Kyle Kendrick Is the Rockies’ Opening Day Starter

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It could always be worse, Phillies fans. It could always be worse.

Team’s website:

Kendrick, 30, was always the youthful touch on veteran staffs with the Phillies. But with the Rockies, he is the only one of the projected starters to have appeared in a postseason game. It was Game 2 of the 2007 National League Division Series — a 10-5 loss to the Rockies during Colorado’s magical run to its only World Series appearance. Now Kendrick is a leader in purple pinstripes.

“Kyle has been everything we thought he was,” Weiss said. “He’s very professional, very efficient on the mound. He’s a veteran guy that’s pitched in big games.”


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23 Responses

    1. Ever notice how someone comments on every post something about that fat slob Innes. It’s quite pathetic that the management at 97.5 and/or little Mikey miss tell their employees to do this. I know for a fact that this is true.

        1. I am actually banging an intern at 97.5 , his name is Darnell, and he tells me that nobody there cares about Josh innes. So I don’t think they are forcing anyone to comment. But I am also banging an intern at WIP, Dan, and he tells me the Innes is obsessed with the CB comment section.

  1. Philadelphia loves a sports player who stays out of trouble, keeps his mouth shut, works hard and makes the most out of minimal talent.

    Unless of course that player is Kyle Kendrick.

    Or Andre Iguodala.

    1. Or former Sixers shooting guard Willie Green,who is the embodiment of a player with minimal talent,but so far has managed to carve out a 12 year career for himself including 7 years as a Sixer.I used to laugh when fat slobs like Reuben Frank and Paul Jolowitz would rip Willie Green for being a mediocre player but yet they are 2 of fattest most disgusting looking media members in town,who can’t discipline themselves enough to keep their own weight down for health reasons.

      1. Very well said. A wise man once said, never hire a really fat person. It says they have no discipline, they are lazy, and have zero foresight. It really does say a lot about a person.

  2. CrossingBroad would not be a half bad blog if not for the needless BS attitude it injects into practically every post. KK was a good pitcher here.. Not a star but not a stiff and when the season is over, he will probably have more victories than any Phils starter… Now go ‘giggle’ that

    1. Last season with the Phils was enough for me. Kendrick couldn’t get out of the first inning without giving up multiple runs on sooooo many of his starts. It was time for him to move on. You’re dreaming if you think he’s going to improve in Colorado; an even better hitters park than CBP.

  3. “It could always be worse, Phillies fans. It could always be worse.”

    It is worse Kyle!!!

    After Hamels is traded you have
    Harang (injured back)
    Buchanon (not that good)
    Jerome Williams (old out with bad Hammy not that good)
    Kevin Slowey (oldish not that good)
    Cliff Lee (well you know)

    This pitching staff is probably the worst in MLB after Hamels is gone. Or he gets injured (God no!)

  4. I remember being double fisted by Kendrick and Adam Eaton outside the Irish Pub in 2007. My butt was so sore from that powerful pitching hand being shoved up there!!

    1. Please stop. You are the unfunniest, least clever Bob impersonator. Stop. Now.

      You’re welcome.

  5. Kyle Kendrick: 2016 Atlantic League Pitcher of the Year for your Camden Riversharks

  6. Does anyone feel sorry for me that I have to sit next to some fat kid who smells like a combo of old cabbage and wet gym socks?

  7. Kyle Kendrick = Rockies Ace!

    I almost feel sorry for Rockies fans. (Sorry #5, I meant “all most.”)

    . . .but that would be like feeling sorry for unicorns.

  8. “He’s a veteran guy that’s pitched in big games.”

    Except post season.

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