PSMFO64 Round 2 Winners

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Sweet 16 voting tips on Friday. Here’s your full Regionals breakdown:


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    1. Kyle’s in mourning from the latest Villanova choke job. Hes spent all week in the dark eating ice cream from the scooper. Totally snoozed through the Lurie and Chip press conferences.

  1. Bruno loses to a part timer has been and innes gets crushed by a guy in his sixties on a site that skews young I guess they won’t be getting that demographic

    1. Got news for you, this site is nowhere near being a significant sample size of Philadelphia radio market or sports fanbase.

      1. No kidding just pointing out that its not a bunch of old guys voting or posting here

    2. I actually would have picked Bruno over Macnow..oh, wait, I did.

      Innes lost because,no matter how obnoxious MM usually is anymore, Innes sucks massively, and has no business being on a major market sports talk station.

      1. Ain’t that the truth! The two key reasons the afternoon drive time numbers are close are 1) Bruno provides a foil to MM, and 2) still a newness to the WIP time slot. Ultimately, Andy Bloom’s Innes experiment is destined to fail because Innes just isn’t suited for sports talk radio. Innes is your classic big fish / small pond type.

  2. calaldi, macnow, moronganti, mikey miss…can you just eliminate that whole region?

  3. Man innes got his ass handed to him…gonna be interesting to see the next radio wars post.

    1. When Kyle posts Radio Wars in afternoon, Innes will be quiet for the following half hour while he reads it during the show and sulks. He probably just turns his mic off so you don’t hear him sounding the words out.

  4. Josh crushed Missanelli. This is fixed. If the first round was fixed, the second round must be fixed.

    I haven’t listened to Missy since Josh booted out the other “local”, boring hosts.

    Keep listening. It’s obvious everyone listens to him. It’s nice having someone who doesn’t do the same show every day. You all will make Josh a handsome living. You can’t stop listening.

    This is where you call me Josh, Jill or Andy.

      1. Hahahaa Josh innes is so fat and stupid.

        Can’t wait for his firing. Maybe we can get someone on whose funny and understands philly sports.

      2. Seriously though. Innes is in his 30s and is 200lbs overweight. Notice how you never see any really fat old people???? This poor guy needs to learn self control and self respect.

  5. These fruity little videos are really killing the radio wars buzz. Kyle , your doing a cheesey radio voice just like that fat pig Josh innes.

  6. I saw a sweaty fat chick greasing up her car door frame with melted butter so that she could fit. I approached her to see if she needed some assistance. To my bewildering surprise, she had facial hair covering her six double chins. In hindsight, I must not have noticed because her crusty FUPA was hanging out of her ketchup and mustard stained Living XXL t-shirt. But I digress. Upon discovering this adult version of Honey Boo Boo was indeed a male, I turned to flee the scene but was drawn back out of sympathy because his crevices of fat still weren’t fitting into the car. As I layered his sheets of fat on top of one another as a baker would to gobs of dough and was finally able to shut the door, this pathetic chub managed to roll his window down and, under labored breath, said “Thanks. I’m Josh.” As this painfully awkward encounter was taking place, I noticed a collection of sadness in the form of empty hot dog trays and bagel melt wrappers from Wawa lining the floor of Josh’ s backseat. As a concerned fellow citizen I had to ask this disheveled lump of goo “Josh, why do you do this to yourself.” Josh began to sob in a manner that could have triggered a fire alarm and, through his fatty tears explained, “You wouldn’t understand.” I retorted, “Try me.” He said, “Nobody likes me because I’m so fat and annoying and I smell like hot ass. And some guy named Mike Missanelli fucks me everyday for four straight hours and it makes me sad so I go to all the nursing homes and sobriety clinics and lie to them and tell them I’m the one beating him. And I go to sleep every night knowing I’m a fat cowardly liar that no one will ever like and the only way I can feel better about myself if to eat more and to tell lies about myself.” Thus, the sad story of Josh.

    1. You, Sir, put more effort into this story than the writer and editor of this site have put forth this entire week.

  7. My handle is something Sean Brace actually said…on the air…in Philadelphia…a major media market…he actually actually used those words to describe play on the field…

    Oh – and btw – if you’re going to have Hartman in the regionals, spell his name correctly.

  8. I’m not quite sure how Larry Andersen loses to Merrill, but hopefully when the phils are good again in 2025 people will learn to appreciate just how amazing our radio broadcast team is. Compare that to the bitch tits mets fan on tv and it’s not even close.

    Happy to see the Zumoff hate. Dude gives out douche chills like water.

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