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We’re very much for a switch back to Kelly Green for the Eagles, but the “Midnight Green” is Christina Lurie’s baby and there are no signs it’s going away anytime soon. Still, Kelly Green jerseys excite us, and they excite you too, so here’s a concept sent to by Brian Martone Illustration & Design. In the caption for the image on Facebook, Martone explained the elements:

1. Kelly Green is back!
2. Taking great inspiration from the 1960 uniforms – the numbers will be 1 solid color, with the wing on the helmet being silver with a slight white outline. Classic and timeless.
3. Logotype is a hybrid of the current and 1980s version.
4. New diving eagle has speed and aggression. Key components of a Chip Kelly led team.

The Kelly Green used in the concept above, as you can see, is a little lighter than the Cunningham-era green, and closer to the 1960 throwbacks they wore a few seasons ago and the Pantone definition of “Kelly Green”:

The jerseys themselves look good. Updated, classic, not overly Nike-ified. But that logo is some straight-up Madden Create-a-Team stuff. Personally, I’d be totally on board with this rebrand — minus the logo — if they knocked that green a shade or two darker. I want a rich green, not that fake grass in your Easter basket green.

Kyle: F-ing love it. But yeah, go away, logo. Go away. I don’t like you. Still, the whole thing is all much better than that full-logoed Eagles helmet.

Fashion editor Dan: I like them, but helmets don’t match the numbers (stroke on helmet logo, no stroke on numbers).


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    1. yea Jim sucks. I posted these on my Facebook well over three years ago. Next he’ll put up the midnight green ones with the shoulder wings, like oregon’s old jerseys that were part of the same concept group. EAD Jim, how about you post the Tony the Tiger jerseys that the flyers may be using for the 2010 winter classic, break that story Woodward, or is it Bernstein?

  1. What’s the deal with concept uniforms? Do you really have to write about some other man or woman’s fantasy?

  2. These are bad. There are better Eagles concepts floating around on Chris Creamer’s Sports Logos website.

    I’m all for a move away from the extremely 90s midnight green. I’d also like to see the team bring back the spread eagle (huh-huh-huh), clutching a football. The current eagle head logo is still OK in my book, too.

  3. I have come to the realization that lurie is not going to change back. I also read that the eagle head is because of the expansion panthers and jags the year before with the head on the helmet.I Personally think the bird head is just boring and one dimensional no life to it when I see The Eagles wear wear the black jerseys I cringe what are they the Chicago Bulls.Philadelphia eagles and black jerseys dont even make sense. I believe the midnight green color was picked because it was the closest green can be made that is near black on a color scale to be black and silver look. I also know Lurie changed the Eagles uniforms cause his Boston boyfriend robert kraft changed the patriots 2 years before. Lurie is a patriots fan down deep inside and must follow the leader. Just make sure you pay 40 dollars parking and 10dollar beer. Jeff loves hearing the sound of the register click

  4. Really dont like these at all. I’d be down for the ones they showed on that kelly green uniform petition, those look sweet.

  5. The bird looks like Woody Woodpecker or the logo for Thrush mufflers. Everything else is OK. You’d think since they are in the business, they’d have known that.

  6. looks like someone had fun with the “create-a-team” mode in madden.

    they look too arena/xfl-ish, stick to the simple concept.

    i’d rather see something more like the kelly green uniforms they wore in 2010 against green bay.

  7. As long as any new uniform continues (or improves!) the imprint of players’ dicks….I don’t care if they’re day-glo colored!

  8. Don’t forget to pickup you’re “Pinktober” Jerseys at the stadium store, theyre on sale for $159.99 this week only, and don’t forget to grab a $10.00 Coke and $8.00 pretzel to take home for the kids

  9. “Please continue to be distracted by this nonsense as my gay lover Chip destroys the franchise THAT WILL NEVER WIN A CHAMPIONSHIP. But, alas, I don’t care..just continue to give me your $$$$$$$ sheep.”
    Gold Standard–Fuck off you ass jamming Juuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  10. The green one is nice. The head logo is terrible. It reminds me of a Bird that pooped on my windshield at high speed.

  11. logo sucks, and needs to be just a little less neon…it’s not a college team. But overall I like it. the current green jersey’s suck, green helmets suck..



  13. Give it up with the Kelly Green.

    They aren’t going back to it. They shouldn’t go back to it. Stop living in the past.

    Buddy Ryan was not a good coach.

    1. If there’s one thing we’ve learned in sports, it’s that teams NEVER go back to older colors/designs.

      What’s a buddyryan?

    2. I would not say it’s living in the past it has to do with taking one of the best uniforms / logos in the NFL and totally destroying it with ugly ass midnight green bullshit wannabe expansion new eagle head logos. From an asshole patriots fan from Boston. Mr.mason

  14. Only good part about snow, aside from the blacks hibernating, is i get to see kate bilos fine arse all day.

  15. Let’s be honest. These are West Deptford practice uniforms and the logo is garbage. Only redeeming factor is the logotype. That’s not bad.

  16. All i can say is fuck that rich bitch and her “baby”. Give the people what they want you just bought the team you are not “The Team”

  17. These uniforms are ugly. I was never a fan of midnight green and favored going back to kelly green until this year when the non-metallic jersey came out. I am now in favor of keeping the midnight green so long as we don’t go back to the ugly metallic green

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