Lakers Fans Are So Mad that They Beat the Sixers

Welcome to the NBA.

Last night, the Lakers and Sixers played an incredibly exciting overtime game… which the Sixers lost 113-111. But it was basically a victory: They played well and didn’t win, and therefore did nothing to hurt their chances at the Lakers’ first round pick this year. The Lakers put an extra game of separation in the standings between themselves and the Sixers with a last-second lay-in by Jordan Clarkson, and their fans are so mad about it:




Every Lakers win gives the Sixers a better chance at the Lakers’ top-5 protected pick this year. In other words, the Lakers can’t finish in the bottom five if the Sixers want their first round pick this year.  As it stands now, the Sixers have a 17.2% chance of getting the pick. Sports!

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21 Responses

  1. The Lakers didn’t move in the standings so our chances of getting a better pick did not mathematically improve. I wish I could trade you for a 2nd round pick.

    1. The less games remaining for the Sixers, the less chance that they will win enough games to pass the Lakers. So yes, the odds of the Sixers keeping the 3rd most ping pong balls, and thus the odds of getting a better pick, did mathematically improve.

      People should think before trying to being critical

      1. What are the mathematical probabilities that Brett Brown will have a .500 overall record as Sixers head coach by he time he is shown the door?

      2. Currently, the Lakers are 4th worst… Before the win, they were 4th worst. Same. That doesn’t give them a better chance. No matter how you so much want it to be better. Sorry. And a period goes at the end of your second paragraph.

        1. There is difference between the odds of the Sixers getting a top pick, and the amount of ping pong balls they are currently projected to have. Just because the amount of ping pong balls doesn’t change, the probability of where they end up after May’s lottery does, in fact, change with each game played. Try to keep up.

          Also, you do not capitalize the first word after an ellipsis.

          1. “Every Lakers win gives the Sixers a better chance at the Lakers’ top-5 protected pick this year. In other words, the Lakers can’t finish in the bottom five if the Sixers want their first round pick this year.”

            Actually, both of these statements are not factual. The Lakers can finish in the bottom five and, with luck, have teams below them move ahead of them in the lottery. I wish I could trade you for a second round pick, too.

            As far as every win giving them a better chance, I know what you are saying but the sentence followed referred to their percentage based on how many ping pong balls they currently had which did not change based on the result of last night’s game.

  2. Awesome article, Jim. I really like the fresh perspective you bring to the site! You always tell it like it is!

  3. Aww darnit !

    I’m supposed to change my name when I leave these comments, right? Sorry.

  4. Sixers lost to the Lakers? At home? How is that possible when Sixers have this year’s Rookie of the Year? Or so Jim says.

    1. How do I stop the annoying Fortune magazine popup videos in the bottom corner? The site’s gotten hard to read and I’m not sure if it’s even worth it anymore.

      1. You should just use Google Chrome with AdBlock. It works wonders. I haven’t seen any of this sites shitty ads in years.

  5. Sixers 2015 1st rd picks:

    Ohio State Pg D’Angelo Russell(with our top 5 pick)
    Wisconsin Sf Sam Dekker(with our 16th overall pick)
    Sg Rj Hunter(with Oklahoma City pick)

    What do these above mentioned players all have in common,you guessed it boys girls they can shoot.

  6. I guess the “we’ll” part doesn’t include Jim.

    I’ll take more of the Inturn though!

  7. Kyle where are you.??????????? Ever since Villanova lost you been in a depressive haze. Please come back and give us some bad Tolly stories or some radio war stories about noted fat ass Josh Innes.

  8. Nice article. It would have been even nicer if I didn’t read the same exact thing last night on bleacher report. Nice copy-Paste job Jim. Fucking toolshed

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