Stephen A. Smith Basically Called Chip Kelly a Racist Today

Stephen A. Smith was just on his show where idiots yell at each other — ESPN’s First Take — and he basically called Chip Kelly a racist. Or, he at least insinuated that Chip Kelly certainly prefers a certain kind of person. A white person.

The clip is above, but if Stephen A.’s voice makes your blood boil like it does mine, here’s what he said:

“Chip Kelly makes decisions over the last couple of years that dare I say leave a few brothas feeling uncomfortable. I think that’s fair to say. We’re sitting here looking at some of the decisions that Chip Kelly makes and I’m like what is up … what’s up with that?

It’s like you gotta be his kinda guy, you know? And when Riley Cooper’s your kind of guy…

Let’s get beyond the system though, the operative word is culture. The culture is what resonates with me more profoundly because I’m looking at Chip Kelly and I’m like … really?

I mean, this is Philadelphia. I’m always in Philly, and I’m telling you right now you got people walking the streets and and and … hell with it … you got brothas walking the streets going like ‘What’s up with Chip? I don’t understand this.’

Now I’m not saying I know, I’m just gonna say that it does strike me as a tad bit odd. I’m gonna repeat this. Gone: LeSean McCoy, Jeremy Maclin, ya know, DeSean Jackson. Staying: Riley Cooper.”

Note: This whole time, Skip Bayless is obnoxiously saying “Agree. I agree. Agree.” in the background.

It’s worth pointing out, of course, that Stephen A. is going into all of this completely devoid of context. The Eagles have never fully stated why they got rid of DeSean Jaccson, but it seemed to be an issue of how he handled himself in the locker room (an issue that continued in Washington). LeSean McCoy is likely gone because running backs are the most replaceable position in the NFL and Chip saw that he could dump some cap space and move McCoy while he still had (high)value and also pick up a young defensive talent. Jeremy Maclin is gone because Andy Reid decided he would overpay for him.

Smith’s right about Riley Cooper. He mostly stinks, and the Eagles will be in a rough spot if he goes into this season as something more than a third option. But what Stephen A. didn’t mention is that while McCoy, Maclin, and Jackson are all black players who are now out of Kelly’s system, Todd Herremans is a white player that’s gone. And Byron Maxwell and Frank Gore are two black players whom Chip will reportedly sign during free agency. Confusion about what Kelly is doing and the way he’s doing it is understandable. I’m not sure I get all the moves he’s making (and I doubt I will until the season actually starts). But to put a racial spin on it is a bit ridiculous. Though, I’m pretty sure “A Bit Ridiculous” is what the “A” in Stephen A. Smith stands for.

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  1. Shut your fucking mouth you lying sack of monkey shit. You got fucking fired from the Inky for making up sources so you have zero cred and wouldn’t even have a fucking job if you weren’t a fucking ape.
    Fuck off.

    1. When is the racist piece of shit going to be permanently taken off the air? We all know who the REAL racists are in this country, and they aren’t the ones who look like Chip Kelly..

    2. BigShot. Say that to an “Apes” face. I’ll do you one better stop using those dirty back barn hands and say it to this “Apes” face and you wont make it home. I promise you that on my life.


        1. Yo stfu we all know that chip has to have Some black ppl on the squad and who are the real racist? Stephen A. Is right most all in Philly and outside of Philly is looking at him crazy like fr McCoy, Maclin,and Desean play action Jackson each having career year in the past two years

  2. “Now I’m not saying I know”…then stfu.

    this clown has been making stuff up for years.

  3. The way he talks, you’d think he traded McCoy away and replaced him with Payton Hillis. Or that Toby Gerhardt turd.

  4. Wait, Screamin’ A. Smith and Skip Bayless did something to try to piss people off? Shocking development!

    Tell me again about how Tim Tebow is a future HOF QB Skip…


  5. This needs to be published nationwide so everyone can see what a joke espn has become employing people that can have these idiotic opinions. I don’t think its out of line to say this is the dumbest thing to ever come out of someone’s mouth on air at espn. Implying a coach is racist for making football moves is ridiculous. Rip him and the Eagles for keeping cooper I get that. But also realize like Jim said his cap hit is huge and to cut him only hurts the team at the moment.

    1. It’s up there. Skip has a million of them though…my personal favorite was this one from a few years ago:

      “The Seattle Seahawks are a few key pieces away from unseating the Patriots as the top seed in the AFC.”

