Ken Rosenthal is Salty, Toward My Boss


Ken Rosenthal, apparently salty about being called a child on this very website, would at least like a birthday wish. In the site’s history here, we’ve called Ken Rosenthal “bow-tie man,” a “sentient bow-tie,” and a “little bow-tie-wearing, four-foot-two, smaller-than-the-average-guy dweeb.” But Kyle noticed that tweet above and told me to write something up about it. In fact, here’s what Kyle said in a text:

“I have no idea what his response even means.”

Kyle, literally hours ago:

“Jimmy Rollins spoke at length to the bow tie man himself, little baby Ken Rosenthal.”

So, expect that Ken Rosenthal birthday post in September I guess.

[Editor’s note: I remember calling him “a little baby” – at this point it’s a term of endearment- but I don’t get the birthday wish thing? WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN?]

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18 Responses

  1. Hey look at me I’m Kyle scott I got two first names..I think I’m hot shit so when I get called out by national people I get my minion Jim to report on it because I’m too busy selling awful tshirts and copying pasting what actual reporters say to my shitty website..but don’t worry I get mentioned on 94 so we are really doing well

    1. Yup, pretty much.

      Also, can someone explain the comma in the headline? I mean, Jim’s writing ability is the equivalent to Floyd Mayweather’s reading ability. But how could he ever think a comma between “salty” and “toward” is appropriate. The only logical reason is that he is trying to mimic the reading and writing level of this blog’s reader base, i.e. the Delco mouth breather.

      But I don’t think Jim or Kyle is that smart to plan such intentional grammatical error. Probably because they’re from Delco.

      1. It appears he is using what us linguists refer to “Topicalization” . It is typically not used in English, the only exception is Northeastern United States English. For example, most of the readers on this site would have no problem with the follow sentence, “This guy, he is one crazy dude.”. People in other parts of the country find that to be a totally nonsensical and agrammatical sentence. It is used in Yiddish. So it is believed that crossed into English in American cities with large Yiddish speaking populations.

        It’s also used heavily in Japanese. And that is why Yoda uses it. Yoda’s language is based on using Japanese sentence structure in English. Yoda is a Japanese name. “Adventure, excitement, a Jedi craves not these things

        But it appears that Jim did not even use it properly here.

        Jim, he’s not a very good writer.

        (A quick lesson in linguistics is the most you are getting from this page today.)

        1. It took me three attempts to post this because the name of the group of people who speak Yiddish is banned on this site.

          1. It took you three attempts to post this?

            That is two attempts too many.

            Simply saying “Jim is an awful writer” would have gotten the already well worn point across.

          2. Someone please put the Doctor on this site’s Hall of Fame. Dude you need to make a competing website, would double this clown’s revenue within six months.

  2. It’s pretty sad when you are Kyle’s lackey Jim. This blog is like a car crash, I can’t help but looking but other than the comments, it is horrendous.

  3. This thing hasn’t gotten hard in 20 years, but then, I haven’t had to get a job for 20 years. Thank god for Sven at my gym

  4. My fifth-grader calls attention to someone mentioning him on twitter. But he’s in fifth grade and at least has the balls to do it himself.

    Another new low for Kyle.

  5. This is awesome.

    Kyle must not forget to wish him a Happy b-day now. It’s a must for him to tweet it out EVERY SINGLE B_DAY. Also you must refer to him as baby Ken Rosenthal. National exposure isn’t bad.

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