife, house, car, guitars and drinking for the opportunity to punch that pussy ass bastard right in the face! Just one time!!!

  5. Who still has a job if you are caught sending flowers to a listener in sleezy Eskin’s case? You would be fired. Eskin thought she was a cheerleader, not knowing she was way older and anything but. He just wanted to hit on her. The husband finds out about the flowers, kills his wife with a hatchet and Howard skates free. He should have been out the door.

  6. Please block comments from that antisemitic asshole who refers to Eskin, Laurie, Roseman, et al as Ju’s and makes veiled references to their “tribes” as in the ancient Hebrew tribes.

    There’s no place for that kind of thing in a sports blog.

    1. Couldn’t agree more, I have been noticing this disturbing trend too. Not funny, unacceptable and not ending it is just as bad as participating. Kyle, please act.

  7. Get’s free cars, suits and meals. As he says every Saturday. Never paid for anything in my entire life.

  8. A 65 year old man with creepy beard and skin, with slicked back hair and fur coat !!

    You cant make this shit up.

  9. See in the video he lost his Rolex deal with the Mickey Mouse watch and he lost his Lexus deal (both dealerships still advertise on IP but Howard no longer their spokesman). BTW, where is the wedding ring?

    1. he doesn’t wear a ring because the young stupid girls might stay away………his wife must
      be an idiot

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