Some Bro Stabbbed a Guy in the Last Row at the Boston Garden Last Night

You know what, Philadelphia can be called the land where they threw snowballs at Santa. It’s lazy, old, and stupid, but feel free to keep dropping that reference, as long as you remind people that Boston is where people get stabbed at Celtics games.

At last night’s C’s game at the Garden, a fight erupted in the very last row of the arena between a bro in a backwards hat and a Rondo jersey and a bro in a sweatshirt and a Rondo t-shirt. Cursing, middle fingers, people screaming and filming, oh and a dude getting stabbed by a switchblade. Typical Boston.

And yes, I know it’s called the TD Garden now, but that’s a dumb name.

via Barstool Boston

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8 Responses

  1. Fitting that this pops up after Cowherd acts as though Eagles fans are the first and only fanbase to react negatively to personnel decisions and basically are all morons based on listening to sports talk radio…

    If you formulate your opinions of the people in an area based on the character and intelligence of the people WHO CALL SPORTS TALK RADIO…well…you’re just not very bright either.


  2. Why’s it so hard for people in this town to realize that the national media does not like you. That’s why no one focuses on bad acts of other fans in other cities. It’s not brain science or rocket surgery. No one outside here likes you, deal with it, you’ll stop getting angry when big bad national sports guy rips you

    1. Who are you and why should I care?

      No seriously, ever read some of the shit about Cowherd? He seems like he is one step away from offing himself. Sister he don’t talk to, dad ran around and got married FIVE times, mom thrice, used to spend days lying on the roof of his parents house listening to ball games because he had no friends. Twisted fucking shit.

      1. That said, and I can’t really stand Mike, I hope Missanelli gets him to come on his show and fucking owns this pussy. I hope he makes this little bitch cry.

  3. What’s the extra “b” for in the word “Stabbed” Jim?

    Maybe it’s for “brutal”….which describes your writing.

  4. Any time I talk to someone from Boston I feel like I’m talking to Corky from life goes on. With that said, fuck them and their championship sports teams.

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