And somehow, my spirit fingers are happy again.

Is it weird that I got a little choked up watching Piccolo Girl play the Villanova fight song with The Roots? I mean, that’s totally what they were going for, right? Like the band on the Titanic– we may have lost this one, but the music never stops. For the blue and white we will fight. The heart willllll go oooooooooon. Don’t let go, Piccolo Girl. Don’t let go. \\//

Side note: Celine Dion looooove how Piccolo Girl was totally unfazed by everything – Fallon, The Roots, Angelo – until Taylor Swift tickets came into play, then she lost her shit. Can’t blame her. That tour’s going sizzle. That tour NEEDS PICCOLO GIRL.

Side note 2: Look at the grace with which Piccolo Girl handles things on Twitter:

Voila_Capture 2015-03-24_08-43-56_AM

H/T to Grzy