John POWERS Middleton is Keeping a Running List of “Real” Phillies Fans on Twitter



Like Santa Claus but richer, John Powers [Editor’s note: Style guide alert– POWERS] Middleton, the son of Phillies limited partner John S. Middleton, is keeping a nice list. So if you want to be on the good side of a billionaire, and maybe get some free tickets in the future, I guess?, start showing him some love.

Kyle: Love POWERS. Need more POWERS in my life.


5 Responses

  1. Good for Middleton. Most of these young punks today have never experienced bad baseball in their lives and cry when the Phillies are in a rebuilding mode. “Fire Amaro, Ryan Howard sucks, etc.” The young Middleton forgot more baseball than most of these fake Phillies fans ever knew.

    1. Excuse me but wouldn’t a “real” fan want Amaro removed from his job? He’s basically terrible at it. Doesn’t Ryan Howard indeed suck? He should have been gone before that contract of his was even inked. It was a national joke when the terms were released of that mess.

      IMO “Real fans” should be concerned about this.

      So from your point of view Middleton means “fans who don’t care what kind of team runs out there” ?

      I wish your father pulled out that night.

  2. I am on that list. Good or bad, I keep up with them – from New Orleans. You will NEVER take the philly sports fan outta me.

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