      Why haven’t they hired Marcus Hayes yet? He would be PERFECT at E!spn.

    2. This needs to be published nationwide?

      It was on ESPN. As far as I know, that is a national station.

    3. I wonder, if this were Tony Dungy, and he cut or traded a few white guys, would anyone play the race card? If they did there would be huge backlash and riots in the street. Lets be real, the majority of players are black, so if they get cut, traded or walk away the coach is racist? Way to go “race card gangsters”, way to solidify the feelings of normal people who think rational instead of in just “black and white “.

  6. Random programming thought:

    Steven A. Smith and Jemele Hill host new show on E!spn called, “THAT’S RACIST!” The entire premise of the show will be the hosts creating racism and reverse racism in situations where it doesn’t exist…essentially exactly what they do now but on a platform that acknowledges the fact that they are employed vomit words that are meaningless to a massive audience.

    1. Someone tell Screamin and that nappy headed ho Jemele that 80% of the NFL is spook…but YOU WILL NEVER WIN A SUPER BOWL WITH A MOOLIE QB..
      47 1/2 to 1 1/2—if you don’t know what that means, figure it out or you’re too goddamn stupid to understand anyway. Fuck off you baboons

      1. You and 90% of you are assholes and you hide behind a fake name throwing racial slurs you wouldn’t have the balls to say it to any black persons face. Your a jerk off punk!! All of you racist trash!!


    2. How can a sport dominated by black athletes all coming and going, have coaching decisions deemed racist? Stephen Smith is a racist and we will see if our local pundits I.e. Mike misspelling and whoever is on 94wip have the guts to call him out? It was easy to jump on Riley cooper and it was deserved lets see if the local “media” has the balls to do this. I’ll bet a weeks pay they don’t,or they tip toe around it.

  7. smith is an espn mole..they tried to get that with woody..he didnt buy it..and bbc lovin bayless done drank that creamy punch…fuck them..they are so irrelevant…99.998% of the nfl is black..let a fucking white guy get paid ya bastards.

  8. back in 1867 I owned the rights to Stephen A’s great great great grandpappy. I tendered his rights to a North Carolina Mandingo fighter for 3 chickens and a spare wagonwheel

    1. LOL even I the great Phil from Mt Airy had to laugh at that one you racist bastard.

    2. Speak of racism, wagon wheel was awesome until Hootie/Darius Rucker butchered it. My ears demand musical reparations.

    1. Don’t you know the NFL and NBA drafts are just another form of slave trading? Look at the NFL combine which is a modern day slave auction. How fast can you run, how high can you jump? Did you see any scouts asking to look into their mouths to check their teeth? The slave trade has become quite prosperous for 1) the slave owners and 2) the slaves sellers(agents) and 3) the slaves themselves.

  9. Agree with everything Stephen A Smith is saying and as a matter of fact me along with Reverend Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are currently in the process of organizing a protest march outside of the Novacare Complex until no neck Chip Kelly gives a reasonable explanation as to why he is whitewashing the team in his own image.

  10. Those two race-baiting hacks are everything that’s wrong with ESPN. It used to be about sports, now it’s about controversy. And they are followed by J. Hill, who hasn’t found a single topic that she can’t inject (somehow) race into. What the bloody Hell is going on with ESPN? The “S” in ESPN surely stands for “Sucks”.

    1. When sports networks and sports “analysts” become politicized,consider the source. ESPN is an affiliate of ABC. Bob Costas and his anti-gun and anti-Redskins rants is an employee of NBC. Phil Simms and his refusal to utter the name “Redskins” is an employee of CBS. Do you se a pattern? The mainstream media is totally in the bag for the leftist agenda. Wake up people and see what’s happening to your country.

      1. Seriously people…Wake up. Some Native Americans have said the name Redskins is offensive. These jerks won’t offend them on purpose. Stupid leftist agenda!! Wake up and offend people. Be a proud conservative!

        1. Yes douchebag, a FEW were offended. Ask 90% of the Native Americans polled who ARE NOT offended. Ask 90% of the Redskins fans who were polled and are not offended. What’s wrong little man, were you offended when the teacher avoided you while you were raising your hand about the social injustices of the world? Coward, get your own handle.

          1. So we should leave the decision up to Redskins fans, not, you know, actual NATIVE FUCKING AMERICANS?

            And if you believe that 90% number (in a study commissioned by Snyder, no conflict of interest there), you should also believe Obama’s studies that show 90% of Americans love Obamacare, right?

