Piccolo Girl Was on Jimmy Fallon Playing Her Piccolo with The Roots Last Night

And somehow, my spirit fingers are happy again.

Is it weird that I got a little choked up watching Piccolo Girl play the Villanova fight song with The Roots? I mean, that’s totally what they were going for, right? Like the band on the Titanic– we may have lost this one, but the music never stops. For the blue and white we will fight. The heart willllll go oooooooooon. Don’t let go, Piccolo Girl. Don’t let go. \\//

Side note: Celine Dion looooove how Piccolo Girl was totally unfazed by everything – Fallon, The Roots, Angelo – until Taylor Swift tickets came into play, then she lost her shit. Can’t blame her. That tour’s going sizzle. That tour NEEDS PICCOLO GIRL.

Side note 2: Look at the grace with which Piccolo Girl handles things on Twitter:

Voila_Capture 2015-03-24_08-43-56_AM

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  1. I don’t think that this choke is as epic as everyone is saying. It’s a terrible loss, no doubt about that. But Nova was very overrated coming into the tourney and most people knew that. All those wins in that creampuff conference. I’m guessing that the failures of the Big East this season will trickle down to the bracket makers next year. It’s a conference that’s not really ready for prime time. Funny how everybody was bagging on the American Athletic Conference when the leagues all broke up. And then UCONN goes out and runs the table last season.

    Jay’s a good coach, not great. Probably a better recruiter than coach but he runs such a guard-centric system that it’s understandably hard for him to recruit bigs. I wonder if Nova would ever go out and throw money at a real big name coach like a Pitino or somebody of the like. They have the money. Wright’s a safe pick though, I’m sure that the alumni drool over him at events.

  2. It’s a piccolo on the main line you cretin, how dare you, I think it be better up her ass, you could shove it up there spin it around real fast and give her a biopsy,

  3. I gotta say that was pretty cool

    Kyle your writing style is getting old — “that tour’s going sizzle?”

    Just stop

  4. Good thing she is attractive. Can you imagine if she was a real band geek and not a Main Line band geek?

  5. It would appear Mr. Scott has enough time today not only to read the comments,but to remove a couple from this thread.

      1. And my response to it.

        I guess she is young and may have family in the area……

  6. so NCAA athletes can’t be given a free taco without losing their scholarship but a piccolo player can get Taylor Swift tickets?

    1. Because I was a talentless loser throughout my life, I wholeheartedly believe that NO athlete deserves to paid for having exceptional talent in their profession (“hobby” for college fella’s).

  7. I noticed that little mary deleted comments. He’s probably trying to get an interview with the girl. I can see his email reaching out to her:

    “Hi, my name is Kylie Laskowski. Like you, I’m a spoiled bitch who’s parents paid my way through Villanova. I know run a “sports” blog that sucks. I also cried when Villanova lost but luckily it wasn’t broadcast to the whole nation. Can I interview you or get a date?”

  8. Looks like any chick from nova is untouchable on the comment section

  9. Sorry girl, you have nothing compared to the Stanford trombone player who was knocked down in the end zone by the Cal player at the end of the GREATEST play in the history of ALL football (circa 1982).

  10. Shouldn’t she be a little more grown acting? Taylor Swift? Are you kidding? So people other than 12 yr old girls listen to that shit?

      1. OK, fair enough. But, by the by – take your # back to twitter. Which is the other place where nobody cares what you think. (I use the word “think” loosely)

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