Philly Sports Media Field of 64 Bracket Breakdown

Sit back, grab a beer. We’re going in-depth on the brackets. 25 minutes.


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    1. Diddy is retired from the bracket because he won last year. Some of these other meatheads might actually have a chance now that one of the only real journalists in town is out of the running.

    1. Have you ever heard me talk about anything besides “bitchanelli” or how many miller lites I can pound? Yeah , me neither.

  1. 25 minutes of listening to Laskowski nasally narrate the names of real sports pundits?
    Nah, I’m good…I think there’s a root canal sans Novocaine or a Chinese water torture demonstration I’d rather be at.

  2. HAHAHA Jim Jackson as a one seed? Embarrassing. This really solidifies the sad state of our city’s broadcasters.

  3. Kyle even though you have deep rooted hatred for Howard Eskin,you still should’ve included him in your brackets.

    1. In your radio brackets.If you can include the ghost of Anthony Gargano as a #3 seed in your radio brackets,then you most certainly can include Eskin I mean seriously Sean Brace and Eytan Shander over Eskin(Dope).

        1. He didn’t retire – he was shit-canned. And he IS in the bracket.

          (I think he’s selling pizza in Williamstown.)

  4. Don’t forget “Two Funny Guys” coming to a venue near you.

    It stars me and my 11-inch.


  5. Why does every single comment section turn gay??? This post is about philly sports talk radio. Who gives a shit about Big Daddy’s 11 inches???

    That’s not even that big. I’ve had a lot bigger, many times.

    1. ^^not me. Everyone knows I’ve been on record as only going up to 8″. Nice try douche nozzle.

      1. Oh its me alright. There really needs to be monitor for this comment section. I mean really. Hashtag imeanbuisiness

        1. Seriously, these replies need to be thoroughly supervised. Some of the comments are offensive and without factual facts.

  6. I will crush Missanelli in the 2nd round like I crush my girlfriend during what I call sex, like I crush 97.5 in the ratings that don’t actually prove anything and are misleading.

    I am fat.

  7. I vote for Joe Flacco’s dad…who, by the way, was a bud of mine back during my Penn years.

  8. Anyway you can change my name in the bracket to Bloom’s Boy, I feel like I will get more votes with that name.

  9. Am am am am am mmm I in this too? Anyway, this day in sports history I took a photo of Bloom blowing Innes and that’s why I’m still on the air.

    1. Did you catch them in Innes’ Silverado, I hear they like meet up for nooners.

  10. No Josh Innes, you can not vote for yourself 5000 times per round to rig the tournament.

  11. Could not listen. Amateurish is a polite description. Unpolished and ill-thought out is another. A 16 yr old in skid marked drawers in his room is yet another.

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