            Oh, we should use unbiased studies? Who the fuck knew.

          2. When all else fails, I make stats up. Anyway, this reminds of my friends who call my wife a slut. All 9 of them laugh about it, but it offends me, so I don’t say anything. I don’t matter. Only liberalist agendas would allow me to tell people I am offended. So my wife is just the town slut because I am a proud conservative. Take that you liberal do gooder

        2. That’s right. Destroy 80 years of history. Make an owner of an NFL franchise change the name of his team because a VERY FEW are annoyed. I suppose if just ONE of you leftists was offended by the color blue, we would all have to say the sky is aqua and Carolina Blue would become Carolina Cyan. What’s wrong lefties, can’t you take being offended? Everyone, at some point in their lives gets offended. Does that mean you have to make 90% of the population conform to you?Fuck off you leftist losers.

          1. Yeah, you liberalists and your mainstream media losers. Choosing not to say something that offends people makes you weak. I started this by saying that some liberals won’t say Redskin, now it has evolved into destroying history. That’s how us proud conservatives do it. We just keep getting mote and more dramatic. I will post during The Factor. No spin zone bitches.

  11. Self-serving Turds like S.A. Smith, Al Sharpton and their ilk, have gotten RICH fanning racism rhetoric for personal gain, real or imagined. The LAST thing they want is for it to go away anytime soon, and be out of work…

  12. Ah yes, the racist Stephen A Smith speaks. When the Chip Kelly plan fails and the Eagles go 6-10 this year, it’s ALL Riley Cooper’s fault. You POS Smith.

  13. That is very irresponsible to insinuate that someone may be racist. There should be some punishment for him. Most likely that won’t happen. Stephen A. Is a big time git bag.

  14. Isn’t this also from the guy who advocates that women who get beaten probably did something to deserve it? So its ok……

    1. He’s also the man who said “N i g g a please” on live TV then flat out denied he ever said it even after ESPN went back and edited that part out of the First Take replay that airs immediately after the live taping.

      1. As well as routinely calling Washington DC a “chocolate” city. Let a white anchor not named Skip Bayless refer to a city as a “vanilla” city and watch how fast he or she is run off the network.

  15. where are alll the stupid fucking monkeys now? A black cop gets murdered but where are the protests? where is al sharpton? why dont black lives matter now? if the tables were turned, and the cop killed the thug first, all the apes would be up in arms protesting saying “he was a good boy” god i hate america anymore

    1. Spot on post.
      Any black on black crime and the black community doesn’t have one word to say. Any crime involving both the black and white community and the black community cannot wait to get in an uproar and blame race. The black community is made up of hypocrites.

      1. Just because you don’t hear the outcry in your echo chamber doesn’t mean it’s not there.

        “We’ve got to clean up our community so we can clean up the United States of America! ‘Rev. Al, you don’t understand what they doin’ to us.’ I understand. But I understand that nobody gonna help us if we don’t help ourselves. Sitting around feeling sorry for ourselves won’t solve our problems. Sitting around having ghetto pity parties rather than organizing and strategizing and putting our differences aside.”

        – Al Sharpton, part of his eulogy for Michael Brown.

        He calls out the black community that doesn’t do anything to help themselves. So has Jesse Jackson. Cornel West. The list goes on.

        But because whatever bullshit news you subscribe to doesn’t cover it, you don’t think it happens.

        For the record, Sharpton is a tax-dodging scumbag. But criticize him for legitimate reasons, not talking point bullshit.

    2. I agree let’s go to our jobs tomorrow and tell everyone how we feel about these monkeys!

      I mean we aren’t complete pussies who only talk like his when no one is around behind a firewall right?

  16. i really hate this. Its all about money man. has nothing to do with race. maclin wanted 11 mil, we offered him 9, so he didn’t resign with us, mccoy wanted more money, so he didn’t sign with us either. desean just had character problems. this wasn’t a race thing art all. shame on them for bringing up a mindless accusations on chip

  17. Typical.
    Another member of the black community who cannot wait to play the race card whenever possible, regardless of not being appropriate.
    Steve Smith will not even be reprimanded, primarily because he is a black man criticizing a white man and the sky is the limit for these circumstances.

    1. They get to say a word I can’t say publicly too!

      Well yea institutionalized racism has given me the ability to go anywhere and be looked at as a capable, safe human being and yes my children need not fear being harassed and sometimes killed by police in place to protect them….

