Jameis Winston is Meeting with the Buccaneers Earlier than Usual, Which Could Mean … Something

Photo Credit: Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports
Photo Credit: Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Jameis Winston — “Famous Jameis”™ pending — will likely be the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ top pick in this year’s NFL draft. That is, if they keep the pick. Rumors were swirling last week that the Eagles were about to move up into that number one spot, and then they swirled faster and harder, and then they died. Reportedly, the Eagles have made their offer, but the Bucs don’t know what they want to do about it yet. And today, Winston is stopping by for a visit. Still, Winston visiting the team that would likely pick him at number one is regular, normal activity, right?

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The logical thought track this painfully slow March morning puts us on is that the Bucs want to see more of (and hear more from) Jameis to see how much they really want him at number one, of if they’d be willing to move out of that spot. Or, maybe some of the Bucs higher-ups just have vacation plans coming up.

[Editor’s note: The rumors are true – that some in the Philly media believed a trade was imminent late last week – and supposedly several name reporters did look into them. Obviously, there wasn’t much there… well, it depends how you define imminent. ]

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    1. The Eagles secondary has been gutted and yet and still people in this town want to gut the roster even more in pursuit of Marcus Mariota.I’m telling you guys Chip Kelly doesn’t care about the defense.

    1. Was there ever any doubt? Bloom’s dick goes into Innes’ butt hole like a hot knife through butter no way does he want to upset his little piggy and lose that

      1. Is that your legal name? Mr. Bloom and Mr. Innes need to know so they know who to file their lawsuit against.

  1. Haha. Na, she is still around. Look at my Twitter interaction with josh from Pottstown. She had to chime in with her meaningless 2 cents.

  2. Winston goes 1. Mariota goes 2. The Eagles don’t get either of them.

    Sign Maclin as asap as possible please.

    1. 1. Tampa Bay – Marcus Mariota, QB, Oregon
      5. N.Y. Jets (Trade/WSH) – Jameis Winston, QB, Florida State

  3. This is all you could come up with to post since YESTERDAY??? Jim, you’re dropping the ball here buddy. Kyle can’t be fired, but you?!?

  4. Tune into my show tonight, Ill tell you where to get the best slice of pizza on the boardwalk.

  5. wow! would please it turn april 30th already……this way, this trade up nonsense is seen as the massive pile of bullshit that it is and we simply draft jalen collins.

  6. Hello Philadelphia,

    I am Andre Johnson’s agent and I would like to announce Andre will be signing with the Eagles this off season (sorry riley)

  7. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the rumors of the Eagles to the top pick are untrue. The only trade that would be announced before the draft is if the Eagles moved to pick 1 for obvious reasons. Perhaps the Eagles have an offer on the table to the Bucs that they are maybe agreeable to. The Bucs are just bringing in Winston now in order to determine if he is worth the top pick or if they should make the trade with the Eagles. Sal Pal can only hope…

  8. Has anyone seen my son Russell? He was last seen blowing a guy in Kensington for a dime bag of blow. Any info would be much appreciated

  9. Chip moves up to #1, drafts Winston instead of Mariota.

    Walks on stage, drops his pants and pisses excellence all over Roger and his band of degenerates

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