Joe Banner Reminds Followers That His Eagles Rarely Asked Players to Take Pay Cuts, Predicts a War with Iran

When the well is dry we can always turn to former Eagles front officer Joe Banner to opine on whatever the hell Joe Banner feels like opining on. Today: the salary cap and geopolitics.

The notoriously stingy Banner tweeted, somewhat passive aggressively, that his Eagles would NEVER ask a player to take a pay cut the way the current Eagles have been (rumored to be) doing:

Voila_Capture 2015-03-05_09-42-02_AM

Well, unless you exclude Jon Runyan, who took a pay cut in 2005.

But enough about the Birds. Banner was more interested in that Netanyahu speech:

Voila_Capture 2015-03-05_09-44-05_AMVoila_Capture 2015-03-05_09-44-14_AMVoila_Capture 2015-03-05_09-44-25_AM

Love it. Joe’s basically now just an Internet commenter who transitions seamlessly from cap talk to the power vacuum creating by overzealous Neocons in the Middle East. I can only assume a Tweet about Kacie McDonnell’s jugs is forthcoming.


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  1. Am I the only one frightened over the Eagles ability (or inability) to manage cap and personnel? This isn’t Oregon!

  2. I think Joe may be a regular commenter on this website. He jumps from sports to politics so well.

  3. So, what is this site pro-Hinkie and not pro-Kelly? Is there any consistency at all here?

      1. So, what is this site pro-Hinkie and not pro-Kelly? Is there any consistency at all here?

        1. Do you actually read this site? Or just the comments? Because as much as Jim is in love with Hinkie, Kyle is in love with Kelly, and Gay Bob is in love with both of their penises.

  4. I get extremely aroused by smelling the hair upon a strange man’s head while riding public transportation. Bald men are gross. But bald men with hairy backs? Now you’re talking!

    Kyle: Could you create a log-in for the comments section so people stop stealing my handle?

  5. The Banner/Reid Eagles did cut players, and show them the door by not resigning our own Free agents. “They didn’t believe in asking players to take pay cuts.” but they still did it. I probably do not need to remind everybody that a lot of their ideas worked, but a few not so well, ie Trotter leave the first time, and letting Dawk Walk.

    I enjoy Banner’s insight on Twitter, but not his political comments.

  6. I want to dump on him for being a yutz, but the inescapable fact is that the Eagles have been worse since he left.

  7. anyone see that behind the scenes video of K@cie McDonnell at her new gig crying that she didn’t want pics of her with her arms folded?

    1. Good heavens – Aaron Murray deserves a statue for not punching that narcissistic, self consumed jersey chaser. Quite simply, she’s the kind of person you root against in life. Non-stop with the instragram pics (exclusively of her, occassionally to include her ugly mom) and the preening and posing. The best punishment she gets is the fact that she’s fading fast from collective consciousness being exiled in Kansas City covering soccer. How much lower on the career totem pole do you get? HA!

  8. We were so close to reaching a deal with Iran, but I lowballed them on our aid package offer and they walked away from the negotiating table.

  9. God, Banner might know football, but he is an idiot on world affairs. He should take a harder look at history from this area. Once we were there (for no real reason), then left – it could go no other way.

  10. Banner, Lurie and RosenRosen never had to ask for pay cuts b/c the pay cuts were already written into their contracts, so either great players like Trot and Dawk were allowed to walk, or good soldiers like Sheldon Brown were signed to absurdly long deals that were below market value after 2 years. The only trophy they ever cared about winning was the salary cap bowl. Maybe now that Howie Rosenpenis has been exiled to Storage B, that will change.

  11. “overzealous Neocons in the Middle East…”

    Fuck you, you simple-minded isolationist.

    1. What are you like 12.Before insulting the man with childish comments,how about doing some research on the middle east,and who’s really training arming and funding these Isis terrorists and other said groups and I’ll guarantee you it certainly isn’t Iran Iraq or Syria.

      1. Right….

        Your tinfoil hat is showing.

        9/11 was an inside job, too, right? And the mafia, Cubans, FBI, CIA, the Soviets, the Texas State Police, the Dallas PD all conspired to kill Kennedy as well.

        1. All I know is that people on this site are constantly conspiring to steal my handle. If we just had a log in system for the comments this sort of thing wouldn’t happen. I get so emotional sometimes, but it just stings. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go have a good cry and take a lavender scented bath.

      2. “Do some research” aka google something and hang onto every whacked out blame America first conspiracy theory

  12. They didn’t ask for pay-cuts. They just gave them front loaded deals and expected the players to be satisfied a few years into the contract when they were getting paid below market value.

    Having key players from your team hold out every training camp is much better than the current system they have now!

  13. Sports fans talking politics is like me talking sports. I am clueless about sports.

    And no, Iran and Syria are not funding Isis. Whoever said that should be banned from the internet forever. It is no secret conspiracy where the funding comes from.

    BTW…neo cons are not right wing. By definition they are left wing Republicans who came over to the party in the McGovern years. They have now expelled almost all the traditional conservatives from the Republican Party.

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