Jimmy Rollins Didn’t Want to Be Traded to the Yankees Because of Derek Jeter

Photo Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports
Photo Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Before Jimmy Rollins was shipped out west to drape himself in Dodger blue, there were rumblings he’d be headed on a northbound Amtrak to don some pinstripes. Those rumors were shut down when we found out that Ruben Amaro was asking the Yankees for their top prospects (which they were not willing to give) and that J-Roll™ would turn down any trade to the Yankees with his no-trade clause. “Good,” we thought. “He won’t betray us to go play for everyone’s enemy.” But Rollins was thinking “Hell no, there’s no way I’m replacing Jeter.”

And why didn’t he want to fill Jeter’s well-worn shoes? He’s too old.

“I wasn’t going to go after (Derek) Jeter,” Rollins told Jon Heyman. “If I was 26, Ok. But I’m 36. There was not enough time.”

[Editor’s note: Never has a player been more concerned with his place in team lore than Rollins.]

Enough time for what? To make his mark? To exit Jeter’s shadow? To do something with the Yankees? To get to the gift basket store? I don’t even care. I understand Rollins had to go and I’m fine with him in Dodger blue. Those navy pinstripes though? Hello no.

However, it could have been even more painful:

If there was no deal with the Dodgers, Rollins would have been in a difficult spot trying to decide between the Mets and Phillies.

“That would have been tough,” he said. “I would have given it a lot of thought.”

Well, let’s just not think about that.


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  1. Rather have given them a big piece of fucking monkey shit KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK machine and his whore white wife instead.
    Fuck off.

    1. You should thank Providence every day that in this country you’re free to be a racist scumbag.

    1. Agreed especially when the Phillies will be replacing Jimmy Rollins with the great Freddy “COOPERSTOWN” Galvis(Idiot).

  2. Difficulty deciding between the Mets and the Phillies? Seriously?

    It’s the lesser of two evils to be sure, but the Phillies would still be the superior choice.

    If you’re forced to choose where to spend the sunset of your career, it might as well be with the team where you have set all of your records and been one of the big faces of the franchise since your big league career began.

    Unless or course you want to spend the rest of your life being compared to Steve Carlton….

      1. I’m saying that Rollins’ career and abilities are waning, just like Carlton’s were in his later years.

        If Jimmy had to choose between the Mets and the Phillies, why would he risk fading into obscurity with the Mets (or becoming a journeyman like Carlton) if he could end his career where he started?

        The Mets perpetually suck. It’s almost as certain as death and taxes. Even when they have a promising off-season and things are looking up, they inevitably crash and burn.

        Even though the Phillies will suck, it would still better for him to end as a “lifelong” Phillie rather than suffer the fate of Carlton, who basically disintegrated on the national stage as he traveled through 3 or 4 teams post-Phillies.

  3. Are you hiring, Kyle? I just lost another TV news gig because I’m an egomaniac and an asshole with anger management issues.

    That notwithstanding, I could do a better job than Mr. Adair.

    If you don’t mind the occasional physical outburst, I’m sure you’ll find me to be a solid journalist with excellent writing skills.

  4. imagine the DJ comparisons after Jimmy hits a grounder to second and makes a right turn to the dugout 3 steps out of the batters box…..

    1. Imagine the DJ comparisons after Jimmy fields a grounder 3 feet to his right and cleanly makes a throw to first to get the hitter out…

  5. I was over rated my entire career. Does anyone think I had enough balls to fills shoes of a “real hero”?

    1. You are a sad case if you think a sports figure is a “real hero”. An over paid prima donna who was blessed with the luck to be good at hitting baseballs. He kinda sucked at the SS position and if it weren’t for his bat he wouldn’t have had a place in MLB. Jeter was one of and still is one of the most over rated players in baseball.

  6. There wasn’t enough time to wash away all the Herpes at the SS position in NY. I can’t blame Jimmy.

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