      But Stephen A is black and he has perks that I dont!!!!!

  18. Call the number below and you can complain directly to ESPN; a live person will answer:
    888 549-3776
    Press 3

  19. The word “racist” gets thrown around so much that it has lost all meaning. I just laugh at people like Stephen A. Smith.

    1. Looking for Racist? There is one announcing himself behind the safety of his firewall in the top comment. This comment section is filled with them.

  20. Stephen A. Smith is dick. That show is terrible. I don’t know how anyone could even watch it. With those two idiots.

    1. Have you ever watched one of their live audience on location shows? Just take a look at the crowd. That’ll answer your question as to who watches that show, as well as answer why they can get away with saying the shit they do.

  21. Starts talking about racism and gets more ghetto sounding than ever. It’s a shame. Preach! Mm. Mm. Mm. AMEN!


    Brings in 3+ blacks to replace them. Now that’s just RACIST!

    Gimme a fucking break.

    I’m moving to Canada.

  22. While Chip did bring in a couple of Afro American fellas in Gore and Maxwell one must admit Jackson, McCoy and Maclin are for more….How should I put this…Straight out da hood?

  23. Of course mike miss doesn’t think its a big deal and that football is more important to talk about. Convenient that Screamin A is his buddy and disregards it. But when Riley cooper gets caught on camera being an idiot, that’s bigger than the football moves. Don’t get me wrong Riley Cooper should’ve been cut right away after all that. But how can Mike miss sit there and say what Stephen A did on camera today is less important than what FA the Eagles signed. He was all about the Ferguson, Cooper, Clippers owner stuff and ripping anyone who didn’t want to hear about it but when it’s his buddy we don’t need “to look within” as he says.

    1. Just shows everyone how hypocritical Mike Miss truly is. He spent many an hour harping on Riley Cooper, Ferguson, Missouri and Donald Sterling (all these issues were worthy of discussion), but this issue with Steve Smith is un-discussable. Mike epitomizes the double-standard and with his public voice, makes race issues worse.

  24. Black head coach Mike Tomlin and his Pittsburgh Steelers have a roster with among the fewest white players in the NFL.

    I am outraged. Join me tomorrow as I march in protest from Bel Air to Greenwich.

  25. The Eagles actually offered me more money, but when I go to the Chiefs, I can then use Joe Cordell who is licenced in Missourahhhhh.

  26. So Chip is racist for getting rid of one black athlete to free up cap space to bring in a black athlete to replace him and a lockdown corner who is black. I don’t think we need Stephen Hawking to do the math here. It’s men like Stephen Race Smith that create the spread of racism by inserting it where it doesn’t exist.

  27. Screamin A. Smith – you are biggest racist mfer on tv. Go call Al Sharpton you @sshole. He’s replacing most of these guys with African americans. You fn moron. Grow up. Go cry to Jesse J.

  28. I heard that you were feeling ill. headache, fever, and a chill! i came to help restore your pluck! Because im the nurse who likes to ……………

  29. He’s getting exactly what he wants, which is making people talk about him and his race-baiting show. This dude was a fucking joke as a writer in the Inky and is overall a pathetic human being. The black host Cari Champion (is that her real name?) is a wannabe Oprah “mmmmmm hmmmmmmm-ing” every race-baiting garbage bullshit that comes out of their mouths. Do i need to even mention Skip???

    As someone else said, all you have to do is watch this show when it airs in front of a live audience to see who feeds into this….half of the people look like zombies and like they were paid to be there. There’s a reason this show comes on around the same time as Maury Povich so all the unemployed have something to relate to their intelligence

    1. I said it. And perfect comparison to Maury Povich, its basically the same crowd.

  30. Fuck Stephen a smith espn has a choice remove his black asssss or lose fans. Put the ball in their court and see how they handle it.

    1. But they don’t lose fans because 90% of their audience are black and they eat up all the slop that the show feeds them. I bet if you took a poll of people watching the show whether or not they agreed with SAS it would be overwhelmingly in favor of him. The show will never change because they found their niche audience. Same thing for the shit show His and Hers that comes on right after.

