Mo’ne Davis’ Biography has One Page for Every 24 Days of Her Life

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Mo’ne Davis’ (auto-ish)biography, Mo’ne Davis: Remember My Name: My Story from First Pitch to Game Changer, is out today. At 207 pages, as you can see above, the book has one page for every 24 days of her life. But is that really all that crazy? Mark Twain’s autobiography, which sucked so bad they waited 100 years to print it, has a total of 1,496 pages (to his 27,170 days of life … MATH), one for every 18.16 days of his life. And as far as I know, that dude didn’t win any Little League World Series games. So what was that guy even writing about?


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  1. Just so y’all understan’, anybodys makin’ a issue outta the lengfh of this book is a racist.

    1. So sick of hearing about this little tw@t. Get over yourself, you have done absolutely NOTHING. Future welfare mom with 8 kids is all she is. REMEMBER MY NAME and give me food stamps!

    1. Are you kidding me?Every feminist and women’s group this side of the Mississippi will purchase this book.

  2. Just imagine if they actually won the damn thing. All this exposure for a loser ass squad and a chick who won’t even be pitching in 2 years for a highschool team.

  3. As someone who strongly supports girls playing baseball rather than softball, even I find this shit ridiculous. She won nothing. The team didn’t deserve a parade. She’s 13. She doesn’t need an autobiography. What was otherwise a really nice story has been turned into a complete farce.

  4. I’m going to be a hyped star. I’m going to learn how to fly. Christ, enough already!

  5. Jim *contributes* a post based upon someone else’s tweet. The second line of the tweet is “At 208 pages, there’s a page for every 24 days of her life.” The second line of Jim’s post is “At 207 pages, as you can see above, the book has one page for every 24 days of her life.” So I guess in an attempt to not plagiarize, Jim reports different facts?

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