Sports Illustrated Predicts a 99-Loss Season for the Phillies

About a month ago, I wrote a piece asking if the Phillies could lose 100 games this year. It didn’t get published (thanks, Obama Kyle), but I am far from the only one thinking that is a possibility. One of those outliers who thinks the Phillies will not lose 100 games is Sports Illustrated. According to their 2015 MLB Preview, the Phillies will only lose 99 games. High hopes.

As SI pointed out, fans left Citizens Bank Park in droves. Specifically, season-long attendance was down by 588,551 (the worst in the league, for an average of 7,266 per game). It’s not all bad, however. SI acknowledges that the rebuild has begun, and this season could surprise us. In fact, this could end up being a good year:

On top of all this, the Phillies were a bad defensive team last year and figure to be again in 2015. A second consecutive last-place finish in the NL East—the first time that’s happened since ’96 and ’97—seems like a near certainty. The best thing their fans can hope for is that Amaro finds a way to trade away all the stars and starts loading up on young talent to infuse that barren minor league system with some players who have legitimate upside.

That is to say: The best thing their fans can hope for is that Amaro finds a way to completely change the way he works, the deals he makes, and how his brain operates.


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  1. One of your posts didn’t publish? Why just one! I wish it all of them.

    1. That was the one piece of info that I took away from this, too. Kyle refused to publish one of Jim’s “articles”? Can you imagine what an abortion that must have been compared to the usual shit Jim turns out?

      1. Especially since it was in February, where almost every article was about how slow of a month it was and that there was nothing to write about. And Jim’s stuff STILL wasn’t publishable. Ffs.

    1. Love your optimism, Dad !! Maybe we can finally sit together at a game this season.

      Can I call you, Dad?

      Holy S Jim!!! You are really flipping lazy. Another bore of a read by you. Kyle shouldn’t let any of your posts through that have anything at all to do with sports, mascininity or testosterone.

  2. Did you two have some type of bet on who can put out the most “articles” in a given time. The past few days have been BRUTAL, and it seems like it’s just a race to get something onto the site.

    You’ve clearly ignored the numerous comments that back this statement. The stories are trending further and further away from actual sports. Granted, I don’t think Jim has a clue about anything sports related, but at least try. If stories a slim, than that should be all the more time to generate a good, thought-out post (or even just Spell a former Phillies last name correctly).

  3. “The best thing their fans can hope for is that Amaro finds a way to completely change the way he works, the deals he makes, and how his brain operates.”

    That’s probably the best thing any fan would hope for the guy at this point. Word on the street says he better not get caught walking out on the town. He may get beat half to death with a stale cheesesteak. What would you call a stoning but with D batteries?

    1. “We’re still evaluating Ruben. We’re not yet convinced that he totally, completely sucks and is ruining any interest in baseball in this town.

      If we lose 99 games, well, we may just have to continue our evaluation.

      They tell me that this Mikael Franco kid is a pretty good hitter. They also tell me that sandcrabs make good family pets.”

  4. “Come on down to the park and see the worst outfield in baseball, the worst starting pitching in baseball (after Cole gets “hurt”) and a big piece of fucking monkey shit KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK machine whiff 200+ times.
    Love ya Philly”–Rube

  5. And if you have Comcast as your cable provider, your payment includes payment to the Phils for this wretched team whether you watch the games or not

  6. The biggest thing I took away from this article comes from this: ” It didn’t get published (thanks, Obama Kyle), ” That means that Kyle screens Jim’s work and decides what gets published and what doesn’t… Think about that… So Jim has probably produced even bigger pile of shits than what actually gets on the website? My god I wish that it was possible for me to be that bad at my job and still get to keep it…

  7. Kyle, can you just let Jim copy and paste everything on Deadspin? No commentary. Just ctrl+c, ctrl+v.

    And PLEASE post the “article” you wouldn’t let Jim post.

    Over/under for full sentences without an error-3.5.

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