  31. I read the article and comments on here. Folk should be ashamed to come on here and misrepresent Stephen A. Smith’s character and twist his words into something he did not say. I watched the whole episode of first take together and race had nothing to do with his comments concerning Chip Kelly or Riley Cooper. If u watch it u will see he was disgusted about Chip Kelly letting go of superstar caliber players who are producing and deciding to keep someone who isn’t like Riley Cooper. He talked about Riley Cooper’s inability to get open, even in one on one coverage. To keep a guy who is not producing and letting go of your weapons makes him in others feel uncomfortable about what Chip Kelly is doing. He also talked about how Chip Kelly wants to be the boss and bringing in a plethora of Oregon players, and getting rid of guys who have strong personalities (i.e. the 3 players that we are talking about that are no longer). If u are expected to act a certain way and fit into a certain mold, I am uncomfortable with that. What should matter is the fact that the person does there job well, not getting in trouble and causing a disturbance all the time, and produces on the football field. Lets stop twisting people’s words and misrepresenting their characters. It is irresponsible and not right.

    1. Chip Kelly makes decisions over the last couple of years that dare I say leave a few brothas feeling uncomfortable.

      It’s like you gotta be his kinda guy, you know? And when Riley Cooper’s your kind of guy…

      I mean, this is Philadelphia. I’m always in Philly, and I’m telling you right now you got people walking the streets and and and … hell with it … you got brothas walking the streets going like ‘What’s up with Chip? I don’t understand this.’

      Has nothing to do with race but yet makes it a point to say its the “brothas” that are uncomfortable. And the shot at Cooper being Kelly’s kind of guy is in reference to the video of him at the concert.

      1. So if culture and not being a Kelly guy gets you off the team. Has anyone asked themselves with all the lack of production and all the turmoil Riley Cooper has bought to this team.

        Why is he still here.

        Would anyone sign the guy who was 80th out of 80 WR’s in PFF stats to a contract.

        It’s nice that you idiots can go off on Stephen A.

        But you are trusting a guy who let DeSean go over perceived gang ties but thought it would be a great idea to give Cooper an extension.

        If beating up on Stephen A is all you got as an Eagles fan and the racist Eagle fans on this board have shown their true George Michael.

        Good luck with that.
        GO COWBOYS.

        1. It figures you’re a cowboy’s fan because you lack common sense and reading comprehension. Even eagle’s fans question the Riley Cooper contact and no one here has defended Riley Cooper. Just like every cowboy’s fan you’d rather troll an eagle’s blog than care about your own team. Take your daddy issues somewhere else, loser.

  32. Chip sue Stephen A Smith for slander . The Eagles should get in on the action as well seeing how black FA have begun bailing on the Eagles after Smiths tirade,


  34. Stephen A. Smith is a loud-mouthed racist who is in love with the sound of his own voice… All he needs is a white collar and he’d be Jesse Jackson.

  35. These comment sections are a double edged sword. You get nameless, faceless people who wouldn’t say this stuff in front of anyone if there was any chance of accountabilty. But you also get people’s honest opinions that you can’t get if they are worried about repercussions. Right or wrong, people are actually saying what they feel. Minus people who are just trying to one up one another’s shock and awe kind of comments, this is the only real gauge of what people want to say.

    That said, fuck you Jeff Skversky.

  36. Stephen A. Smith is not a racist. These comments bashing Stephen A. Smith are infinitely more racist than anything dude has ever said and you KNOW this. I’m an Eagles fan and I was born and raised in Folcroft. After reading shit like this you start to wonder just how many secret or not-so-secret racists are out there. Get a f*cking clue people! You’re from Philadelphia. Please GET YOUR SHIT together now.

  37. He didn’t just trade mccoy for a lb he traded him for a full blood latino. He also like Casey matthews walk and cut james Casey who are white.

    Anyway trading mccoy isnt just about decline or money it’s about following the play designed. Chips offense is precision based. Everything is drawn up to a t. So if a rb is suppose to go to this hole that’s where he has to go or it falls apart. Also kelly runs the same play 5 different ways. If mccoy does what he wants after the snap it screws up the look for the defense. He wants the d to see a formation and expect a certain play. That way he can tweak it and catch them off guard later on. If McCoy freestyles the d never has a chance to be set up. Also he wants consistency. He doesn’t want negative gains, 1 yard gains, then a 10 yard gain. He wants someone to follow the play he sets up and get 3-5 yards everytime. The big gashes will come if you follow his plan you don’t need to go looking for them. Thats also why Desean didn’t fit and Maclin did. Desean was to boom or bust but Maclin was steady. Eagles just got out bid for Maclin. Also with McCoy the running around behind the line and not hitting the hole slowed down the offense. I’m sure that pissed Chip off too.

