Ruben Amaro Is “Not Terribly Optimistic” That Cliff Lee Won’t Need Surgery

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Goodbye, my pretty steed.

Ruben Amaro, speaking to reporters today, said that he’s “not terrible optimistic” that Cliff Lee can avoid surgery on his sore old man’s elbow which would require him to be out 6-8 months and, according to Lee, potentially end his career. Lee has a tear in his flexor tendon and will try to throw through it. The surgery would not be Tommy John.

Now seems like a good time to reprise Buster Olney’s thoughts on the Phillies’ mishandling of Lee:

The Phillies have repeatedly missed windows to make deals or better position themselves in recent years. When they traded for Roy Halladay and almost simultaneously swapped Cliff Lee to Seattle, some other teams wondered why they hadn’t been given a chance to make offers for Lee. When Lee was claimed on waivers by the Dodgers in the summer of 2012, the Phillies never engaged L.A. about what might be possible, and a few weeks later, the Dodgers concluded the massive trade with the Red Sox that allowed Boston to dump the contracts of Carl Crawford and Josh Beckett, attaching them to Adrian Gonzalez. Now Lee is coming back from surgery and is essentially untradable until he can demonstrate he is healthy, at age 36, after being shut down for elbow trouble last summer.

Well played, Phillies. Well played.

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10 Responses

  1. Thanks, Ruben. In no time, you have managed to destroy this franchise.
    Do us all a favor and PLEASE step down….just go away.

  2. ESPN released their Future Power Rankings for each Organization and of course the Phillies came in 30th. The shocking thing was that their Management was rated as 2nd worst. The bar graphs keep messing up so I’m not sure who is ranked worse but I believe they tied with Colorado for worst Management within the Organization.

    The future is bright!!!!!!!!

  3. Good thing Cliff got that 25 million dollar health insurance policy in case he couldn’t work anymore! Amaro is the worst EVER!

  4. i just watched miguel alfredo gonzalez pitch for the first time in my life…….his first pitch was a curveballl that never curved and came very close to hitting ian kinsler in the head, moments later kinsler crushed a ball to centerfield and revere was getting ready to scale the wall only to have the ball bounce off the wall before little ben could reach the warning track and bounce past him…..the next batter up hit a line drive off MAG knee ensuring his afternoon would come to a close

    Good thing i decided to forfeit my season tickets this year

  5. Reddit has that hide feature for news about certain geographical regions in conflict, Crossingbroad needs a hide feature for anything mentioning RAJ. He lower’s the avg IQ of Philadelphia, which isn’t that high to begin with.

  6. how many times does senile old pat gillick and senile old monty need to see this buffoon of a GM destroy all hope in phillies land….I will happily not spend a fucking penny on anything phillies till they cut that moron…..wish other fans could do the same.

  7. I’d trade Lee right now for a second round draft pick.

    I really, really like second round draft picks.

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