Sponsored: Dance With Godfather Locks All-March Long


Godfather Locks has gone crazy.

Everyone plays at tournament time. Everyone. Want your bracket and wallet to be dancing on into the regionals and beyond? Well, you’re gonna need some expertise. Picking schools based on their colors and mascots is cute and all, if you’re 10, but if you’re ponying up your money in the name of March immortality, then you’ll want to ride with Godfather Locks to the dance. And this month, they’re guaranteeing results.

Here’s the deal: Buy any plan – $150 weekly, $75 three-day, or $30 daily – and if they don’t show you a gain in units, you’ll get that plan FREE. It’s that simple. It’s money-where-mouth-is time, and Godfather Locks is stepping up.

As always, good, honest advice. No BS, no hassle. Just a service for those of you who weren’t watching Iowa State games all winter (guess who was?). Follow on Twitter (@GodfatherLocks) and check them out at GodfatherLocks.com.

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