    So to me it was just as much if not more about McCoy not doing what Kelly wanted on the field as it was about money and age.

  38. Look out sports fans: those race-baiting marbles are really flying out of Smith’s mouth now. In a nutshell: Another ESPN idiot who conjures up phoney baloney drama to better his loudmouth cause.

  39. ESPN in occasionally broadcasts this type of “race card” trash on both radio and TV. In an effort to drum up ratings. Personally I think ESPN loves this kind of trash. The only way to combat this type of asshole is to make sure you change the channel when Smith comes on, and do not listen to any radio show on which he’s on.

    In the end, ESPN only cares about green (money) and will abuse any other color and any race, any way they can, regardless of how hurtful, to sell more advertising. This is a good example of that.

    DO NOT WATCH THIS TOOL, and avoid E!SPN TV and radio shows when possible. Each advertisement you watch, or click, on ESPN puts money directly in their pocket.

  40. I dont know who Stephen A has been “talking to”, but, everyday I am in West Philly and North Philly, the two most predominantly African American pelarts of Philly, and not once have I heard from any “brotha’s” that they think Chip is racist. Their are those who are uneducated to football and those who have always had the racial thoughts instilled into them from a young age or bad experiences throughout their life, but, thats different from your eveyday man in Philadelphia. Stephen A needs a muzzled! He reminds me of Kobe, someone from here who disses us all the time!

    1. U aint eva walk downz my streetz in Killadelph, if youz would, youd get got! Imz keepinz it 100. Free Murda Black n all my nigaz up State Road! Word!

      1. Yeah, cool lingo Mr Salez. You fall under a few different categories. Football uneducated, plain old uneducated, deep hatred for the whiteman from birth, and “sometime in the near future heading to jail or a casket”. As crazy as this sounds, I feel bad for people like you. Shit, I said people like you. I swear it wasn’t a racial thing! I hate saying it, but you have set yourself up for failure. Im going to take a wild guess and say it began when you dropped out of the 4th grade (maybe 5th, to close to call), and decided that life was all about thug life. Just relax though buddy, be grateful (if that would ever happen) that my hard earned tax money is and will continue to take care of your 7 kids and 6 babymommas during your pending incarceration or funeral. Peace…yo

  41. I am amazed at all the racial post,but not surprised..And to interject the truth.It was white people that were descendants from “Apes”. You want evidence?Take off your shirt and look in the mirror.See that hairy body, those thin lips? Because you are a decedent of Chimps..Now …look in your Bible….Around Genesis 8..You will aee were God started. It tells of the vast was so vast that it needed 4 river heads to irragated it. The tigress ,The Gihon,The Pison,Hiddekel.Those are rivers in Africa…You getting what I am putting down? It even says..that one of the Rivers went through a Land called Cush…Please…dont look up people of Cush!!you might be dissapointed! So you see.While we were starting intelligent civilization.It was white folks eating raw meat and hitting each other over the head with clubs . While we were studing astrology..yall was trying to speak….Lol.Even science says the start of civilized intelligence.Started in Africa!Go look it up.Its proof down to carbon dating. Whats Mendel theory of Dominance and recessive?Ya funny!

  42. I don’t know what Philadelphia Lil’ Stevie is walking around in, but me and my boyz in this Philadelphia didn’t even know McCoy and Maclin were gone. It’s hard to keep up on current events when the only thing you watch is Scarface on a 90 inch flatscreen. Son.

  43. Some people can not live a day without turning everything into something about race, and the most racist people are calling others racist. What do you think people would be saying or reacting if a white person n the media accused any black of basing his actions on race. Yet blacks can not make any decision not based on race. Funny how people like the racist coach john thomasson that said back in the 80s that he would not play any whites can be respected by blacks and whites . Maybe it is not a race thing at all but a character thing? seems like so many blacks have huge character issues. Many people would love to live in a color blind world but that aint gonna happen with blacks cause they gotta blame everything they do and show how much they hate the whites.

  44. Speak in an intelligent and non belligerent fashion and perhaps someone could take you seriously.

    I can’t believe I just saw this. What a jack ass and followed by ass kissers.

    A team can ‘t be treated as a team and spoken to as a team? One has to worry about how someone interprets you vs. how you speak to the rest. A player get’s specials diapers as they their asses chafe easier?

    Speak at a normal tone and have a case. If you need to yell or up your volume you most likely have a losing argument. What dumbass.

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