PSMFO64 Round 1 Winners

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EVERYONE HAS SHAT ON THE COMMITTEE BUT THEY NAILED IT! All chalk, all across the board! With the exception of the 8-9 game in the Radio region, where Jody Mac pulls off a FOUR-VOTE upset of Harry Mayes. The committee laughs – LAUGHS – at your seeding complaints. I am dampman over the Innes-Missanelli matchup.

Round 1 voting in the TV and Broadcast regions coming shortly.

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54 Responses



    Kyle, will you not address the over 20% point overnight swing in favor of Innes?

    Did Bloom use a VPN and vote all night?

    Did every McDonald’s receive a directive to have all employees vote for Josh?

    Marks is bad, but he was winning, handily, until the overnight hours.

    1. Agreed. This is a scam. Hanging chads are all over this poll.

      The people have spoken and we demand an explanation of this farce.

      1. Innes is a joke. If you want to hear about 80s one hit wonders, throw back jerseys, name dropping obscure irrelevant former players then you should def listen to him. Make sure you don’t miss him talking to his 90 yr old grandmother about anything but sports. At first I actually hoped the kid did ok but he has acted like an absolute child through this whole thing. Fuck him. How come no one ever mentions that innes needed a well established co host to hold his hand through this whole thing? Only thing mikey miss has is that insufferable ass kiss Martinez.

        1. Innes is a fat-fuck-Rush-Limbaugh-wannabe and needs to leave town. Fat, fucking, never-getting-laid fuck. What an unfunny, lardass fuck. Bruno, I’m disappointed in you.

    2. Marks’ lead was growing throughout the day, there’s no way that many people voted for Innes overnight. There is nothing but shenanigans all over this vote.

      You’ve done this two years in a row and two years in a row there are suspicious wins in the early rounds….

  2. People come to this website for only two reasons, the comments and this bracket. Not surprisingly, Kyle screwed them both up.

    Going cheap on the bracket technology is the only way to explain Innes coming through overnight to “win” his matchup. That douche was losing handily, as expected, and suddenly pulls off the victory overnight. Clearly this website is broken and/or rigged.

  3. How did Ike Reese not pull of the upset? Did the Dirty 30 vote all night? Also, can’t wait for Misanelli to destroy Innes.

  4. I called it on the voting post. Kyle would rig the votes and get the second round matchup that gets blog hits. What an embarrassment. 200+ votes in early morning/overnight hours? Get the fuck out of here. This whole bracket is a joke now.

  5. I’m so sorry I’m white, I wish I was black so my girlfriend could feel my penis…kill whitey

  6. I am going to believe that the 21% that voted for Sean Brace were incredibly bored and felt like trolling his bracket seed, as there is no way that anyone can enjoy listening to that uneducated-sports-fanboy-raspy-voiced-wigger-who-has-his-last-name-tattooed-in-a-semi-circle-around-his-belly-button’d LOSER.

  7. If you like Miss more than Innes you have the IQ of a fucking goldfish. Which makes sense because only dipshits read this site.

    Innes is hilarious and tries to have fun with his show. I liked him more at night because it seemed he could get away with more.

    There is absolutely nothing unique or creative about Miss. He sucks and so did gargano. Good riddance to those basic ass personalities.

  8. Either there are idiotic voters or WIP staff are going to every IP address to vote for their people. Gargano? Good God.

  9. Kyle I like you and I like this site, but what you did to the innes-marks matchup is not fooling anyone.

    The entire bracket will be questioned now, and it lost any meaning that it had.

    At least be a man and address the issue. Very disappointed.

    PS. your a pussy

  10. Yeah I mean Josh was getting smoked yesterday that seems really shady to get page views and promote a Mikey Miss/Josh Innes match, which was clearly the plan by the way they were seeded.

    Also, anyone who votes for Cataldi, Morganti, or Jody Mac are complete douchebags.

  11. Yo yo yo, what be up wit dis bracket yo? I am a media mogul in dis town!! Pitchers Pub and Skull Shaver for life yo!!!! Brace dog out.

  12. Since Reuben Frank is out, he can put a story together about how Kyle owes it to the fans to comment on what the hell he’s doing.

  13. Fuck You. Fuck the “Selection Committee” and Fuck you.

    I know I am only feeding into your wish for page views by posting this, but, seriously, what the fuck?

    People come here; especially when you post this bracket; to have fun with it; to make mostly disparaging comments about those included (Hello, Brace); and to vote.

    Marks was up by 11 fucking percentage points when I last checked last night around 9. This morning, he is down by 12??? Over Night??

    Your page views already skyrocket when you post this bracket. is a jerk-off Innes/Missanelli game really going to pump them up that much more ?

    Are we really supposed to believe that almost 300 people voted for that no-talent fuck over night??

    No goddamn way.

    1. Hey guy, please shut up. There are literally a million things in this world to get worked up over before this bracket. What the hell is wrong with you.

      1. Worry about your damn self. I am just having fun busting KS’s balls.

        Yeah, there are more important things to worry about. This is a minor diversion. The least he could do is keep it above board.

    1. Hello, 911 operator? I need help quick! I’m losing in the ratings to a clown show and they’re sending me a dozen black roses. I need police presence here at the station because I can’t take a joke even though I did this to Eskin years ago. I also have tons of sand in my vagina. Please come quickly!

  14. This is bullshit! Either Kyle has no integrity or he is dumb enough to allow a bunch of WIP jerkoffs to stuff the ballot box (or both).

  15. This was the last thing this site had going for it, and it is now tainted.


  16. The 5 of us post all day long – we just change our names.

    Josh is fat.
    Josh isn’t from here.

    We repeat this all day long because we are unemployable.

    Kyle – do you want us to believe that people with jobs can log on at night to read your blog and to vote?

    Josh isn’t from here and he is fat. Lol. Anybody heard that before.

    1. Hey Jilly O’Silly, stop defending your fat retarded boyfriend. Go be useful and bake a pie you ugly troll.

  17. FRAUDULENT. Kyle, you suck. Not a chance on earth innes won that. This smells worse than Jill’s breath.

  18. These people questioning Kyle are insane. Josh Innes won his matchup fair and square. Square. Triangle. Double sided dildo.

    Sorry my mind is a cum today. I love balls pushed deep in my butt.

  19. I only checked the results to be sure that Innes lost because he is an idiot. And now I see he somehow won. Kyle, you owe an explanation and an full analysis of the late night activity.

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