Stop Me If You’ve Heard This Chase Utley News Before

Voila_Capture 2015-03-02_12-09-31_PM Voila_Capture 2015-03-02_12-09-23_PM

Not that anything matters, because watching baseball in Philadelphia this year is going to be akin to rooting for the red cloth in a bullfight, but it sounds like Chase Utley’s ankle injury is, you know, doing the same thing his knee injuries usually do.

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20 Responses

  1. “Hi, Rube here. Once again we pay no attention to our players until they arrive in camp. None of us know of Chase’s injury (AGAIN) or the fact that a big piece of fucking monkey shit spent the off season writing books with his whore white wife instead of trying to learn to hit. So don’t blame us Phillies’ fans, just come down to the park and watch our march to 100 losses”–RAJ
    Fuck off you useless piece of taco shit.

      1. Tune in today at 105 PM to see the first of 250 KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKs by a big piece of fucking monkey shit as his whore white wife watches from the stands while reading her fucking book.
        Fuck off.

  2. Old and banged up Chase Utley
    Old and washed up Ryan Howard
    Old and fading Cliff Lee
    Old and mediocre Carlos Ruiz
    Add in a few mediocre younger players( Darrin Ruf Domonic Ruf Ben Revere Cody Asche Freddy Galvis) and it ensures us 90 to 100 losses and once again no playoffs.

    See you guys in 5 years I’m out.

  3. I still wonder if Chase hurt ankle doing the slip and slide with Pat Burrell. Makes sense to me. If Chase hurt ankle before then, I don’t think he would be horsing around or posting the video. Just my two cents.

  4. Everyday I see ads on this site “date Arab women” or “date asain woman”. Where the hell are all the white bitches at? Or Spanish for that matter

  5. it’s totally cool with me that he is once again hurt coming into another spring training camp. however he was injured, i am sure he was giving his full effort, which totally makes him immune to any criticism from me. i think i’ll pay homage to the holy #26 by buying one of those dog jerseys they make and then place it on my dog who i named utley! it’s so funny when i am at the park and i throw something and then say, “chase, utley!” people then look at me all befuddled before saying, “ahhh, i see what you did there!” well, i’m off to get my haircut just like him because my girlfriend likes when my hair looks like his. while waiting for my turn at the stylist, i’ll just fondly recall those years he wasn’t hurt and of use to this team.

  6. I guess this means we won’t be beating any college teams this year. Seriously, Utley should not even be on this team anymore.

  7. I can do whatever I want in this town and people will still love me. I get hurt every fucking Spring Training with phantom boo-boos and will probably miss half of this year, too. Amazing, isn’t it?

    Good thing I’m not black. Can you imagine the backlash?

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