Some Coaches Still Think Sam Bradford is Just Trade Bait

Chip Kelly told reporters after acquiring Sam Bradford in a trade that he’s not a trade chip, but no one is convinced. For one, just ask anyone on the street about Sam Bradford. They’re not convinced. But some NFL coaches don’t buy it either, at least according to Josina Anderson:

Screen shot 2015-03-16 at 9.11.49 AM

That doesn’t mean they know anything we don’t, that just means (some) coaches feel a certain way. That’s fine, it might not mean anything at all. But what if it does? Chip said he wouldn’t “mortgage the future” for anyone, but he might not have to. If the Titans, at number two, decide they really want Bradford, the Eagles might not have to part with that much. It’s a big “if” though, since the 2-14 Titans obviously have bigger question marks than Zach Mettenberger. But it’s still a possibility, and this rumor won’t die until the Eagles actually pick someone in the draft.

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9 Responses

  1. …are:

    1) who is the chick?

    2) did you notice SB is staring longingly at the dude?

  2. This would make more sense if the Eagles hadn’t signed Murray, and used Bradford to recruit him. I have to imagine Demarco would be pretty damn pissed if they traded his college roommate and seemingly close friend, after using him to convince Demarco to sign here.

    He’s getting paid millions, so he SHOULD get over it, but whether he actually would is another question.

  3. Chip has other coaches off balance going into the draft. That can only be a good thing. Jim, please tell me you’re not going to be posting this same thing for the next six week.

  4. Chip said Bradford wasn’t a chip and that Chip was the only Chip. But Chip has been deceiving before this shit. The whole press conference he was selling Bradford, so hopefully they trade for Marriota and when the championship.

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