PSMFO64 Sweet 16 Winners

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WOW. Some heavy-hitting regional finals, not the least of which is the McManus-Kapadia Birds 24/7 slobberknocker. Winner should get a raise.

The committee has set the championship odds, which travel along region lines:

Franzke 2:1

Reese 4-1

Kapadia 5-1

McManus 5-1

Macnow 8-1

Missanelli 8-1

Clark 9-1

Ellis 10-1

Voting begins tomorrow.


20 Responses

    1. how about howard 100? also, don’t get the love for franzke. him and larry andersen are overrated.

  1. Kyle — expect a rank, heaping stew of turd salad on your porch tomorrow morning.


  2. I don’t understand the love for macnow. Guy is an arrogant prick who wouldn’t even be on the air if not for the great Ray diddy

    1. Glenn Macnow over that station’s franchise? Hahaha. Glenn Macnow doesn’t even have a job does he? He’s been replaced on every shift he’s had!!! Show how stupid ass this poll is.

  3. Just give it to Sheil and call it a day.

    His all 22’s alone are better than anything the rest of these guys are doing right now.

  4. Macnow fan day one!! Best on -Air host at the station and he`s a damn part-timer, it`s a JOKE, BARKANN should be replaced by Glen and if they can`t bring back Mac and Mac M-F they should put Glen on with Ike, I never heard Ike so happy then last week when he was on with Glen, he could actually talk and hold a converstation with a caller instead whoring out CSN every 10 minutes. GO GLEN!!

    1. Glen sucks. A whiney dweeb who tries so hard to over-compensate with his “Cro-magnon man” bullshit. Also, for a guy who calls himself “The Professor” you could fill a warehouse with what he doesn’t know about sports. Screw him. If he wasn’t so sad and pathetic to take the scraps that WIP throws his way he’d have been fired outright two years ago.

      1. But Glen is so cool what with his love of beers, burgers and manly movies!

        My guess is he took the scraps WIP offered so he can still mooch free food at remotes. He’s also obviously a wuss who told Kyle to turn the comments off on his podcast posts. F him and his brewery.

        1. Macnow is the most contrived personality in Philly Sports media….and that’s saying something.

  5. don’t understand the love for Merril Reese. He’s very annoying and All the guy does is scream

  6. How is Ellis even IN the TV categiry? I feel like that’s fraudulent because likely people voted for him, based on radio. He did CBS 3 sports like 5 times in the last year and he’s one of four hosts on a show no one has seen yet (and likely won’t see… Comcast network?!).

    #TeamFadool got screwed. Fix is in. ReVote

  7. Here is what I can’t understand, I listend yo WIP from 3:30 pm on Sunday till about 8:30 am on Monday. John Johnson had his callers call in and give a their opinion of the 10 best coaches around. Now the morning crew, particularly that fraud cataldi wanted a list from his callers giving him the best 10 coaches. I don’t understand how those three morons steal ideas from overnight hosts and pass them off as their own yet they are still on the radio. WIP seems to be a sinking ship.

    1. Courtesy of the flowers that “Bloom” in May. Worst PD in the Country.

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