Ruben Amaro Still Won’t Admit Mistake Signing Was a Mistake

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Today in Ruben Amaro being more stubborn than a donkey wearing a Puka shell necklace and soapboxing about the merits of HD-DVD over Blu-ray: Ruben Amaro is still not quite convinced that signing Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez, now in year two of a three-year, $12 million deal, was a mistake.

From Jim Salisbury:

A day after sending Gonzalez to minor-league camp, general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. acknowledged that he was disappointed the 28-year-old right-hander has not yet contributed in the majors. But Amaro was not ready to call the signing a mistake.

“We don’t know (if it was a mistake) yet,” Amaro said. “We’ll know when it’s all said and done. I was asked the same question about Pat Burrell. When we won the World Series, did we regret it?

“It’s disappointing that Miguel hasn’t gotten there. But it’s not the end of the world yet. We’ll see. We’ve still got time. We’re hopeful he can step it up. If he can’t, he can’t.”

If he can’t, he can’t. Ruben’s Drago-esque shrugging of the shoudlers that will prevent the Phillies from daring to dip their toe into the moist pond of talented Cubans because the first guy backfired. This might go down as one of the worst GM tenureships in Philly sports history.

Until then:

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24 Responses

  1. This is the reason I did not renew my season tickets, thanks asshole for single-handedly killing the Phillies. Am sure your proud.

  2. These moves baffled me. The Phillies need to focus on homegrown talent and stop wasting time on Dominicans and Cubans. I think chase utley is strong enough to build a team around.

    1. Yeah cus’ we don’t need guys like Chapman, Cespedes, Puig or Abreau weighing us down…

      Ignoring international talent has been one of their biggest scouting issues. You can’t afford to ignore these guys anymore and that’s not just Cuban/Dominican players either. Take talent from anywhere you can get it.

  3. Of course Ruben is the only GM in baseball to find the only Cuban baseball player who CAN’T play, and give him $12 million to play for empty seats in Lehigh Valley. What a dope.

    1. He originally wanted to give him $48M until someone with brains in that outfit told him to check his medical reports. And we trashed Ed Wade over and over.

  4. Don’t get me wrong, this seems like a bad signing, but what is Amaro expected to say about a player who has a guaranteed contract this year and next?

    1. “You know, I can’t say for certain if we regret signing MAG right now, but based on what we’ve seen to this point, it doesn’t look promising for him, so yeah that one might sting a bit in the end.”

      Something to that effect would’ve been a million times better than, ” I was asked the same question about Pat Burrell. When we won the World Series, did we regret it?”

      1. And to that the reply should have been.

        Pat Burrell 2008 WS slash line .071/ .316/ .143

        He got 1 hit, It was a double.

      2. I try to bring up the World Series team as much as I can and let people think that I was the GM then.

        MISTER Snyder knows what I mean. It’s good to live in the past. Makes people distracted from the present.

    2. Agreed. No doubt he’s a terrible GM, but you can’t just throw a guy still on your team under the bus by calling it a mistake.

  5. Is it worse than giving a big piece of fucking monkey shit KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK machine (who, by the way, is hitting .183 and LEADS ALL OF BASEBALL in spring KKKKKKKs) that fucking deal?
    Fuck him his whore white wife and taco RAJ. Fuck off.

  6. So there are 30 teams with 5 Sp’s each. 150 SP’s for the whole of baseball at any given moment. At this pay he must have expected M.A.G. to be the 70th best pitcher in baseball if you look at salary (6M per). This guy can’t even make the #5 starter position on one of the worst (if not THE worst) starting rotations in MLB (phillies). I’m pretty sure he knows he made a mistake, he just can’t admit to yet another one.

  7. Ruben and his asinine comparisons; does he ever hear himself talk and realize how ridiculous he sounds? BTW Ruben, after winning that World Series didn’t you ditch Pat the Bat?

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